Kindergarten Christian Agbor


“No, I don’t want to do that!”  Those are the words I heard often from this student at the beginning of the school year.  We worked on this response and this child quickly changed his attitude.  As I got to know him, I realized how special and talented he is.  If you walk into the classroom today, you will see a child that puts 100% into everything he does.  His work is beautiful!  I asked the children to draw a picture and write about a community worker.  He drew and wrote about two community workers and used a Venn diagram to do it.  I was amazed!  Keep up the brilliant work, February student of the month, Christian Agbor!

1st Grade  Madison Jimenez
When I think of first grades SOM, I think of the following adjectives to describe her. She is sweet, kind, loving, responsible, caring, and respectful to name a few. This child is always looking for different ways to help around the classroom and to help her classmates. If someone gets hurt or is not feeling well she usually volunteers to go the office to get them an ice pack or to walk them to the nurses office. As we begin the season of Lent this child has shown that she is growing closer to Jesus. I am happy to see her ability to be so compassionate at her tender age.. It is a pleasure to have first grades February’s student of the month in our class.  Congratulations! to Madison Jimenez.

2nd Grade  Anthony Morales
February's SOM reminds me of a character from a book we are reading named, Matilda. They are small, smart, and special. They love to learn and to challenge themselves. Second grade's SOM is amazing at arithmetic and loves numbers. They can both multiply and are human calculators. He loves to help his peers become skillful problem solvers and teach them new operations! Congratulations, Anthony Morales. From Your Miss Honey J






3RD Grade  Alexis Ashwood
GOOD, BETTER, BEST……..When good is not good enough, stand apart from the rest.  When “B” can be better, study more for the test.When others just chatter, you know better, you’re the best!  Congratulations, and May God Bless Alexis Ashwood!









4th Ralph Mercedes
As we began this season of Lent, we begin to reflect on our actions and behavior. One student has often reflected on his behavior and often makes positive choices throughout his day. He has grown so much since September and is continuing to be a better person each and every day. He is working every day to improve himself as a child of God. He is a great help to his classmates, especially as a math coach to many children. Congratulations and keep up the good work to Fourth Grade’s SOM, Ralph Mercedes. 



5th Grade  Philip John Azarcon
This student is the kind of student every teacher would love having in a classroom. His distinct nature of kindness, serenity, calmness, and soft-spoken tone separates him from the rest. Nonetheless this is truly balanced with his ferocious determination to learn and succeed in any task set before him. As a fifth grader he emulates nothing but high standards and outstanding performances. Fifth grade is proud to have him as February’s Student of the Month Philip John Azarcon.


6th Frandi Kunhardt
“Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer”. ~ Denis Waitley

February’s SOM is a young man that has come a long way. His train ride in 6th grade began in September and although he has gotten off at different stops along the way, he has always made sure to get back on and continue his journey. I am proud of him because not many young men can manage being that “all-around” type of student that teachers want in the classroom. Is he perfect, nope, but he is one that works on shifting towards being better each and everyday. He is relentless and keeps me thinking especially during one of our “are you serious” or “really” or “who drew that picture” moments. Even when discontent, he finds that moment to return in a positive light and continue being extraordinary. I bet you 6th knows whom I am talking about. Yeah 6th, he deserves this award as we have seen his progress, his maturity, and his attitude of success. February SOM is everything we know a SOM to be and for this, congratulations. Good job and keep up the good work,
Frandi Kunhardt.



7th Grade Alexander Valcourt
Seventh grade SOM is a delightful young man with good working habits and a positive attitude towards school. He is pleasant, respectful, has great leadership and is always prepared for class. His pleasant personality is one that any teacher would be delighted to have in their class. Congratulations! February’s 7th grade SOM is Alexander Valcourt.








“Hi, Ms. Brown…..I like oranges!” This is the first statement I heard from this young man in the sixth grade and I thought to myself, “Wow! This one is interesting.” In addition to being a good friend to his peers, this young man is kind, polite and respectful. In fact, he and another are the hearts of the 8th grade. This year he is steadily improving academically, which illustrates that he strives for success. His name originates from the phrase “worthy of praise” and he possesses many qualities that some of his peers should adopt. He never seems to get angry and he finds the joy in every aspect of life. He has bloomed into a gentleman worthy of a little praise. Congratulations ROMAY GARCIA, 8th Grade’s February Student of the Month!!!