Students of the Month

January 2013


Kindergarten Henry Penaranda

The New Year usually begins quietly.  The holidays are over, winter is well underway, and there is an icy chill in the air.  During these cold days, there is a kindergartener that warms our hearts.  He warms our hearts every time we hear his voice.  It took us a while to hear it and every time we do, excitement fills the room!  He started out slowly this school year but he has worked so hard in class and at home.  To see how far he has come so quickly is amazing to watch!  We can’t wait to hear all the things he’ll say for the rest of this school year.  Congratulations and keep talking Henry Penaranda! 

1st Grade  Jaylen Gibbs
When I think of first grade’s student of the month, I think of the following words: quiet, shy, polite, helpful, responsible, and sweet. This student started the school year a little shy but has had no problems coming out of his shell. Often, you will find him working quietly and making sure that his work is completed. When he is not doing his work you will find him reading a book with his table buddies. He is not only a great student but he is a wonderful big brother to his new baby sister. He is truly a pleasure to have in first grade. “Oh, the Places [He’ll] Go!” Congratulations, to first grade’s student of the month Jaylen Gibbs.


2nd Grade Catherine Garicia
Second Grade's student of the month is RADIANT! This student never ceases to amaze me.  Learning can sometimes be a challenge but that never stops her from trying. She is willing to tackle any obstacle that comes her way. She loves to learn and gives everything 100%.  I have gotten the privilege to know her and to watch her flourish both as a learner and a thinker. That is why Catherine Garicia is January’s SOM.






3rd Grade Charline Pierre-Louis
This student always works diligently and perseveres, even when a task is difficult.  She does not waste time complaining about nonsense or whining about what others are doing.  Her behavior has been excellent, respectful, and helpful.  What a pleasure it is to have her in third grade! Congratulations and God bless Charline Pierre-Louis.





4th Grade Cayden Delgado!
As the weather gets colder, there is one child in 4th grade that warms the whole class with kindness. This child is helpful, kind, and has a big heart. Although he may be a little shy at first, he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right and remembers the importance of being kind to everyone. He is a great example for all the children with his warm smile and warm heart, 4th grade is lucky to have this Student of the Month, Cayden Delgado!








5th Grade Keiji Lohier
This student is quite, unassuming, hard working, and soft- spoken. But don’t let this demeanor fool you when comes to his schoolwork he is a force to be reckoned with. His light humor and tenacity leads him to successfully develop lots of creative strategies, which he kindly shares with his peers and teachers. The fifth grade is proud to have chosen Keiji Lohier as January’s Student of The Month.




6th Grade Marie-Perle Conde

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

True education, that moment when a student looks at you and that sparkle that you see in their eyes is alive and ready to shine bright. That is January’s SOM. This young lady is quiet as kept, but I see each day that she is finding her way through as a person part of a group and as an individual. Her spirit is genuine and her ability to be great is possible. Anything is possible and that is what January’s som is teaching me each day. I knew when she came to 6th that her fear of the unknown would soon dissipate and for this I am grateful. Grateful that she is maintaining an average that would make any parent proud, grateful that she is kind and friendly and respectful, and grateful that she is blossoming into a true young lady.  Young lady, do as Dr. King did each day of his life, move forward with purpose and reason for you are great and will too be remembered. Congratulations to January’s SOM, Marie-Perle Conde.


7th  Grade   Megan Torres
As we bring in the New Year, and we make our New Year’s resolutions, this student definitely has a goal in mind for the rest of the school year. She continues to work diligently in all areas, showing that she is capable of making great improvement in her academic work. This student carries herself well and has proven that she is a positive role model for her peers. Congratulations! Our 7th grade January SOM is Megan Torres.




8th Grade  Ruth Ake
It is a rare occurrence when a person actually embodies the qualities of his or her namesake. In the Old Testament, this young lady is obedient, kind, respectful and polite. She left everything she knew in order to help her mother-in-law. This student is a rare gem, she is not only one of the top students in her class but one of the most caring. Like her namesake in the Bible, she is willing to drop everything in order to help a friend, listen to a problem or pray with or for you. She has all the makings of a great leader although she has yet to discover this inner power. She is elegant, nurturing and forgiving with her peers. There are so many attributes that she possesses that will one day make her very successful. I look forward to the positive influence she will one day make in this world. Congratulations to the 8th grade’s January Student of the Month, RUTH AKE!!!