Kindergarten Mark Joseph
Many students ask themselves “what does it take to be the student of the month?”  Sometimes students think the best way to impress a teacher is to finish your work really fast, fold your hands, and smile.  There is a student in kindergarten who has really been a good student in every way.  He is well behaved, kind, and very bright, but I kept telling him that I thought he could do more.  He could write more, draw more, and work more carefully.  He could read books or help someone when he’s finished.  Soon he realized he could do more.  I began to see so much more effort and thought being put into his work and all the things he does.  I love to see a student care and love their work.  Congratulations Mark Joseph, your hard work has paid off!

First Grade
Spring is finally here and the flowers are beginning to sprout and grow. In our class there is a young lady who is beginning to grow just like the spring flowers. If you walk into our classroom you will often hear her asking me “Ms. Correa can I turn off the lights?” as soon as I turn on the smart board. From the moment she walks into the classroom, she unpacks her things and is prepared for the days work. Everyday, she wants to know how she can help me or her classmates. I am amazed her good citizen traits.   This student has really shown a lot of growth in her behavior, work, and attitude towards school this year.   May she continue to grow and blossom the remainder of the school year. Congratulations! To first grades SOM Ariana Tercero.





2nd Grade Jalen Alverez-Vasquez
Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!”

Second grade’s student of the month has worked hard from the moment he walked into second grade in September. He continues to succeed and always has a positive attitude. He is determined and never settles. He takes pride in all he does.  As Dr. Seuss said you have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose. That is why Jalen Alverez-Vasquez is April’s SOM.






3rd Grade Makaila Foster
Our 3rd grade SOM has a smile that glows.  She glows when she helps others.  She glows when she helps me.  She glows when she does her work.  She also makes other people glow when they see her beautiful smile.  She even made Slime that glows in the dark! Keep on glowing and Congratulations, Makaila Foster!






4th Grade   Jonathan Perez
April is a time of new beginnings, new flowers bloom, new trees begin to blossom, and the grass begins to grow much greener. This child has also started on a new and positive path. He has come a long way since the dreary days of the dark and cold winter; he is now growing up and becoming a young gentleman. For example he has improved himself in may areas such as having more self control, not be afraid to speak up in class, and is so helpful to many teachers throughout the building. He is a delight to have in the classroom and his funny personality can brighten up any day! Keep up the great work and congratulations to Fourth Grade’s Student of the Month, Jonathan Perez





5th Grade   Robert Betancourt
In every class there are certain students who stand out because of their consistent effort in school.  This young man is such.  He is a responsible and hard working student who takes his schoolwork seriously.  Everyday he comes to school with a positive attitude and real desire to achieve the utmost of his education.  I have no doubt that his future will be filled with much success.  It is a pleasure to have him in our class.  Keep up the great work!
Congratulations to Robert Betancourt. 






6th Grade  Nestor Pimentel
Look! Do you see? See what you may ask. New life, yes, new life is being created and soon new blooms will begin to show their true distinctions. Well, April SOM is very similar in that his quiet as kept demeanor is what makes him a special student. Although the quiet type, he blooms when it comes to


Congratulations and good job, Nestor Pimentel




7th Grade  Albert Vargas
April showers bring Mayflowers, the month of rebirth and awakening, when all things blossom just like our SOM. This young man has good work habits and a positive attitude towards school. He is pleasant and respectful. Generally, when he does get caught up in a sudden conversation it takes just a look his way and he is able to focus on his work. This young man has proven that he is capable of doing well in all situations, as he continues to work diligently, and striving for excellence. Congratulations! 7th grade April’s SOM is Albert Vargas.





8TH Grade Karmita Saintime
“A garden that has been tended to well will yield
   great fruit.”
We are in the midst of spring and gardens are in bloom all over. As we slowly come to a close, the 8th grade class will reflect on their years at Holy Name and look forward to the future. The best students tend to be those who are respectful, caring, hard working and determined. An academic career is like a garden, the specific seeds you plant will bear specific fruit. This young lady is polite, kind and extremely determined. She is driven to do everything to the best of her ability. She is planting great seeds. Her name means ‘garden’ or ‘orchard’, which is fitting because the seeds she has planted will yield wonderful fruit. She has the ability to do great things and I believe she has such a bright future. She is currently one of the top 8th grade students. She has planted the seeds for a successful future; determination and hard work. Her garden is in full bloom! Congratulations to 8th grade’s April Student of the Month, KARMITA SAINTIME!!!