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"We are very impressed with the skills and services provided, as well as with the amount of care and attention our children have received. They are very lucky to be attending Catholic school and we will continue to support the Archdiocese and Holy Name School so that others may benefit from the superior level of academic excellence and pedagogy offered therein." Steven A. Westbrook

"When I bring my children to school in the morning and leave them in the hands of Holy Name, I feel assured that they are getting a wonderful education with spirited, caring, devoted teachers who enjoy what they do and have dedicated their lives to our children. This year especially, I have seen a growth in confidence in my children. They enjoy going to school, they are involved in their classes, they want to participate, and even more than that, they put their trust in the Lord." Andrea F. Warner

"Holy Name provides a superior holistic academic program which includes music and theater arts programs. Children are given opportunities to present projects in annual Science and Social Studies fairs. Students in the upper grades are also challenged to participate in a speech contest. These activities foster great research skills and encourage good verbal and written communication skills." Harriet C. Lowery

"My husband and I chose a Catholic education for our daughter because we felt it was the best. We wanted enrichment and a well rounded experience for our child." Maria and John Paniaqua


"I sent my daughter to Catholic school because I wanted her to have spiritual activities. I wanted her to have a better education. I can say this school is a success." Benny Long

"I spoke to current parents and they insisted that Holy Name is not just a school, it's a community. They insisted that the learning environment is very different in comparison to a public school setting." L. Rivera