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1912 Gilsenan Jane

1929 Callahan Patrick PKCALLAHAN@MYCIDCO.COM Retired since l986, we have nine children, all college grads with multiple degrees, married to Catherine Kenneally, a Holy Name parish resident. Earned general excellence medal at graduation, wish I still had it (stolen some time ago), started a career in sales and marketing after attending De La Salle Institute and Manhattan College. We are now enjoying retirement with many children up to two great grandchildren surrounding us as we go about volunteering in as many activities as we are capable. I owe my religion, confidence, education and attitude to the great training
by the FSCs......and the marvelous experience of growing up during the depression years with loving parents under difficult circumstances.....98th St. was a great place! Best regards, Pat.
1929 Reilly John



1934 Byrne Lawrence Patrick ambyrne422@yahoo.com Since leaving Holy Name I served in the Navy during WWII on an aircraft carrier in Guam & Pearl Harbor. I then returned to the NYPD and served there for another 40 years during which I married Marie Whalen who's father was Cheif of Detectives with NYPD. We had 6 children who all went to various Catholic schools in Queens. Some were the Diocesan schools my wife and I went door to door fund raising for them to be built. I have fun memories of Holy Name and a good education during the depression. I currently work as Security Supervisor for Shea Stadium and have been for the past 26 years since leaving the NYPD of 40 years and really enjoy it. Thanks Holy Name for a good start.
1934 O Neil Conry Catherine

1934 Ronayne Joseph
I have been retired for over 20 years and count my blessings. My son lives with me, and we enjoy one another s company. My current parish is St. James at Seaford, NY, and I enjoy daily mass. I think quite often about Holy Name Parish. GREAT! Five of my sisters and two brothers graduated from the great Holy Name School during the 1930 s.
1935 McConville Patrick nmm511@commcast.net There is not much to tell. I am retired and living in a suburb of Chicago.
I will be looking forward to and shall plan to be at the big reunion (providing I am still here). I shall be 83 years old in a few months.
I wonder how many of my Holy Name classmates from the Class of 1935 are
still alive.
1935 O Neill Brother Michael
Retired De La salle Christian Brother
1937 Plunkett Marion

1937 Schafer Porr Irene

1938 Boyle Mary

1938 Ferguson/Wanglund Alice RNanabea317@aol.com
1939 Barrett Eugene
I remember Holy Name with fond memories.
1939 Duffy James

1939 Harrison John
In 1939, Holy Name graduated twice a year. I was in January. Lived a few blocks away on Amsterdam Ave. Within two years after graduation both parents had died and my sister, brother and myself were sent to the Staten Island Mount Loretto orphanage. Both of them went to Holy Name. My brother, Tom, graduated but died two years ago. Another brother, Andrew, was also a graduate but has since died too. I mention these things in case a reader might remember them because we dropped completely out of the 'hood.

After that, it was the Army in Europe, then college, graduate school scholarship and a variety of jobs. Still married to my lovely wife. We had seven children and now 19 grandchildren. I finally retired as a Professor in a County College. I mention these things because anything is possible with the starting point of being educated by the good Brothers at Holy Name.

Aside from the stiffness of old age and some prostate cancer, I'm really in good shape for the shape I'm in. I mention these things because, what the hell, I'm not ready for the alternative.
1939 (January) Callahan Patricia

1940 Croghan Edward acn@taconic.net I will try to contact friends and relatives and foward the addresses to you.
1940 Fox Gertrude
Retired and living in Woodside, NY
1940 Lovett Mary

1940 Nolan Tim

1940 Walsh James
Married since 1947 to Lily Gilson an Ascension girl.
Retired.4 children all c0llege grads. 9 grandchilden.
During Depression I lived all over the parish mainly 98 ST. & Amsterdam.Lily lived 101 St. betweem Columbus and Amsterdam.
1941 Callahan Kennedy Catherine
I graduated with the CLASS OF JANUARY, 1941
1941 Duffy Mary

1941 Foley McKeever Catherine

1941 Messelt Margaret

1941 Metz Francis cave70metz@aol.com Retired, US Army. Would dearly love to get in contact with Thomas T. Turner, my Holy Name classmate and best friend. I note his entry for 1941. If anyone has his address, email address, or phone number I would greatly appreciate your passing my info on to him, or his home info on to me.
1941 Plunkett Fee Anna

1941 Callahan Margaret
I graduated from Holy Name School in June, 1941. At that time there were January graduations.
I am married and presently living in Phoenix Arizona and I would like to attend the celebration on May 5, 2005.

I have a class picture of June Class 1941.

I will send Holy Name Alumni Committee a copy of this class picture.
1942 Lovett Madeline

1943 McKenna Thomas

1943 Plunkett Ryan Patricia

1944 Barry Ellen

1944 Fernandez Elaine elaine.fernandez@citigroup.com
1944 McGuire Monahan Mary Theresa WTSMON@aol.com After Holy Name,went to Julia Richmond HS; Married husband Bill in 1953;
moved to Astoria, Queens; had 4 children - 3 boys, 1 girl. We now have 6 grand children - 3 boys and 3 girls. Moved to Stony Point, (upstate NY) in 1969 and are still living there. Retired from North Rockland School District in 1991 after 25 years service. Have enjoyed frequent travel overseas with husband (and on our 50th wedding anniversary, with our children and grand children). Have fond memories of the "old neighborhood"and childhood friends. My brothers Thomas (Tom) and George are deceased.
1944 Mulvihill James

1944 Murphy Waite Maureen mnjwaite@aol.com After HN went to Blessed sacrament HS attended Grace Institute whileworking at Metropolitan Life.Met my husband Jim from annunciation Parish and married in 1952.we have four children and nine grandchildren.We are now very busy enjoying retirement.
1944 (Jan) Trank Thomas TOMVINCENT1@MSN.COM
1945 Butler Krajcir Nora jnkrajcir@astound.net
1945 Culloty Bertra Margaret
Working in a school. I have two beautiful daughters, both are married. One of my daughters has two wonderful girls. I'm enjoying being a nanny.
1945 Davitt Kathleen

1945 Dropp Thomas Patzy7609@Yahoo.com Worked for 27 years for NYC sanitation. retired now and
have 3 children and 3grandchildren fond memories of
Holy Name
1945 Dwyer Donald

1945 Engellenner Patricia Joseph
I have been married to my husband Bill for 47 years and have three children: a boy and two girls. I also have 8 grandchildren:four boys and four girls. I worked for the Pearl River School District as a teaching assistant for 30 years and retired 5 years ago. Not liking inactivity I went to work for Estee Lauder for four years. I am currently subbing in the Orangetown School's and teaching religion.
1945 Fitzgerald Elizabeth A.

1945 Hill Margaret Sullivan

1945 Krajcir Nora Butler

1945 Massey Roger

1945 Trollen Hardiman Mary mthcs@aol.com My husband, Pete, died in August 2003. He was a HNS graduate in1942.
Have 4 Children and 5 grandchildren. Have lived in sunny Florida for the last 35 years. My memories of HNS are very happy. Made very good friends during
those years and am still in touch with several of them.
1945 Walsh Mae Keyes

1945 Walsh Hetherington Nora NMHSTYLE@AOL.COM
1946 Ahern Ann

1946 Buisson Jeanne emjub@aol.com Graduated from Holy Trinity High in 1949, and Dunbarton College in 1953 with an AB in French, and the University of Notre Dame in 1967 with an MA in French. Entered the Sisters of the Holy Cross in 1954. I have lived in Western New York, Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey and Maryland, and have traveled to France, Canada, Italy, Israel, Ireland and Spain. Looking forward renewing acquaintances at the reunion.
1946 Burke McCaffrey Veronica

1946 Chickory Tierney Dorothy dect@att.net
1946 Clark Ryan Eileen

1946 Conroy Rosemary Burns
Retired teacher and activityh director for seniors. Mother of six children and six grandchildren
1946 Culloty John
1946 Donnellan Finneran Patricia pfinn33@msn.com
1946 Dorman Henry

1946 Dropp Cvrlje Margaret jskinner@themchughgroup.com (Hi - this is Margaret's daughter - Joanne. I am updating her information for her (she is a woman of many words???) & using my email address for any additional correspondence - my mom has no computer - if you can believe in this day & age !!)
Here goes: Also known as "Chickie" by many friends...met husband, Mike Cvrlje, at an Irish dance. Married in 1956, have 4 children -3 daughters, 1 son. Have 11 grandchildren. Mike & I both retired now and enjoying being with and helping our children and our grandchildren. Looking forward to the reunion and seeing many old friends !!!
1946 Dropp-Cvrlje
Have four children - 3 daughters and 1 son. All married....11 grandchildren.
1946 Flynn Sullivan Kathleen

1946 Ford Hooper Marie

1946 Fox Dorman Kay MrsKayD@att.net Married Henry Dorman ( another 1946 H.N.graduate )in 1956. We have four children and are awaiting the tenth grandchild. Henry retired from a career with IBM,Chase and Montclair State University. I retired as an ESL instructor for Essex County, NJ. We spent our leisure time in travels to all fifty states - loving every inch of America. Made the permanent move three years ago to our shore home on Long Beach Island,NJ and do enjoy being beach bums. I am still in touch with friends from Holy Name and this is such a delight to read about former classmates and neighbors. Looking forward to more news about the anniversary celebration.
1946 Frank Sr. Jude

1946 Kinsella Coleman Maureen jerseynama1@wmconnect.com I am now retired and living in a very active adult community. My husband
Michael Coleman passed away a little over 7 yrs ago.
1946 Leonard Gerald

1946 McCann Sr. Margaret

1946 Mulvihill Keegan Margaret
married to Chris,just celebrated our 50th wedding Anniversary last June.
We have 7 children and l0 grandchildred. Have resided in Woodside since
l956. Just retired last June after working for St.Sebastian's Church for 23 years. Looking forward to many happy years of retirement with Chris
and my family.
1946 Murphy-Schrettner RoseRita ROSEALS@aol.com I am married for 47 years and have 5 children (4 sons & 1 daughter) and 12 grandchildren. Al & I are retired and living in a very nice retirement community. Still having a good time. I worked as a secretay for Ingersoll Rand Company, was an airline stewardess for Eastern Airlines and became a secretary again when my children were grown. Hope to see some of you girls again soon.
1946 Regan Joseph lbkfl@att.net My wife, Joan (nee Meier)and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.We have four children and seven grandchildren. I retired from a forest products sales agency and was involved in extensive overseas travel for more then 35 years. We now live in Connecticut, and Florida in the winter. My hobbies are Golf,fishing,hunting,and the internet. I have very fond memories of my early life at Holy Name and the neighborhood.
1946 Reid Elizabeth

1946 Travers Ann Williams Sunjetlady@se.rr.com
1946 Travers James

1947 Barrett John patcountry@aol.com
1947 Boyle de Vecchis Margaret (Peggy) devecchis@sbcglobal.net Rec'd email from my bro in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Richard Boyle who suggested clicking onto your site! Directed I look at class of '48 boys and there was the young and handsome face of our older brother George Boyle (dec. 1961). Pictures brought back many memories growing up in NYC (lived across from the church on 95th St)and attending HNS-Class of '48, then attended St. Alphonsus Commercial HS with many of these same classmates from HNS. Retired and living in Santa Cruz, CA, on Monterey Bay south of S.F. Married Cal de Vecchis - class of _____ in 1952 - 3 children and 1 grandchild. Now retired after many years as a medical transcriptionist. Reading the comments and the places mentioned in the neighborhood was very nostalgic. Would very much wish to attend the 100th anniversary and will begin making plans to hopefully make that wish a reality. Be well - do good work - keep in touch!

