HNS Parent's Association





Hello Parents,
Once again, the school year has come to an end. I'd like to take a moment to re-cap the different things that the Parents' Association organized/coordinated for the school. With multiple hours of planning via meetings/conference calls, we were able to do the following:

Window Washing - A few parents/family members gathered to clean the windows in early September.

1/2 Day Dress Down - Again, students were able to wear casual clothes on various 1/2 days if they paid $2.

Boxtops For Kids - This was our second year in the program and we were able to raise $110 for the school. This total was a combination of online purchases through the boxtops website, as well as boxtops submitted through April 1st. Many thanks to Crystal for volunteering her time to be the boxtops coordinator and for counting all of those boxtops. Our top collector this year was Caitlyn P. from the 8th grade. She submitted 301 boxtops!! Many thanks to her and everyone else for their contributions. Anything submitted after April 1st will count towards the 2011/2012 school year and I have to say that we're off to a wonderful start. Don't forget to continue collecting over the summer!

Walkathon - The entire school participated in our first walkathon. The students cheered along the streets of Manhattan and they were able to raise $8,000 for the school. Many thanks to the parents that helped to raise those funds and for also participating in the event.

Costume Party - The children had a wonderful time at our second costume party that was held in the Franciscan Center.

Christmas Bazaar - We sold holiday ornaments and wrapping paper donated by local stores. Students from grades 6-8 volunteered for this event.

Ice Skating - We had our first ice skating event which had a great turnout. For some of the of the students, this was their first time ice skating and they enjoyed learning how to skate with their friends.

Bowling - Several children, their parents and even Mr Joven participated in our bowling event at Harlem Lanes. Everyone had a great time.

The goal of the committee was to raise funds to purchase computers for the lab. I'm happy to announce that with your help, we were able to pay for 10 new pc's!

As you can see, we accomplished so much this year. The sad part about the year coming to a close is the fact that we're losing one of the best members of the Committee - Tara. Her son graduated this year therefore, she will become an honorary member of the group. Many thanks to you Tara for your time and dedication to the school! You will be truly missed.
I hope everyone has a long, wonderful summer!