Students of the Month

Kindergarten - Caroline Krueger

Every teacher loves a student who is excited about learning. Sometimes this excitement can cause some distractions and noise.  There is a student who is so exuberant about learning that she would call out every answer and she couldn’t sit. But then she would do other things like ask for two copies of projects so she could reproduce them at home, and discuss what we were learning with her parents and come back to class to share what she learned at home. She kept asking me about what she had to do to be the best student she can be.  I told her that she was a great student but she had to work on calling out and calming down a bit. She cares so much about school that she put her mind to it and was able to succeed!  She is so deserving of this honor! Congratulations to March’s student of the month Caroline Krueger.

1st Grade  Nicholas Diaz
March’s SOM stands out above all the rest. He always tries to do his best. Although he’s quiet and shy he is always willing to help around the classroom. He stands out this month for being responsible and for his caring ways for everyone around him. During this season of Lent, he has shown that he has grown closer to Jesus through his actions. May he continue to grow and blossom during the remainder of the school year. Congratulations, to 1st Grade's SOM Nicholas Diaz.



2nd Grade Jayden Nunez
March's SOM has waited patiently for this day to come. Well, today is your lucky day! This student reminds me of a four leaf clover, because he is special and it is hard to find another just like him. Though at times he can be tricky, much like a leprechaun. He shines beautifully like a rainbow and is always working hard to find that pot of gold.  At times he can be heard saying, "but I'm confused!" but this is simply his way of searching for more knowledge. This is why March's student of the month is Jayden Nunez


3rd Grade   Peter James Azarcon
Even though we may not believe it, Spring is here.  It may be difficult to see, but close observation reveals the signs of hope that Spring brings.  It may be the sun’s bright rays, breaking through dark clouds, or the rainbow after the shower. It may be the chirp of baby birds, or leaf buds waiting to burst open on sleeping trees.  And even in the quiet preparation of the Lenten season, our hearts quicken with the promise of Easter soon approaching.  Third grade’s SOM mirrors these signs of great things to come.  Our SOM has found the courage to speak up and participate in class discussions, has worked diligently at completing assignments, and has made excellent progress in penmanship.  Always with pencil in hand and a smile on his face, (yes, it’s a boy finally!), he will surely continue to succeed.  Congratulations and keep up the good work, Peter James U. Azarcon!

4th Grade  Michaela Joseph
This student has so many amazing qualities I could go on forever! For example she always has a smile on her face, very helpful, tries her best, and is respectful of all her classmates. As we have progressed through the school year, it has been a true pleasure to watch this child grow into a young lady. In the beginning of the year she was a little shy, however it did not take long to get her going and answering almost every question in class! This young lady is always true to herself and has a heart of gold! She is a real inspiration to her classmates and myself! Congratulations to Michaela Joseph, 4th Grade Student of the Month!


5th Grade Leo Samuel
This student ‘s ability to demonstrate a high level of initiative is very noticeable when any project is introduced. He is the first one to take charge with planning, organizing and sharing his ideas with others. He is qlways making sure the task is complete in an efficient manner. He has all the qualities to be a CEO of any company. The fifth grade is proud to have Leo Samuel as March’s student of the month.



6th Grade Chryztina Graham
March, such a wonderful month!
The month of March represents so many great things, but the one true thing is represents is the ability to MARCH forth and this is exactly what this fabulous student has done since September.

March’s SOM has…

I am glad that she was in my class for as she marches forth to the new and different she will carry with her all that is wonderful. Congratulations and good job to March’s SOM, Hiiiiii Chryztina Graham.

7th Grade  Neftali Soler
Spring is here like a breathe of fresh air. This student is a reflection of that. This student is honest, hard working, reliable, organized and is always on task. His wonderful grades are a reflection of his continued effort towards excellent work habits. He adds much to our class environment by his pleasant disposition and positive attitude. We can expect great things from him in the future. Congratulations! March’s 7th grade SOM is Neftali Soler.








8th Grade Natalie Vaval
Spring is here! Even though we cannot feel it yet. This young lady is intelligent, kind, helpful and a fabulous orator. This is not just the musings of a proud teacher but a fact! She is the winner of the district speech contest. Her name literally means “good birthday!” I feel that it is fitting that she is the first student of the month for spring, because spring is the birth of all things. She has the potential to do such amazing things in the future, I look forward to the wonderful lady she will become. Congratulations to the 8th grade March Student of the Month, NATALIE VAVAL!