OOPS!! After sending in info to your web site, went looking for my grad class picture - I graduated in 1947 and not 1948. C'mon it was a few years ago!!! The picture has not withstood the test of time 100% (who has?) The upper left hand corner of the picture has diappeared, SO if there any any class of June '49 girls out there with an intact one, please contribute to this wonderful event. tnx

1947 Calligy Mullane Anna

1947 Chickory Slane Nancy
In 2004 I celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of graduation from Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing. In the same year I became a great-grandmother.
I married Terry Slane in 1956 and we have 6 children and 13 grandchildren besides the new addition. I lived in North Babylon, L.I. for 35 years and retired to Melboune Florida in 1994.
1947 Clancy O Malley Catherine marti1965@rcn.com
1947 Donnellan Crowley-Cahill Margaret

1947 Eshenbaugh Dolores peaches0610@yahoo.com Hi - The nuns \"made\" me go to Julia Richmond freshman year. I then switched to Textile. Worked and traveled, etc. Married Joe Duthie in 1962. He became fire capt. He and I and our 3 daughters moved to San Diego in 1978 - and have been enjoying it ever since (but Joe passed away in 1981) My 3 daughters are nicely educated, married and have given me 5 grandkids total. Worked at office manager in school and retired in l995. Now I have done some \"serious\" traveling all over the world. Would dearly love to meet my friends from Holy Name. Peaches0610@yahoo.com
1947 Fitzgerald Mary

1947 Flynn Carberry Mary alltickets25@aol.com
1947 Irwin Arthur LINDA2645@AOL.COM
1947 Kit Kitson Walter R. wrkitson@bellsouth.net I'm twin brother to James P. Kitson, who currently lives in NYC. Holy Name was a great school for me - lots of fond memories. I remember Bisbop Donahue, Brothers Michael and Henry. Went to Rice High and St Leonard's Academy and in July "51 I entered the military service for 27 active years. Then I went to Dept of Defense as civil service Officer for next 14 years and permanently retired in 1993, in Ocean Springs, MS, right on the gulf coast line. I have 3 sons, one here in Ocean Springs, one in Phoenix and other in Wichita Falls, TX. Only one daughter who is a LtCol in USA and currently servicing as Commander, Army Reserve Intelligence Center in San Antonio, TX. I'm married to Alberta "Bert" from Portsmouth, NH. Some of my old class mates were Joe Shanahan, Mark Sutter and Eugene McDermott (deceased in 1954). Other names I remember is DeTranatles (sic) and Barone. I'm hoping to hear from some of the "old gang" and reminisce the good old days. !
1947 Kitson James
Retired Operations Manager, Facilities and Services for MetLife.
Currently doing volunteer work 4 mo rnings a week at Cabrini Home
Care Unit.
1947 Lennon Mary

1947 McCormack Fitzgerald Mary ctsambrowski@aol.com Married Thomas Fitzgerald, deceased 10 years. I have 2 daughters, Mary, Cathie. I also have 2 grandchildren, Patrick 13, Katie 10.Am currently living down the Jersey shore for 7 years now. Retired from Midlantic Bank 11 years ago.I ve been living in New Jersey for 50 years.I still keep in touch with a few alumni from Holy Name.

1947 McSweeney Beirne Kathleen RobnIrene1@aol.com I stay busy, with my family, volunteer work and friends.
1947 Michel Denis

1947 Myers Hannah

1947 Noone Hogan Anne

1947 Padden Sr. Patricia

1947 Proscia Ellen

1947 Somers Rita

1947 Yallo Vincent pipvin2@verizon.net
1948 Callan John (Jack) johncallan34@hotmail.com Retired in Florida. Grandkids nearby. Teacher in New York and New Jersey schools for 32 years.
1948 Celentano Peter MAAM28@AOL.COM

1948 Connor Sr. Bernadette mollie0811@aol.com Graduated from Holy Name in 1948. Went to Blessed Sacrament High School and graduated in 1952. I entered the Dominican Sisters of Newburgh in 1954.
1948 Fernandez Joseph A. jfernand@nycap.rr.com After graduation in '48 at Holy Names I went on to Powell Memorial and graduated in '52. I went on from there to work in banks and Wall St. brokerage houses until I went into the army in '55-'57. Went to CCNY at night and eventually graduated from SUNY Fredonia in '64, and in '65 I got my masters at SUNY Albany Graduate School of Public Affairs. I went on to work for the NYS government for more than 35 years. I have been married since '65 to my wife Trudy. We have three grown daughter and five grandchildren who are all nearby. I am now retired and spend my time volunteering, supporting our church, maintaining our home and playing golf.
1948 Fitzgerald Albion fitzalbionj@aol.com Xavier HS '52, Fordham '56 USMC '60 Captain. Retired Health Care administrator.Married a wonderful girl from Brooklyn, two great sons and four beautiful grandchildren. I tell them how great it was to grow up on the West Side and at Holy Name. Looking forward to the Centennial !
1948 Fitzgerald Coffey Ann May AMisfitz@aol.com
1948 Graciani Nerney Elba nernjersey@aol.com
1948 Hayes Jeremiah jerryatece@aol.com I have retired from a career as a professor of Electical Enineering on 01/01/01. I have been a faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley, where I got a Ph.D., Purdue University, McGill University and Concordia University in Montreal. I have also worked in industry for a time, mainly at Bell Labs. I am not the only graduate of Holy Name with a Berkeley Ph.D. On my first day there, I ran into Eugene Teatum, who had just finished the Ph. D. in chemistry. We were in the same class taugh by Bother Andrew.

In retirement, I am splitting my time between Montreal and Victoria , BC. I have four children and four grandchildren, with another on the way. I do get down to New York once or twice a year. My sisters Catherine and Margie still live there. Last summer I walked through the places in Centeral Park where I played as a kid. (Surely, the shrank the size of the lake at 100th street.) A couple of years ago I had a beer in Hanratty's. Big change. I am sorry to miss the reunion, but we will be out in Victoria. It would be great to hear from someone from the old neighborhood.
1948 Leonard Richard Popops1@aol.com
1948 McCabe James james.mccabe@snet.net I got a Great education at Holy Name.
My parents had a 4th grade education, The sisters & brother did a great job on me.
1948 McLellan William billmclellan@juno.com Just stumbled on the web site and it is great to see old friends doing so well. After graduation, I went on to Cardinal Hayes H.S. and Manhattan College (class of 58). From there I went to Rome NY to work for the Air Force programming computers and designing computer systems. That is where I met my wife Bernice. We married in 1965 and have five children and four grand children. I had several papers published, received a couple of awards for scientific achievement and was in and out of more airports than I care to remember. In 1981 we were transferred to The Hague in the Netherlands where I worked for three years as a senior research scientist supporting NATO. After we returned I was the scientific advisor to one of the US representatives to NATO and chief of a research branch. I retired in 1990 and we moved to Saratoga Springs where Bernice worked as a Nurse Midwife. After a couple of years in retirement, I took a job teaching math and physics at a s!
mall junior/senior high school and am now head of the math department. Spare time is spent playing golf, traveling and working around the house. Sorry to have missed the reunion. Sounds like it was fun. Perhaps next time.
1948 Murphy Charles royals102st@aol.com
1948 Myers Nee Brooks Ellen PIONEERLDY@AOL.COM I married Michael J Myers in 1955 in Holy Name Church We both graduated from Holy Name School.We had five children. Michael died of cancer in 1992. I have seven grandchildren. I work for an accountant firm in Great Neck Hope to receive more information about the celebration
1948 Poland Peter Raymond pugpoland@hotmail.com semi-retired living on the monterey peneinsula
1948 Reynolds Joseph reynolds00@verizon.net I graduated from Holy Name in '48, St. Joseph's in Barrytown in '52, Catholic University in '57 and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in '64 (PhD in Chemical Engineering). I am a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Manhattan College where I have been teaching for the past 41 years. I have been married to Barbara Geary (from East Aurora, NY) for 33 years and have two daughters, Megan and Marybeth. We live in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx. Looking forward to meeting old friends and maybe making some new ones.
1948 RICE Thomas tomvide@aol.com GRADUATED ST. JOSEPH'S IN 1952, mANHATTAN COLLEGE IN 1956. WORKED FOR
1948 Schenck Carol

1949 Breen Mary Canning

1949 Conway Anna

1949 Dropp Zayas Pat Patzy7609@Yahoo.com nformation: worked for C B S 21 years......moved to Texas and then to Florida.
I have wonderful memories of Holy Name and I am very excited about the up-coming reunion in May. I will be there and many other i know will attend
1949 Farrell Mary McCue mfarrell73@aol.com Retired and enjoying life.
1949 Farricker Martin Francis poppyfarricker@msn.com Class of 1949...Bro. Walter

Holy Name School and my dear mother taught me the values by which I lived my life. I owe them a debt that I could never repay.
1949 Ferrone Andrew

