Special Programs

In the fall of 1983, Holy Name School began its Pre-Kindergarten program. Over the years our successful program has grown to two full time classes, one dedicated to three-year-old children, the other to four-year- olds. Teachers follow the New York State Common Core Standards and utilize standards based instructional techniques. An assumption underpinning our program is that Pre-K children are entering their first academic community. It is here that they will develop basic literacy and math skills, as they learn to work in groups, share, take turns, think creatively and solve problems. The program's approach is flexible and utilizes hands on learning activities that target each child's unique learning style as well as their physical, social, emotional and intellectual stage of development.

After School Program

Grades Pre - K to 4

The After School Program has been in operation since 1983. This program provides working parents with assurance that their child will be in a safe structured environment. Students in grades Pre-K to 4 will participate in program activities such as arts & crafts, computer, dance, and music. Students learn to develop skills and talents in one or more activities. These skills contribute to your child's wiser use of his or her leisure time.

Grades 5 to 8

Students in grades five to eight attend the Franciscan Centerlocated next door to the school. Tutorials in basic skills, homework help, athletics, enrichment courses along with counseling are offered at the center. There is no charge for the tutorial program. As part of the after school program the school/center has a CYO basketball team in which our students are eligible to play.


Technology and Computers

Holy Name School has an extensive computer education program that includes over 100 computers located in a computer lab, classrooms, and media room . Each computer is networked to the internet through a Full T1 line. Smartboards are installed in the computer lab, media room, Kindergarten, primary grades, intermediate grades and Junior High. The entire building is wireless. Grades Pre-K through 1st utilize the media room regularly. Grades 2-8 have two scheduled computer lab periods per week where their computer skills are developed in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. In addition, students use KidPix, Frames, Storybookweaver, Comic Life, Hyperstudio, and Micoworlds Ex. All software programs are used to enhance the curriculum and to publish the children's work in different forms for the internet. Teachers have been trained to incorporate computer technology across the curriculum and to integrate the use of the internet with research projects. Please visit the Projects Page for examples of the student's work.

Music and Theater Arts

The school offers three classes of music education and the Theater Arts each week as part of the core curriculum. In addition to the annual Christmas Pageant, there are three musical productions, involving children from all grade levels.


The school has an extensive library and a part time librarian who supports the teachers in the development of the curriculum. Each grade is scheduled to visit the library once a week to borrow books or to research a given project. The librarian also visits Pre-K - 3rd grade once a week for storytelling.









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History of Holy Name School

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Early in 1902, the Holy Name Catholic School Building Association was organized by members of its thriving parish church. The weekly contributions of its numerous members enabled the cornerstone to the new school to be placed at the southwest corner of Amsterdam Avenue at 97th St. The school was completed and ready for occupancy by September of 1905. The Brothers of the Christian Schools were selected to educate the young people of the parish. The neighborhood at that time was predominantly composed of Irish and Italians with a sprinkling of Germans, Slavish and English. Holy Name School soon became the educational center for the hardworking immigrant who was trying to provide an education for his children.

Today Holy Name School welcomes children from Manhattan and all parts of NYC. The school was the recipient of the 2005 BLACKBOARD AWARD recognizing it as the outstanding private elementary school on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.

Holy Name has a highly qualified faculty of lay and religious who continue to dedicate themselves to the education and well-being of the student body.

While Holy Name School is a Catholic school under the auspices of the Archdiocese of New York, it welcomes students of all faiths whose families have come to appreciate and rely upon the benefits of a Christian education. Please read parent testimonials.


Holy Name School is accredited by both the Middle States Association of Elementary Schools and the State of New York. As early as Pre-Kindergarten, all classes are given a set of educational goals to follow. The core curriculum of mathematics, language arts, science, social studies and religion is taught daily. In additon to this core curriculum, Holy Name has an advanced Technology and Theater Arts program. Physical education classes are held once a week.

Classes range in size from 20 and 25 students for grades 1-4 and 25 to 30 students in grades 5 to 8. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten range from 20 to 25 children. Assistant teachers are present in the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.