1949 Forbes Ronald (Babe) RNanabea317@aol.com
1949 Ford (Jackie) John JFORD2@SI.RR.COM Married my childhood sweetheart from the old neighborhood, Mary Boland. We have three children and five grandchildren. We are married for 45 years and still going strong. When we first got married we lived in Queens for thirteen years and when we had our third child moved to Staten Island where we have been ever since. We certainly have great memories of the old neighborhood. After graduating from Power Memorial I went to work for Citi-Bank and put in 28 years and then worked for John Hancock for thirteen years as an Insurance salesman and finally became a maintenance manager for American Building Maintenance until I finally retired for the third time at the end of 2001.
1949 Griffin (Tucker) Thomas
1949 Keller Charles chasjkel@msn.com i'm trying to find anyone from the class of 1949.
st patrick's grammar school.jersey city,new jersey.
nothing serious, just to talk old times.
thank you
charlie keller
1949 Knsella Richard
1949 McShane DePaolo Mary
Retired Licensed Practical Nurse, now part-time library clerk, Full-time wife,mother and grandmother.
1949 Murphy Jeremiah Jerrym80k@aol.com
1949 Murphy Acovino Anne anne_acovino@yahoo.com Retired Teacher and enjoying it.
1949 O Brien Anne obrienatm@verizon.net Married many years (now 37) to Ron Tedesco (did not change my name) A life in science has been good to me: 15 years teaching chemistry and environmental science, 26 years in a pharmaceutical company, and lots of volunteer work with the American Chemical Society. My sister, May O Brien, 51 is a nurse and is still in NYC. My other sister, Estelle O Brien Clemens, 57 is a mother of two and a grandmother of nine and my brother, Kevin P. O Brien 59 is a father of two and a grandfather of one. Our mother, Margaret M. Fitzgerald, also graduated from Holy Name, class of 1920 or 1921 as did her siblings. We are all grateful to Holy Name for the excellent education we received there.
1949 O Connor/Curran Teresa terryo@spec.net Our family moved to New York from Ireland in 1948 (120 W. 97 St.), and we enrolled in Holy Name. I graduated in '49, (my sister Ronnie in '50.)
I attended the Assisium Secretarial School on E. 63rd St., worked for about 7 years in Manhattan, later moving to Suffolk County, where I still live. I married Pat Curran in '55 and we had 3 children. He passed away in '86. I have worked for the past 40 years on Long Island - now just part-time. My son and daughter are married and live close-by, and there are 5 beautiful grand-daughters, whom I adore. One son lives in Germany. Still remember HN dances, Schlumbums, Itchys, Cushmans, Riverside Drive, Central Park and movies on Broadway. Made so many friends on the West Side, but have lost touch over the years. I enjoy travel, love the city, wouldn't miss a St. Patrick's Day parade, and visit Ireland every year.
Look forward to re-connecting with old friends from that wonderful time of my life. Slainte!
1949 O Reilly Hubert oldsnowy@verizon.net
1949 Phair Margaret


1950 Corrigan Rita

1950 Duffy James jpduffy@bechtel.com IThis is a Revision to previous:
From Holy Name to Cardinal Hayes & Manhattan Engineering & out to the world. Boomed around the world for a number of years, settled in the San Francisco area in 1965 & have made a home there since (even though the family boomed around on job assignments),picked up an MBA along the way, retired at end of 2005. Thoroughly enjoyed the reunion & wished to have seen more of the neighborhood gang.
1950 Duffy James tharpduf@pacbell.net
1950 Ferrone Joan Ann jfer345205@aol.com Retired from Sales and Marketing with airlines. Now am volunteer with the Lighthouse Int. and on the Board of the EAst Sixties Neighborhood Assocation. Attempting to write a mystery. I have fond memories of the old neighborhood. We had such good times at the Friday Night dances and coffee and toasted englishs at ITCHYS on 95th Street and gathering at Rikers Diner on the corner across from the Church. Still close to my friends from the first grade Eileen O'Mara and Maureen Pendergast. I will send their info later.
1950 Hanley James papajeep88@aol.com Hello Jeep here. How is everyone? I finally married to a Vt girl in 1965. I have a son Jay & a daughter Sarah. I have 4 grandchildren 2 grandboys (Jay's) Patrick 12 & Brandon 5; 2 grandgirls who I have babysat since they got out of the hospital; Lindsey 11 & Carrie 7(Sarah's). I taught at Lincolnhall from 1959-1970; Williston Vt for 25 yrs 1970-1995; retired to take care of my grandgirls. I am now teaching Algebra @ my grandgirls school;Christ the King School;this my 4th year there. I have had a knee replacement & will have a hip operation in May. I still play golf & bowl year round with my son. My handicap has dwindled(I do have 3 hole-in- ones) & my bowling average has also gone DOWN(I do have 2- 300 games).Please contact me, friends & ?????.
1950 (Hayes) Farrell Catherine

1950 Klecker Maureen Leonard kleckermb@aol.com I have wonderful memories of my time at Holy Name School and parish. I am looking forward to the 6 May celebration. My three sisters and three brothers, all Holy Name graduates, also plan to attend.
1950 McLaughlin Thomas jarhead77@peoplepc.com Hi Br. Grieco, Thanks for this great page to touch base with old alumni. I graduated in 1950.Went to Rice High, joined the US Marines in 1954 served till 1957. Married a beautiful girl from Ascension parish, Cathy Furlong. I also lived in Ascension parish while finishing my last two years in Holy Name.
Cathy and I have four daughters, Nancy, Deborah, Cathy Lynn and Patricia. We lived in St. Francis of Rome Parish, in the Bronx (E.237st),where all the daughters graduated and went on to Catholic High Schools. I attended Bronx Community College and Lehmann while living in the Bronx.We then moved to Pleasantville, Westchester, NY.
I spent most of my life as a union representative with the Transport Workers Union, Local 100, while working for the New York City Transit Authority.
I also had a second career during that time as a Coast Guard Reserve at Fort Totten Station, Long Island Sound. I was a Boat Coxswain, Search and Rescue. I retired from the Transit Union in 1991 and from the US Coast Guard Reserve in 1993. I also worked for the Statue of Liberty Ferries from 1992 to 1995. So you can see my Cathy kept me busy and out of trouble.
I had to stay out of trouble because two of my daughters became NYC Police Officers, Nancy who retired two years ago as a Lt. and Debbie who has 20 years on the job this year. I guess herself and I have done something right, because all our children are following us to our new home in Sunny Florida.
My youngest, Patricia works for the Stuart News here and lives three minutes away from me on Jensen Beach Blvd. My number one, Nancy bought a condo in Stuart. Debbie and Cathy Lynn are also looking for a place here. I didn't raise kids, I raised Homing Pigeons. I sure would like to be informed of any reunion and please put me on your mailing list. The last reunion we attended , Holy Name, Ascension and St. Gregory's, was one that Detective Chickory had in Long Island, many years ago. Some of my buddies during my eight years in Holy Name: James Welby, Jimmy Bradley, George Mondarelli? not sure of spelling, (Mrs. Beck should have hit me more with the ruler in spelling class), Phil Cafarro, John Ryan, James Foley, Grant, Kitson, Casey, Lyons, Boyle, Waldron, Taplan, John McLoughlin,Brother Michael, Sister Angela, Brother Thomas, Brother Victor, Brother Walter, Brother Christian, Fathe!
r Rafferty (who later was our Pastor at St. Fran.of Rome in the Bronx.)
Those were wonderful days and thanks to the great Sisters and Brothers and Teachers of Holy Name, I was able to have a wonderful full life. Four Daughters, eight Grandchildren and one Great Grandchild on the way.
1950 Muldoon Veronica

1950 Sullivan Oberlin John robnirene1@aol.com I'm retired, living in the desert and loving it. I volunteer at our local hospital and find many ways to keep busy. Hi to all.
1950 Swift Barrett Joan joanbarrett@optonline.net Retired public elementary school teacher-Taught at PS 163 Manhattan, right across the street from Holy Name, for nine years, was an at-home mom for 14 years, resumed teaching in NJ until my retirement in 1998.
Wife of Joe Barrett, a research physicist, Fordham grad, also retired from Honeywell Corp., Morristown, NJ
Mother of Nan who lives in New Canaan, Conn. and Joe Jr. who lives in Manhattan
Live in NJ but frequently come to city. Met Catherine Hayes Farrell a classmate from Holy Name at the St. Patrick's Day parade this year! I remember Holy Name's teachers, some of whom were very strict, who gave me an excellent basic education and religious values that sustained me in life. I especially appreciate the great priests, like Frs. Raftery, Richard and Jim Connelly who organized CYO, Friday night dances, the Soiree, summer day camp, the Sodality for the teenagers. They served us so well. I think they loved us and really tried to give us a healthy and fun filled social life. I hope to see some of the old gang at the reunion.
1950 Welby James

1951 Ahern Reynolds Maureen hreynol1@stny.rr.com After graduating from Holy Name I went to Blessed Sacrament HS and St. Clare's nursing school.I married Hugh(Jack)Reynolds in 1959.We have four children and eight grandchildren.We moved to Elmira and then to Binghamton,N.Y.Jack&I owned & managed several food equipment business's in upstate New York & Penn.for 30yrs.Now retired and enjoying life.Have fond memories of Holy Name & looking forward to the reunion.
1951 Barry James

1951 Briscoe Patricia Pat.Briscoe@MSDK-12.net I married Tommy in May of '63 and moved out to NJ. We have four children, three daughters and one son. Tommy has retired and is enjoying it. I still work in a school (school secretary) and help out at an Irish Gift shop. Love to travel to San Francisco to vitit out daughter and I have been running trips to Ireland for the last 10 years and love that also.
Some of my fond memories of Holy Name are meeting at Iches (a former friend and I tried to figure out the spelling), coffee at Rands, watching \"Keys of the Kingdom\", May crowning on the roof and taking pictures on the corner of the church.
1951 Canning-Price Kathleen j.price@cox.net
1951 Carolan Kay

1951 Convery Bernard

1951 Conwell Patricia KIennedy

1951 Coor Henry

1951 Culloty Mike mjculloty@comcast.net I'm retired. Spent 20 years in the military with two tours in Vietnam. Last assignment was at the Pentagon so my wife and I decided to stay in the D.C. area. Got a BA from USC in Columbia, SC and a MA from American University in D.C. After the military worked for Library of Congress and then Defense Intelligence Agency as an analyst. Family is all here with us and we're enjoying retirement.
1951 Cummings Sr. Martha mcummings@opblauvelt.org
1951 DeBobes Richard mdbrdb@aol.com I am presently the Democratic Staff Director for the Senate Armed Services Committee. I spent 26 years in the U.S. Navy as a judge advocate (military lawyer) before joining the Committee staff in 1989. My wife, nee Margaret McCue, who also grew up in Holy Name
parish but didn't attend Holy Name School, and I have two adult children. They are both married and have children of their own.
1951 Devins Stroff Sally abaj@rcn.com Graduate and former teacher. Not as yet on line. Contact through the e-mail address listed.
1951 Fusco John
Retired from the Los Angeles Times,Palm Springs Office. Street sales Supervisor. Brother Tom retired from Wall Street firm after 9-11. Sister Phyllis living in New Jersey surrounded by 11 grandchildren. Are there any guys from my class who are out of prison yet? See you at the dinner!
I am a retired federal civil servant. I have one son and three grandchildren. I do parttime mystery shopping and take online writing courses. Most of my time is spent babysitting and playing with my grandchildren. I would like to add, that thanks to the fabulous education I received at Holy Name, I was very successful and appreciated with my employment. When I retired, I received the highest service medal given to civilians. Maryann Bernadette Galligan, Class of 1951 If anyone is interested, my sister Edna Galligan, Class of 1949, passed away October 12, 2000. She was the mother of five beautiful children and married over 40 years.
1951 Kinsella O Neil Eileen epko65@aol.com I became a nurse and have enjoyed a number of roles throughout my career. I'm presently The Chief Nursing Officer at Elmhurst Hospital. I've essentially always lived in the city. We alo have a summer house on Fire Island. My husband, Jack, retired some years ago due to a disability. I occasionally get to the old neighborhood and am looking forward to the reunion.
1951 MacDonald Connie
Hi everybody, living in california, love it. would love to hear from anyone from the old neighborhood. my sister Georgette is living in Tampa, Fla. and my other sister marylou also lives in Calif.
1951 Mahody Foley Patricia Jpfoley01@msn.com Hi everyone, it's great to read the notes and catch up with some old friends. I lived on 97th Street and listened to Jay and Ed Duffy practice drums and bagpipes on the roof of their building. I married Jim Foley from 96th Street in 1960. We have three daughters and four grandchildren who are all the world to us. We live in New Jersey and after successful careers in business are contemplating retirement. My brother Jack was also an alumni of Holy Name. He married a wonderful girl,Mary Jo Leahy, from Halifax and they had two sons. Jack and Billy. My brother Jack died in 1992. Mary Jo now enjoys her two grandchildren and we stay close via email.
1951 McSweeney Long Irene RobnIrene1@aol.com I'm retired and enjoying myself with various things to keep me out of trouble!!
1951 Ramos Dolores

1951 Rooney Theresa

1951 Sheridan Michael
I am retired from the Port authority of ny&nj.My last job for them was as a general operations supervisor until may 22 1993 at the World Trade Center.I am in contact with many friend&family from HNS
1952 Brennan Joe Joebump1@aol.com Hi Joe Brennan here, after reading some of the updates of other people I had to write, as Brother Thomas would remember, I never wrote anything long, if he wanted 500 words I may have wrote 501, always counting them. Also hope you have spell check on this site. Vi (Ryan) from 102 nd Street, got married back in 1957, have 4 childrem, 3 girls, 1 boy (always could add)..we have been blessed with 7 gradchildren, and hope for more,after graduating from Holy Name in 1952,went to La Salle Acadeny for 1 year,hahahahaha. told my Mom & Dad I be better off getting a degree in electronics, trf. to Textile (Charles Evan Hughes)did grauate, just about..then into the Navy, was working at The New York Timesat the time, retired from the Times in 11/95. after 40 years, you don't see to much of that today, staying at one job for that long. I went out of the job on a disability, Heart Problem, lived on Long Island, East Norhtport, until 7/01, Vi wanted to be where the you!
ng grandchild would be, so we moved to Cary, North Carolina, about 10 miles from Raleigh, since we have moved down here 3 grandchildren have been born, and all down here,cant beat that, do we misss New York..YES. do we like North Carolina..YES. I don't know if there 500 words here, but thats it, love to all you guys & gals, tally-ho for now.
1952 Chickory Frank PICCOLINA39@BELLSOUTH.NET Graduated from Holy Name in 1952 Served in USN from 55-58.NYCPD from, 1961 -1981. Graduated from Hunter/Bellevue with a BSN in nursing. Grad. from NYIT with a BSN in Criminal Justice. After retiring from the PD, I spent 15 years in hospital security as a Director of Security and/or an assistant director. Worked at Montefiore Med. Ctr, Long Island College Hospital. Flushing Medical center, and retired from N.Y.U Medical Center in 1998.
Some of my fondest thoughts are of Holy Name and the Old Neighborhood.
I remember the Riverside & Riviera, Itchys, Slumbums, Carlton movie theatre, Thalia, Stoddard,Loews 83rd, Brogans, stickball on sunday afternoons,stoop ball,ring-a-lerio, my mothers nylon stocking for Halloween,rolled up newspaper for a football, life magazine for shin guards, carefully picking out the "best" spalding for 25 cents, egg creams friday night dances at HN, Hook & Ladder 22, Miss Gote, Sister Thomas, Broters Michael,Victor, Anthony, Thomas. Fathers Richard, Raftery,Higgins, Bradley,Snee, Damn, Slim the beat cop. The Bluefront, Hanrattys, Screens, Quinlivans, O'Neills, sunday softball games, Hansons bakery, Nedicks, Kellys horse stable in 98th st,hitching on the buses and trolleys, air raid sirens, ducking under the desk for bomb attack drills, Dans shoe shine stand, just to name a few. What a grand time and era for all of us.
1952 Conwell Charles
Retired from NY Police Deptartment and Daily News
1952 Corbett Patricia

1952 Dillon Patricia dillonpat41@yahoo.com
1952 Duffy Marie

1952 Eagan Sr. Margaret

1952 Flanagan Edward

1952 Keefe Martin MartyKeefe@AOL.COM Looking forward to \"coming home\" to Holy Name after all these years and, in particular, to reconnnecting with my fellow alumni from the class of 1952. (Note to Joey Brennan: You still have to work on your 500-word essay!!!)
1952 Luge (Catalano) Robin Ann crtweety101@optonline.net After leaving 101st St.,we moved to Riverdale in 1955. I married in 1957 and have two daughters. Ones a Dental Hygenist in Rockland Co. and the other is a musician and working on the TV show "Third Watch"andlives in Manhattan. I got my degree in Nursing and worked in many specialities and capacities . I just retired from Montefiore Hospital(Bx)and love it. I have four Grandchildren and plan on moving to Maine with the rest of my family. I always think of Holy Name and the old neighborhoo. CYO dances, May Procession on the roof, Handball at lunchtime on the boys side,and the girls all going goo-goo over brother Austin at 3 o'clock.This generation will never have our memories.
1952 Mulvihill Coogan Eileen


1953 Carey Galvin Elizabeth betty1209@earthlink.net
1953 Chickory Ann Higgins AMCBULLY@BELLSOUTH.NET Hi: It is wonderful to see familar names that I grew up with. I lived first at 98th street then 96th street across from Holy Name Church. I married Frank Chickory in 1961 and had our son, Anthony, christen in 1962.
1953 Federici-Fontana Emily

1953 Ferrero Paul paulferrero@hotmail.com I was the director of the center, still playing golf every day i can.
1953 Forbes Beatrice McCue RNanabea317@aol.com
1953 Griffin Carol McCue mfarrell73@aol.com Retired and enjoying my life!!!!!
1953 Mahoney Hennessy Maureen chennessy1018@aol.com Working as a paraprofessional in the New York City Schools Systems with special ed children. Mother of five, grandmother of ten. Still living happily ever after with Dave Hennessy, husband of 44 years.
1953 McElhennon (Padden) Anna Mary

1953 McGloin Mary

1953 McGowan Francis

1953 McGowan Bond Mary NYLDY@webtv.net Married for some 30 years -- stepmother of one and grandmother of two. Retired from R&D Company.Despite living in Virginia for 3 decades -- I have not acquired a southern accent. Look forward to seeing HN and fellow classmates.
1953 McSweeney Evelyn Haggerty ems11618@aol.com
1953 Modaffari Carolyn

1953 Moroney Moran Anna Mary sixtyrocker@verizon.net The mother of three boys and one girl and now grandmother to 3 girls and 3 boys from age 27 to 8...finally attended college at the age of 39 graduated
from The College of Staten Island with a degree in Economics...Retired from
the Bank of New York in June 2001 after 30 years in the industry. I have been teaching Religion at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church here in Whiting for the last four years and received my catechist certification last year from the Diocese of Trenton
1953 O Keefe Anne anneokeeffe61@hotmail.com
1953 Quinn, o.f.m. Brother John jqofm@aol.com The Lord bless you and all at Holy Name with Peace. I was only in the first grade at Holy Name, 1952 or 1953. However, my whole family graduated from this wonderful school.

I used to attend the Brother's Boys Dinner every year with my father, John Joseph Quinn. I was a BBBA (Brothers Boy By Association in this regard).

My late brother Daniel J. Quinn graduated as well as a sister Alice Quinn O'Reilly and an uncle, the late Rev. Daniel Ignatius Quinn and lastly an aunt, the late Catherine Virginia Quinn.

I look forward to the celebration in 2005. God bless you all especially you wonderful teaching men, the Christian Brothers of St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle.

Peace and all good,
Br. John E. Quinn,ofm
St. Anthony Friary
Most Holy Name of Jesus Province
1953 Relihan Juliette Leonard jrelihan47@yahoo.com I was one of seven Leonard's from Amsterdam Avenue who graduated from Holy Name. My older brother, Richard and youngest sister, Annmarie have already registered. My twin brother, Edward, younger brother, John, as well as my sisters Maureen and Joan have yet to do so. Memories of Holy Name are wonderful ones! Caring faculty, nurturing priests, and the work of Paul Ferrara at the Holy Name Center made growing up in the city a great experience. I still stay connected to some members of my class of "53 and I attended several Holy Name reunions over the years which allowed me to reconnect with those who were so widely dispersed by the urban renewal that changed the parrish as we knew it. I have been married to John for 36 years,and we have two wonderful children. Our daughter is married, has two children, and lives in Massachusetts, not too far from us here in Newport. Our son is a lawyer in NYC. Both have heard much about the joy I had growing up on the west side of Manhattan. After HN and Cathedral HS, I attended Fordham and became a grammar school teacher in NY and NJ. Now I am a university professor at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI who trains young people wanting to become teachers. It will be a wonderful experience to attend the 100th. My whole family is loking forward to it. I've enjoyed this website and have shared it with my students, as a model for them to develop for their classes when they begin to teach. Thank you for creating this venue for Holy Namers to reconnect!
1953 Sheridan-Crean Maureen fiveauburn@verizon.net I am currently living full time in Clearwater, Florida. I am widowed and the Mother of five children all grown up. I have 6 grandchildren.

I moved up to Washington Heights after graduating from Holy Name and most of my block West 97th Street was torn down. My daughter and her family lived at 115 West 96th Street after it was turned into condos. Imagine paying
thousands for a fifth floor walkup? I was up in Manhattan recently and went by the library on 100th street behind St. Michaels and was so sad to see it boarded up. Many a day I spent there reading. Would love to hear from old classmates.
1953 Welby John

1954 Carling James
I've spent my life making music as a singer/songwriter/keyboard player, with my first record coming out in 1959 and my last release (an album) in 1979. No hits, but I've had a lot of fun. I'm currently working on a CD of my newer material and hope to have it finished this year.
I've been happily married to Melanie, my 4th wife (gasp!) for over 22 years (finally found a keeper), and have 3 children & 3 grandchildren.

Since this is the 50th anniversary of my graduation, I'd love to hear from other 8-A (Brother Daniel's class) grads, especially Edward Rode & Luis Hernandez.
1954 Casey Denis

1954 Conwell Leo

1954 Devins Barbara abaj@rcn.com WOW is it really 50 years since graduation. When did we get so old!?! Rec'd call from long lost classmate in Florida inquiring about a 50th reunion! I'm in daily contact with one from our class and unfortunately only have a Christmas contact with another - that's three of us in NYC and I know of three more in Florida. Please spread the word and maybe we can have a mini reunion dinner. If anyone is interested, please give me a call and I'll try to round up the troops.
1954 Harman Donald dj.harman@verizon.net Graduated from Holy Name in 54. My sisters, Maureen Harman and Helen Murphy were also Holy Name grads.

Now retired after working for a number of years at MetLife in the Law Department. I remember Brother Austin, Fr. Bradley, Fr. Otal as well as a number of the teachers at Holy Name.
1954 Kelly William williamfkelly@netscape.net Retired from the real world and currently a College Professor. Married to Sarah O'Hare in 64 at Holy Name. Three children and nine grandchildren.
1954 Kieran Gerald mtkieran@optonline.net
1954 Reid Maureen

1954 Shannon Bill WSHA126725@aol.com RETIRED FROM N.Y.F.D.
1955 Carling Robert carling@lehman.cuny.edu Teach in Department of English, Lehman College, City University of New York, Bronx, NY 10468 (since 1968)
Married to Amelia Lau Carling (1982)
Two daughters, Laura Sulin, junior at University of Chicago, and Ana Meili, entering Hastings high School, Hastings-on Hudson
Note: in the early 1950's there were five Carling brothers at Holy Name School: James, Robert, Richard, Paul & Francis
1955 Chickory Robert twohicks@optonline.net Currently working for an Architect and Engineer firm.
1955 Foley Msgr. William STAUG@OPTONLINE.NET
1955 Hayes Marjorie mahayes@vnsny.org Isn't the Internet a great invention?
I recently met Mary Padden at a Blessed Sacrament HS get together and she told me about the Holy Name reunion.
My brothers Jerry and John and sister Catherine also went to Holy Name.
Hope to see you in May.
1955 Oles Joe sftyjoe@aol.com What a great site! It certaialy joggled our memories.I'm from the class of 1955,my wife Betty (Elizabeth Farrell)from 1956.After Holy Name I went to Chelsea Voc.HS,then into the US NAVY.I'm now driving a school bus in Queens & getting ready to retire.It's nice to know that the school has kept up with the times & has so much to offer for the youngsters preparing for the outside world.I'm also a partner in a small bussiness in Queens.Feel free to visit our website anytime at www.jdsafetyfirst.com
1955 Pufahl Mary Eileen eileenpufahl@hotmail.com
1955 Sexton James

1955 Smith Joan

1956 Cray Phillip mcray52@bellsouth.net
1956 Farrell - Oles Elizabeth sftyjoe@aol.com I have many memories of my Holy Name days. Married Joe Oles class of 1955.I'm now a homemaker after many years in the business world.We live in Queens and have two children ,Joseph & Jennifier. If anybody has contact with or knows the whereabouts of Carmen Ramirez class of 1957 please contact me at this e-mail address.Hope to hear from one & all.
1956 Garcia Cesar

1956 Kieran Magda mtkieran@optonline.net
1956 Koppel Richard richmkopp@optonline.net After graduation from high school I persued a career on Wall Street and retired after 38 years in March 1998.I got married in 1977 and have a beautiful wife and two lovely daughter's who are school teachers in Rockland County. Would like to hear from anyone who recognizes or remembers me. My sister Mary was a graduate, class of 1957.
1956 Larkin Mello Barbara brandy20@ptd.net I am not on line at the moment but hope to be soon so you can be old fasion and write. Barbar Larkin Mello 106 Warmar Rd. Rouckersville Va. 22968. The e mail you have for me is my sister Mickey's she will forward
everything to me. It will be great to hear from those who spent there youth at Cathedral.

Your's Barbara Mello
1956 Maher John jfmaher@epix.net After graduation & a tour in the USAF, I fell into the computer field and I am still at it. Been living in California for the past 30 years and now am in the process of moving back to eastern Pennsylvania to be nearer my daughter and grandkids.
1956 Murphy Bowman Philomena megatcaryn@aol.com Teaching here in sunny California.
1957 Barraza Charles pcbarraza@yahoo.com Graduated in 1957 and the teacher was Brother Patrick. Went to Charles Evans Hughes High School. Spent most of my working career in the insurance industry except for a brief stint at American Airlines where I was a passenger service supervisor at JFK. I am certain that at some point in time I told some Holy Name alumni that they were late for their flight and would have to stand by for a future flight. Took up skydiving after seeing a show on TV. Eventually became an instructor. After 850 jumps decided to get a pilots license. Did that for awhile and this past summer after a layoff of 15 years I returned to skydiving. If anyone ever gets to Monmouth Airport in New Jersey please look me up at the the skydiving center. I am married living in Staten Island with 4 very spoiled cats. Quite a few times I have driven past Holy Name and it always stirs up fond memories. My mother and sister were also graduates of Holy Name.
1957 Carcel Manuel Mc4436@aol.com Going to Holy Name was the best thing that ever happened to me and my sister who graduated in 1958.I have very found memories of the Day Camp as a camper an later as a counselor. Those were the best of times for everybody in the greatest neighborhood in the world anybody could have ever grown up. Could you please mail me an invitation for the anniversary
1957 Conwell James
I am getting ready to retire.
1957 Diaz Luis lbdiaz1@aol.com I graduated from Aviation High School 1961. Served in the Marine Corp. for 5 years. Alumni of NY Institute of Technology 1977. Worked at Pan Am (JFK). Currently with Delta Airlines Technical Operations in Atlanta. I officiate the following sports at the NCAA level: Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball. I also officiate football & Soccer at the High School level.
1957 Fitzgerald-Chicory Gail twohicks@opotnline.net Currently working for Empire BC/BS as a Nurse/Case Manager.
1957 Gonzalez Fernando L. discofile@clf.rr.com I remember Holy Name very well. Across the street was the East River Savings Bank. The Holy name teacher was brother Amedy Patrick in the 8th grade. Graduated from Holy Name and went on to Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx. Served in the U. S. Navy. I was an Electronics Technician in the Navy. Went to work for several Electronics Companies: Bendix Corp - working as a QC inspector on the LEM project. Worked for Lockheed Aircraft at JFK Airport as a technician on the radar picket aircraft. That allowed me to work on one of the Presidential Aircraft. Long story. Went to work for ITT Federal Labs in Nutley, NJ. Finally worked for the Sperry Corp. as a computer systems Technician for over 20 years. In 1995, I started to work as a contractor. I recently retired as a contractor for New York State working as a Network Consultant. In 1972, became intersted in American R & R and R & B. Have written three books on American music. Currently working on a revised 3rd edition of a book called Disco-File. Have been a guest on many radio shows and one TV show. I moved to Florida because I had to give up a rough sport - shoveling snow. What ever happened to Martin Chen ? His mother was on the $64,000 question quiz show on the subject of baseball, I believe. He received a bicycle. He should have gotten a harley.
1957 Lozada Pedro pete123@prtc.net I was a student at Holy Name back in the middle fifties. Although I did not graduate there ,I still conserve my report cards from second grade and some promotion cards and Second Honor cards dating back to 1956. I also have a school picture of myself dressed in a white long sleeved shirt and a tie.

I remember the foto of the class room which appears in this web page. Who knows maybe I am one of the students there.
As far as i can remember my teacher was Mrs Dougherty, and Brother MIchael. I will send pictures and cards as soon as possible.
1957 Lozada Diaz Frank saman@coqui.net I am an ex-alumni
1957 McNiff James mcniffnel@verizon.net Went to Power Memorial work on wall st for merril lynch and dean witter drafted in army 1965.met my future wife at ft devens mass.married in 1967 had 3 sons all went to catholic grammar and high schools.now have 7 grandchildren.retire from bell atlantic .still think about the old days on 96 st.glad to see holy name is still productive.looking forward to being there for 100 years celebration.
1957 McNulty/McCue Genia mckegs@verizon.net
1957 O Hare Hugh T.

Retired from TWA after 38 years..read travel..run after 5 grandkids: 4boys and1 girl. Call me or e-mail me Let s do lunch...Hughie
1957 O Hare Chiffriller Mary Alice cchiffriller@yahoo.com
1957 Torres Luis jibaro66@att.net
Join USAF in 1959,retired in 1979(20).Spend 23 yrs.with
Digital Equipment Corp/Compaq Computers.Finally in
2002,retired for good.NO MAS!

Would like to know if there were more than one 8th class that graduated in 1957?
In the picture gallery there is a 8th grade(Brother Gabriel)graduating class
that I was either absent when the photo was taken or is another graduating class.I did graduated in 1957(8th.grade,Brother Gabriel)
I would appreciate any information you can provide regarding this inquiry.
After 52 years,trying to connect with former classmates.
Thank you for all your help,
Luis Torres
1958 Alba Cesar
After four years studing Psycology at diverse universities in Mexico, I came to California State University and specialized in Social Science. Besides the good academic dicipline instilled by the Christian Brothers, their helping to ground me in my Catholic faith has been been of great value to my development. Keep up the good work
1958 Baldini Carol Joecarol510@aol.com
1958 Bunker Hilda bunker.cookieandjim@gte.net I retired from the Anchorage School District where I worked as a School Secretary in 1999. I

I have many fond memories of my days at Holy Name which include the trips while attending Day Camp, the talent shows, our 8th Grade Dances under the watchful eyes of the Sisters and Brothers, singing Christmas Carols at the Bank across the street from Holy Name, movies in the auditorium and of course the Friday Night Dances.

I have stayed in touch with three of my girl friends from Holy Name but have often wondered what many of my other Holy Name friends have been up to. This
Alumni Website is a wonderful idea and I hope to be able to read more info on the Class of 1958 and other Alumni that I use to know during my days at Holy Name.
1958 Celentano McAleer Jo Ann joannmcaleer@msn.com I married Bill McAleer (St. Gregory's) and we have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I am presently the Exec. Assist to the President of P&O Ports North America located in Iselin, NJ. The Celentano Family had 5 children graduate from Holy Name. I have fond memories of the wonderful people who made up this wonderful parish and school - CYO Day Camp and Sports, the annual St. Patrick's Irish Shows, our Friday Night Dances to name a few! How lucky all of us are to have been a part of such a memorable parish.
1958 Darmody Driscoll Marianne
I received a B.A. from Queens College,and went on to work in public relations and fundraisng and development.

For six years, I was fortunate enough to work for a vatican agency dedicated to pastoral and humanitarian relief in the Middle East, Africa and India.

My sisters and I, have fond memories of Holy Name and of growing up on the upper west side. We look forward to seeing everyone at the re-union!
1958 Flanagan Elizabeth

1958 Gordon Kevin kgordon10@cox.net
1958 Halloran Dobert Maureen mdober4303@earthlink.net I am living in Sacramento Ca for the past 21 years. Have 2 sons and 2 grandsons. Oh how I remember the wonderful times at HNS. Day camp every summer, bus rides, songs like 100 Bottles of Bear on the Wall. We played in Central Park till all hours. Dances on Friday nights. Remember we could not go to the Symphony movie house, because they showed "condemmed movies" (95th and Broadway)I too loved Cushmans Bakery, but does any one remember the French bakery called "Andre's" on 96th st between Columbus and Central Park W. They had the best 7 layer cake which they sold by the slice. Hope to see everyone in May
1958 Hayes Sweeney Patricia Tompat123@aol.com I graduated from Cathedral HS in 1962. My husband and I are retired and spend much of the year in our RV, we have a 37' fifth wheel trailer. We spend three months in Florida in the winter and the summers in Connecticut where we have a seasonal site. While we are in the North we make frequent visits to our home on Long Island so we can visit our children and grandchildren. We are making a trip to Texas this April and will most likely not be back in time to attend the reunion. I am in touch with a couple of the alumni who will be going and look forward to hearing about it from them.
1958 Kelly Sarah williamfkelly@netscape.net
1958 Martin Catherine

1958 O Hare Kelly Sarah williamfkelly@netscape.net Married Bill Kelly also from Holy Name in April, 1964. Three Children and nine Grand Children. Sister of Mary Alice O'Hare Chiffriller, and Peter O'Hare.
1958 Pariso Florence Flj7479@aol.com I am married and have 6 grandchildred. My Husband is Joseph Ronessi and we are both retired and enjoying our grandchildren.

I am retired from Citibank. My job was traveling to the Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, and Long Island Branches to promote car loans.

I had fond memories of Holy Name's CYO summer day camp and also their Friday night dances. I have met some wonderful people. I also stayed in contact with three of them which we stayed very good friends throughout the years.
1958 Reynolds Matthew reynolds.family@cox.net I graduated from Holy Name in 1958, attended Cathedral and St. Joseph s seminaries for 7 years, and then Manhattan College. I then moved to Washington D.C. where I was a Navy civilian systems engineer for over 3 decades. For the last three years, I have been an independent consultant. I married in 1985 and have a 13 yr old daughter and 12 yr old son. Not too many 58 grads can claim THAT distinction! I have great memories of Holy Name: the parish priests, the Christian Brothers, many close neighborhood friends and school mates. I was a Day Camper, and eventually camp counselor and even Director (I hated it when we lost kids on the trips to Rockaway only kidding!!). What an incredible school and parish to grow-up in! Friendships and experiences to last a lifetime! Lifelong memories and friends.
1958 Reynolds Matthew

1959 Beata Nuzzi Madeleine

1959 Bianchi Margaret mbianchi456@yahoo.com After graduating I attended Blessed Sacrament High School and later graduated from Fordham University. I work on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at a community organization for seniors and live in Westchester.
I am an active participant in New York City's cultural life.
1959 Boynton Charles boyntonc@bellsouth.net I attended Holy Name until 1959 when my father died and my mother was hospitalized. I've been in the computer field and financial industry most of my life. Currently I'm a database administrator for Merrill Lynch.
1959 Carling Francis fcarling@ccmlaw.com I did not actually graduate from Holy Name, because we moved in 1955, just after I started Fifth Grade. Subsequently, I graduated from Cardinal Hayes High School, Fordham College, and Yale Law School. For many years I have been a specialist in labor and employment law in Manhattan, and now have my own firm in midtown.
1959 Carling Rev. Paul Joseph paul.carling@att.net After attending Cardinal Hayes High School (graduated in 1963) I entered the Jesuit seminary for a year, then went on to a career as a psychologist, graduating with a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1977. After a successful career as a psychotherapist, professor at Boston University, the University of Vermont, and Trinity College of Vermont, I was ordained an Episcopal priest in 2000. I have serevd as Associate Rector at St. Michael's in Brattleboro, VT, and am currently Associate Rector at St. Luke's in Darien, CT, the largest parish in CT, where I am responsible for pastoral care, children's ministries and Christian formation. I am married to Cherise Rowan, who is a neonatologist further specializing in pediatric cardiology at Columbia-Cornell, and have two sons (Oliver, who teaches philosophy at the University of Vermont and is finishing his Ph.D. at Harvard, and Nathaniel, who attended Earlham College and the University of Cincinatt!
i Conservatory (choral conducting) who currently lives in the Chicago area. We have two grandchildren, Ira (1) and Arden (4) who are the apples of our eyes. We are blessed with a wonderfuil life.
1959 Foley Brady Kathleen bkbrady@optonline.net Hi Brother Grieco, I graduated in 1959 - the year Bishop Donahue celebrated his Silver Jubilee as an Auxiliary Bishop. To observe this special occasion our Graduation was held in the School Auditorium. The Foley Family had 4 children all of whom graduated from HNS. Tim '52 (passed away in 1988) and Don '55 (passed away in 1996) and Patrick (Brendan) '63. Holy Name parish brings back many fond memories; the CYO Girls' Basketball Team(the great volunteers who taught us how to play), the Day Camp (we had the best counselors)with our bus trips to Lake Sebago and Rockaway-remember Curleys Lockers and the Penny Arcade at 116th St., the annual parish Boat Ride to Bear Mt. which ended camp every summer, the St. Patrick's Shows and Prof. McDermott trying to teach us all the Irish songs!! Looking forward to the 100th Anniversary Celebration!!!
1959 Kelly O Keefe Barbara B34OK@aol.com
1959 Oles Stephen oles40@numail.org Lived on 100 st and Amsterdam Ave. After graduation from HNS, spent two yrs at Aviation HS in Queens. Then moved up state to Corning NY, graduated from Corning Northside HS in 1963. Joined the Air Force in November of 63 with duty as a munitions specialist. Stationed in Florida, California and Okinawa. After discharge from USAF, became a Deputy Sheriff in Schuyler County (Watkins Glenn) NY. Also played lead guitar in a few Country/RR bands. Decided to go back in service. Joined the US Army. Retired as a Master Sergeant in March 1994. Went back to work as a civilian Contractor for the Army at Fort Gillem, GA, supporting Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Retired again in 2007. Married to wife Laura (so far, 43 years). Two children. Daugher Maureen, son-in-law and two grandsons stationed in Lima, Peru with the US Embasy. Son Stephen and one grandson living in New Hampshire. Presently living in Georgia, near Atlanta (no snow) and enjoying full retirement(!
Winebago and all). Remember most of all, Brother Paul and Brother Patrick. Believe it or not, used to take smoke breaks in the court yard in 8th grade. Visited NYC in 2006. Every thing but the School, Church and pizza has changed. Those were the days!
1960 Abbott John johnabbott22@aol.com
1960 Abbott Granshaw Mary

1960 Bruno Earnest iverom@msn.com Federal Employee, and interested in learning when the next Class Reunion will take place and where wiil it be held.
1960 Ferguson George Patsyb0049@bellsouth.net Actually I am registering for my Brother George, He passed away July 19, 2001. I myself Patricia Jean Ferguson (Boylan) attended Holy Name until 1962. Our Parents Thomas & Veronica Ferguson moved us to Rockaway Beach where I then attended St. Camillus RC school. My Brother George became a NYC Police Officer, until his retirment. I am interested in locating any of my Brother's classmates, also my classmates. My Parents ran the Boy Scouts out of Holy Name during the time we attended. We lived directly across Amsterdam Ave. We could see the Church & School from our front windows, which at that time was a 3 story walk up Brownstone Bldg. My Husband & I are now living in Florida. Our 3 daughters & our 7 Grandchildren live near us. We moved to Florida 10 yrs ago. Love it here. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of my old school, it brought back many memories.

Patricia Ferguson Boylan
1960 Garcia Ernest

1960 Weissmann Jerry certainly123@aol.com A terrific wife and two terrific sons. Career in database marketing. Play oldies/blues/boogie woogie piano (you can hear it at www.jwdirect.net/piano).Waiting for more Class Of 60 pics and info.

1961 Duffy Margaret mmduffy@mindspring.com Employed by a major insurance company (not an agent). Also, have a side business in jewelry design. Active in my parish.
1961 Fitzpatrick Barbara Fittzz1@aol.com Taught at HN after college in 1972-stayed until I could not pay my bills anymore-after working 3 jobs a day. HN was the most rewarding teaching position of my life......but I just had no family support and had to find a more lucrative way of life. I worked at Spofford-made more money but nothing ever make me happier than HN. Then I worked in a secure setting of offenders Upstate around New Paltz Finally wound up at the Dept of Ed as a Reading Specialist--where I recently retired 2 years ago. I reside in Flushing NY Fittzz1@aOl.com I am happily retired but would welcome any of my old friends to visit.
1961 Gibson Pratt Dolores pratt_f@msn.com
1961 Gimino Virgilio Msc70@aol.com I graduated in 1961. I have a tremendous amount of memories of the years spent in this school. My whole family went to this school. I still remember their pictures hanging on the walls outside of our classrooms. My name is:

Virgilio G. Gimino

Brother David
Brother Gabriel
Brother Martin
Mrs Friel
Mrs Slattery
Sister Bernard
I owe a lot to each of them. Especially Brother David, who taught me never to give up in the face of adversity.

I will always remember my friends. Ann Marie Leonard, Patsy lee, Jimmy Barnet, Bill Quinlivin, Paul smith, Ray Suarez, and many more.

After graduation, I attended LaSalle Academy, and graduated from St. Josephs High school in West New york, New Jersey, graduated in 1965. I then attended Fordham University and graduated in 1970. I served in the Military for 5 years(25th Infantary Division). I have three children and I am presently living in New Windsor, New York.


Virgilio Gimino


It has been a long time, since I have spoken to anyone from our Grammar School. I have so many memories of growing up in our neighborhood and attending Holy Name school. The whole experience has placed a lasting mark on me which I have never forgotten. The principles which were taught and experienced enabled me to proceede through the good times and the bad. I can't thank the Brothers, Sisters and lay teachers enough for their caring and guidence. Their was Sister Bernard, Miss Dorothy, Miss Slattery, Miss Friel, Brother Gabriel, Brother Francis, Brother Michael, Brother Raymond and Brother David, without whose help I would never have been accepted into LaSalle Academy. All were enormous examples for me. I also had wonderful classmates who I remember to this day. There are so many things I want to say and a book will not suffice. I will have to end this now.
1961 Harvin Sandra cierramax@aol.com I am a retired Programmer Analyst, worked at Empire Insurance Group for 27 years. Presently working in a second career as a Flight Attendant for Spirit Airlines. I have been working there for 4 years.

My three children graduated from Holy Name. My grandson Max Davis is presently attending the school.
1961 Lambert Patricia pettilambert@prodigy.net I graduated from Holy Name in 1961. I went to Ladycliff College and graduated in 1969. I married a West Point cadet and have lived all over the world. I have two wonderful children and two grandsons! I am currently finishing a masters in special education. I have many fond memories of my years at Holy Name and the students.
1961 Mason Kathleen

1961 McNulty Kevin irishpeats@netscape.net
1961 Murphy Christopher J. cjpmurphy@gmail.com I have very fond memories of Holy Name. Back then I always wanted to be older. Today just the opposite. Whenever I'm in the vIcinity of Holy Name, I take time to see how many things have changed. It's hard to believe The East River Savings Bank is now a Drug Store. I always loved the train set up there at Christmas. Speaking of trains I retired from MTA-NYC-Transit where I worked as a Labor Relations Hearing Officer. I am married to Joanne Imperiale Murphy. I have been to The Cardinal Hayes Web Site, but I never realized this existed, until my brother Richard found out from Irene (Mc Kenna) O'Sullivan. I saw many familiar names on the Web Site. Hope all are well.
1961 O Bradovich Tamara tamaraob@optonline.net Greetings to all of my fellow Holy Namers!
I live with my husband of 27 years in nearby Tuckahoe, NY. We have one son who is graduating from the Purchase College Conservatory of Music this year. Professor MacDermott would be very proud of him.

After years of working in publishing, editing and producing other people's work, I decided to officially become a writer myself. Much of my recent time has been devoted to writing a collection of stories entitled, \"The Ghosts of Goat Hill\". Some of you may know that Holy Name Church is built on Goat Hill. My stories have much to do with Holy Name School and Day Camp. I confess that some are irreverent (those of you who remember me may not be surprised), but all are a reflection of my heartfelt affection for those times in my life.

It is abundantly clear (so many directory entries!) that we share many fond childhood memories. How wonderful to read some of them on this site. Even more wonderful is the prospect of seeing some of you in May.

In the meantime, I would welcome emails from you.
1962 Binniker James jbinniker@msn.com Congratulations to Holy Name on its 100th Anniversary. After graduation in 1962 I was off to Cardinal Spellman HS where I excelled so much I was asked to leave after freshman year and ultimately graduated from Theodore Roosevelt HS in the Bronx in 1966. AFter working in the city, I enlisted in the AF in 1968 for 4 years. Well I stayed a little longer and retired from the AF in 1993 after almost 25 years. During that time, I was blessed with a commission in the AF in 1979. We finally landed in Virginia (Langley AFB) where my wife Cathy and I reside. I'm currently working as a consultant to the USAF. Oldest son James is a Lt in the USCG, daughter Rita works locally for Nextel, and after college son Brian headed to NYC as works as a manager at Chelsea Brewery at Chelsea Piers - so if you're ever there, tell him Dad sent you. Have been very fortunate to stay in contact with my best buddy, Kevin McNulty (Holy Name '61). Also met Mickey Larkin on Classmates who told me about the reun
ion - thanks Mick. Arnaldo -- we'll be in touch. Best wishes and God's blessing on all of you.
1962 Bracero Edward ebracero@banyanair.com I have lived in South Florida for the past 27 years and work in corporate aviation. I remember all the good time at Holy Name and feel fortunate for them. My sister Carmen who graduated a year before me (1961) lives in Red Bank New Jersey and has 3 Children, I have 5 children. If there is ever a reunion we would both attend.
I look forward to communicating with old friends.

1962 Buckley Robert

1962 Cahill Kevin schemo@optonline.net Attended Cardinal Hayes from 1963-1966 and joined the New York Times after graduation and still there in the financial area. Married to Patsy Lee (Cahill) Holy Name 1963. My aunt Mary Murphy was the school secretary for about 30 years untill the late 80's. Would like to get an email for Gil Suarez, Louie Rodriguez or anybody else from the 62 or 63 graduating classes.
1962 Castillo Myrna
I am a counselor working at a youth center.
1962 Flanagan Kevin

1962 Gibson Charlotte nwycharlotte@aol.com Greetings to all, After Holy Name I attended Mabledean Bacon High School, Bronx Community,Lehman College and on to the real working world.

Today I am a retiree from St.Luke's Roosevelt hospital after giving 32 years of service. Have enjoyed the single life and still waiting to settle down with that special someone. I am the proud aunt of 8 nieces and nephews who are all over the U.S. and I enjoy visiting.

Have seen numerous changes at Holy Name over the years, yet some things will never change. Planning on returning to college to advance myself in the computer technolgy so I may keep up with the modern world.

Hope all is well, looking forward to seeing your great faces.
1962 Huller Charles chuck@spqrfineart.com
1962 Kitson Robert Bob.Kitson@faa.gov
1962 Larkin Russo Micky brandy20@ptd.net I graduated from Cathedral High in 1966 and worked in restaurant management

Till i married Mike russo in 1980. Moved to E. Stroudsburg Pa. in 1985 and have lived here ever since. I am trying to find Peggy Cahill who married
Billy Caphart If any one has info plase get in touch. I lived on 98th between amsterdam & broadway, I have two sister's Barbara & Kathy. Kathy passed away in 2002 she is missed.
1962 Lauer Marilynn mpagan@powerconceptsllc.com Well I should have graduated in 1962, I moved to Queens before the 4th grade. I was looking at the pictures of the older graduates & I saw one of my sisters, class of 1945 Amelia Lauer. Then I passed over a few others and saw a girl who lived across the street from me on 101st St I lived at 3 West. I believe she was at 10 or 12. I know her mom's name was Ann and her Dad Procolo.(class of 1964) Linda Bautista, I did not see her e mail listed so if you can get in touch with her and give her my e mail address it would be ok. I do remember back then that I had lunch in school and the tomato soup was to die for...What a trip seeing the school pictures thank you for any help you can offer.
1962 Lavelle John lavellj@assembly.state.ny.us I am serving in my fifth year in the New York State Assembly, representing the 61st A.D., or the North shore of Staten Island. I retain so many great memories of Holy Name. I was in the eight grade, when my parents (both Holy Name graduates) moved to Staten Island, but I refused to transfer to a local school and commuted an hour and a half in each direction to graduate with my class. I still remember Brother Clement giving out report cards and saying, \" Remember good, better , best, Never take a rest, Until; the good gets better and the better gets best \". Over the years the only classmates that I still have contact is Kevin Flanagan and Jean Cisco. I would love to see or hear from former classmates such as Bobby Kitson, Tommy Reynolds, Jimmy Galligan, Tommy Healey, Bobby Caulfield. I will certainly try to make this reunion.
1962 Lopez-Guzman Evelyn evelyn614@msn.com Hi I graduated in '62; I loved my years at Holy Name and still keep in touch with Pauline Yuen (a computer expert) and with Bernice Lugo (large scale real estate manager). I went onto Washington Irving HS to pursue and art academic education there. Afterward went onto Hunter College and received BA in Education and in Fine Arts. I continued and received my Masters in Fine Arts there as well plus many courses at Pratt and at NYU. I have worked in the field of Human Resources as a Manager, recruiter and immigration specialist.
I also continued my career in the arts and was one of the first PR women in NY to exhibit in SoHo. I paint under the name of Evelyn Lopez de Guzman. I have been married since 1972 to a wonderful man, Carlos (Charlie). We have been living in Northern VA for the past 24 years and love it here. We have 2 lovely accomplished daughters. My oldest is a pediatric dentist who graduated from Harvard and my youngest has 2 degrees and has now found her passion as a labor and delivery RN. I have 2 beautiful grandchildren. One is 11 and the other is 2 weeks old. I visit NY occasionally to visit friends/family on the LI and upstate. My sister Brunilda Lopez and Joseph A.Lopez also attended Holy Name and live in NY. (upstate and in LI)
I would love to hear from old classmates. Would love to attend a class reunion. Let's get Father Bradley to organize it!!!! I love getting his XMAS letters each year.
1962 Ramos-Tirado Nellie MrMr269@AOL.COM Right now I am a full time foster mother for the past 12 years and it is a rewarding job as I care for children between the ages of 0 to 10 years.
1962 Reynolds Tom taxtomct@aol.com After graduating from Holy Name, I attended Cardinal Spellman High School and Manhattan College, where I received a B.S. degree in Economics. Went on to NYU for a Masters degree in Accounting. Have lived in Ridgefield, Connecticut since 1976 (about an hour north of Holy Name). Married to Susan, a Connecticut Superior Court Judge. Two grown daughters, ages 30 and 34.
I'm a partner in Reynolds & Rowella, a mid-size CPA Firm in Ridgefield. I also serve as Chairman of the State Board of Accountancy, which is an appointment by our Governor.
I have many fond memories of life in Holy Name Parish. I attribute many of the skills I have today to the quality education I received at Holy Name School. I look forward to seeing my old friends and classmates, and sharing in this celebration of a great school and a memorable place in time!
1962 Villafuerte Arnold arnoldo.villafuerte@dhl.com I graduated in June of 1962, attended Bishop Dubois HS, elected President, on to CCNY a BA in English Literature 1971 and took an MBA
from Columbia University. Worked for JP Morgan in International Banking prior to comming top El Salvador, Central America where I reside with my wife of 32 years!

I live overseas in El Salvador, the Country of my parents birth and have been successful in business.

I keep an apartment in NYC where one of my two daughters live, and I go to mass at Holy Name when I pop into town.

Congratulations to the School for a job very well done. I have very fond memories of our School, and of the good brothers and sisters who educated us

I would like to somehow get in touch with my classmates, such as Kevin Flanagan, Pepe Aparicio, Louis Rodriguez, Paul Rogers and James Binicker and Dennis Carney.

In future letters I will e mail old pictures I have and remeber fondly Mrs. Slatery, Miss Friel, Sister Ana Carmita and Mrs. Daugherty.

Thank you Holy Name and congratulations on our 100th Anniversary.

Arnold Villafuerte Class of 1962
1963 Browne Eileen efschwar@vbschools.com I am not a graduate of Holy Name, but I spent all of my grammar school and high school years in Holy Name parish hanging out. I hung out there all the time and went to Church there. I lived on 100th St. and Broadway and that is where I established all my friendships. I would love to get in touch with so many people. I attended their day camp and was in their shows at the end of summer. As far as I was concerned I belonged to Holy Name parish. Right now I am living in Virginia Beach and am a discipline secretary in a middle school. I am also a Licensed Practical Nurse, but got burned out so I moved to secretarial work. I enjoy what I do and I come to New York very frequently as my whole family lives there except for me!!:( Anyway I would appreciate being a part of this website and getting in touch with some old but great friends.

I wrote yesterday, but forgot to add the fact that I have three daughters age 36, 30 and 20. My oldest has a five year old daughter Kaci and my 30 year old just got married on 11/26/04 to a very nice guy. My youngest is a junior at James Madison University in Virginia.
1963 Cahill (Lee) Patricia schemo@optonline.net Hi Br. Richard,
Do you remember us? My husband, Kevin is Mary Murphy's nephew. We are still out in Valley Stream and are the elders of the family now. There are no more Murphys left and my Mom and Sister passed away within the past few years. Our oldest girl Kellie was married a year ago and our second oldest girl, Elizabeth will be married in June 05. Can't wait for the reunion. You are the same Brother RIchard that Mary worked for aren't you? If not, pleased to meet you and hope to see you at the reunion. Pat
1963 Carney Dale dalecarney1@yahoo.com It's great to see so many names of old friends and teachers. Seeing names like Gilbert Suarez, Rich Taigue, Barbara Gingeras, Josephine Celentano, Patrick Foley, Brother Michael, Mrs. Slattery, and on and on, brings back so many fond memories as well. It was truly a happy and wonderful way to grow up!

I've lived on the West Coast for the past 30 years and have 3 children, a son and 2 daughters, all of whom know many of your names from tales I've told them.

Any of you are welcome to contact me as I'd love the opportunity to catch up and hear your news. Be well, and happy!
1963 Celentano Kelly Josephine
I remember CYO Day Camp and singing on the bus to Rockaway Beach. I remember St. Patrick' Day Shows celebrating Father Raferty's birthday. I remember cheerleading. I remember sitting on the "stoop."

I graduated from Mother Cabrini HS 1967, graduated from The Roosevelt Hosp School of Nursing 1969. I am currently working as an in-house nurse paralegal and medical legal consultant in Seattle, WA. I am also a telephone triage nurse counselor. I have 2 sons Michael age 28 and Brian age 25.
1963 Diaz Pedro Lozada pete123pr@yahoo.com I attended HNS in 1956-1957. I remember some class mates, Ramon Gordon, Jean Mesnard. If any one has contact with them let me know. I attended the 100th, anniversary. My teachers were Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. Friel, and was a member of the quire that sang at the bank in front of the school.
Besides missing the school, I miss the tomato soup at lunch time!! I still conserve my 1955 report cards and honor promotion cards. Waiting to hear from some one always.
1963 Foley Patrick Brendan
I'm presently working for Coca-Cola in Elmsford, NY. Previously spent 21 yrs. with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Married with 2 grown children; a married son with one grandson and a single daughter - both are in the engineering profession. My fond memories of my youth in Holy Name include the following: Holy Name Christmas Choir Concerts in East River Savings Bank; Sleigh riding in Central Park with Ray Heuchling and Bobby Nusspickel; playing football with the Christian Brothers; working in the Rectory and being served great meals by Agnes, the house cook. Looking forward to meeting my former classmates at the Reunion.
1963 Gibson John

1963 Gingeras Barbara Bzapata@aol.com
1963 Healy Kottl Maura

1963 Heuchling Raymond heuchling4@aol.com I graduated Rice HS in 1967.Majored in Psychology at Lehman college with a B.A. I went on to University of Western Ontario and Columbia unversity for executive business study. I got married in 1975 to a Peggy Pascullo and we have two children , Annie who is 25 and a UCONN Grad and today is a first grade teacher.And our son Ray who a senior at Hofstra U and studying International Business. I am a Vice President Sales with a Canadian firm in the forest products business,and have been with them for 27 years. I looking forward to seeing Richie T, Mike Joyce, and the rest of the gang from 98st and 96st at the reunion and everyone else from the old neighborhood . Ray
1963 Kiffer Eugene

1963 Lancia Victoria vlancia@rcn.com For 25 years, I have worked for a small investment banking firm in midtown, handling human resources, payroll, benefits, etc. My daughter, Nicole, is a sophomore at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. It's great to see so many familiar names on the website. I look forward to seeing everyone and reminiscing about the good old days.
1963 Leonard Savery Annmarie mamie@bestweb.net I'm married and have a grown daughter. I'm no longer working and live in Westchester County New York. My six (6) siblings, all Holy Name Alumni, are also interested in singing up.
1963 Maria Sevilla ins2840@aol.com Hello ,i have so many memories of holy Name school,also all my teachers and classmates .I am also returning to Catholic and miss the church very much .I would like to contact my most dear priest that i miss very much too.Father Johnson ,and Father Raftery .Please feel free to call or write me Sincerecly Maria Sevilla
1963 McCarthy Kevin KMCCARTHYNYC@aol.com Hi while I did not attend Holy Name (I attended and graduated from St Gregory on 90th Street in 1962) I attended Cardinal Hayes HS and met many friends who attended and graduated from Holy Name in 1963.
I'd like to attend the 100th Anniversary Dinner
P.S. My mother, Marion Tobin, graduated from Holy Name appprox 1935 she might also like to attend.
1963 McGowan Viscardi Margaret ADELPHI2000
Worked in retailing after graduating from college. I married and have a daughter (27) and son (21). Stayed home for many years raising them and I, now am working for a Home Care Agency for visiting nurses. I was delighted to see so many names like: Patsy, Annemarie, Vickie, Josephine, and Barbara as well as some of the boys: Kevin, Bobby, Raymond, Richie on the Alumni list for 1963. Look forward to seeing you all and reminiscing about the GOOD Old Days!
1963 Ortiz Pablo pauliewho@gmail.com I remember the great times I had at Holy Name and I want to thank the Brothers and the Sisters for setting me on the right track, it has paid off. One of my most indelible memories was Brother Dennis with the "The 1963 Hit Parade". That paddle and I became very close friends :)
After leaving Holy Name I moved to Puerto Rico and had a great time there with great weather all year long. Upon completing High School I enlisted in the Army and went to Viet-Nam for two years. I was a beautiful country but you had to learn how to duck.
Returning home in June 1970 I went back to PR and went to the Catholic University and completed two years before getting married.
I moved back to NYC and settled in Brooklyn in 1972. I worked at various jobs until I joined the Police Dept. in 1981. I retired in 1997 with a knee injury and moved to Florida after my youngest daughter graduated from Bishop Kearney in Brooklyn in 1999. Both my daughters graduated from BKHS and went on to graduate from the University of Central Florida.
I presently work for US Customs in Orlando and I love the sunshine. I ride my Harley everywhere I go. When I remember the great times way back when the egg creams and pretzels were awesome at Lenny's Candy store and pizza was 15 cents. They were really great times with great friends. The girls and guys will always bring fond memories of all the great time we had together.

PS: I did get to see Isabelle one time in the late 70 s at a movie theater off E. 86th and 3rd Ave. To my best recollection she looked the same as always.
1963 Ricardo Harold HLRicardo@msn.com
1963 Rodill Augustina

1963 Rodriquez Anthony nor@surfbest.net Hi everyone. This is a great site. HNS was a great school and the teachers were terrific. I remember singing doo wop in the halls of 98st in winter and having the neighbors chase us out of every building on that block, not allowed to go to the girls top floor at HNS with Taam by the Sisters, St. Patrick s plays, assemblies, quior practice with the gray haired piano teacher as he would aggravatingly say to us AAH- AHH-AAH with his mouth wide open, Josephine Celentano, Kiffer, Nicky, Peppy, Brian, Garcia, Fitzy, Patrick Foley, Brother Michael, Brother Joseph, Dale Carney, Gilbert , Scott, Latimore, Martire, Arroyo Savinon and the rest of my crony friends and a host of others.
So sorry I missed the reunion and hoping there s another one soon.
After Holy Name I went to school in Connecticut where my class mates voted me most likely to become a future police chief as a career because I created so much havoc. Returned to Dewitt Clinton High in the Bronx. Graduated and became a sound engineer for Scepter records/ Opal Studios in New York for about 10 years then worked as a technical engineer for an ABC affiliate (WVEC TV) in Virginia. Later became an audio video production engineer in Puerto Rico shooting commercials and sports events for about a year. Following that period I came back to New York and pursued a career in a Medical Sonography for several years and now currently employed as the ultrasound program director at a medical school in New Jersey for about 12 years. (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?)
It would be great to hear from any of my previous classmates. Please put 777 on the email to bypass spamers. Thank you and God Bless you all.

additional_email: nor@surfbest.net
1963 Suarez Gilbert gil108@comcast.net After leaving Holy Name, I went on to Cardinal Hayes . Kansas was my next stop where I received my BA and Masters. The next 21 years found me teaching, coaching and serving as assistant principal at Brandeis HS . I'm currently vice-principal at Lakewood HS in New Jersey ( 732 905-3503 ). I've been married 25 years . Evelyn and I have a son (Jeremy) and a daughter (Christina). I would love to hear from anyone from that '62,'63 and '64 era. Kevin, Richie, Kiffer, Latimore, Louie, \"Pickelpuss\" ;What's Up ! Brother Michael and Brother Dennis , I would love to hear from you . You don't know how much the two of you and the entire Holy Name Experience have impacted my life ( 732-557-9084 ).

HOLY NAME, what a wonderful era!! ( The parish, the church, the school, the Brothers, THE GUYS & GIRLS I GREW UP WITH ). The memories abound. Scott & Fitzie constantly goofing on each other. Cheating off Richie Taigue in Math Class. The 1963 City Championship we won in Basketball . LATIMORE AND KIFFER, you were great! Pushing Kevin Cahill into the hallway where Patsie Lee was patiently waiting for him to ask her out. Standing at attention whenever General Lee and Sargeant Leonard walked passed us. The Tacks me and Dale Carney put on Brother Luke's chair. I still want to know who squealed on us. I could go on but I'll save it for the reunion .
1963 Suarez Gilbert gsuarez108@gmail.com
1963 Taigue Richard richtaigue@hotmail.com I graduated a long time ago, but still have very fond memories of Holy Name. I left the neighborhood when I got married in 1976. I went to Cardinal Hayes H. S., CCNY, then law school at St. John's University. I am a practicing lawyer in Manhattan. I am married to Susan and we have one daughter who is a senior at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

I look forward to hearing about alumni events and reconnecting with other alumni. Thank you.

PS, Enna Graterton, a 1979 graduate, alerted me to this website. Enna works for the same company that I do.
1963 Zapata Barbara Bzapata@aol.com
1964 Agosto Euclides
Although I attended HNS from third thru seventh grade, I left in 1963. I remember the names of various classmates who would have graduated in '64. I've only found two possibles in the Alumni list. I also remember the name of Bro. Cornelius Michael. Would you have a list of names of the boys class of '64 or could you let me know how I could find this info? I have fond memories of HNS and I'd be very appreciative if you could steer me in the right direction. Thank you. Euclides Agosto
1964 Carmen Beauchamp MARIA
I have been living in Chicago since 1970. I am vice president/accountant for a property management firm(condos/apt bldgs). Looking forward to the reunion.
1964 Chang Rosemary rechang@earthlink.net After I graduated from Holy Name I went to the Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary and then onto New York University. From there I went to Brown University where I received my PhD in Applied Mathematics. I have worked at Sandia National Laboratories, Control Data Corporation, Silicon Graphics and Coastcom. I have recently retired and am building an earth sheltered house with my husband in Sunol, California.
1964 Fee Bernard bernie@aaaa.org Generally enjoying myself. Really enjoying myself when visiting my wife Annie's sister and family in the Canary Islands and touring parts of Spain each year. Unfortunately still working, but what the hey!, can't have everything!! See you all at the reception.....
1964 Jackson-Dickens Monique mjdickens@hotmail.com High School - Cardinal Spellman HS (1988)
Undergraduate - Iona College - BBA Public Accounting (1992)
Graduate - Baruch College - MPA Public Administration (1995)
Currently work as a Corporate Controller; live in West Orange, NJ; married to Charles Dickens (Software Engineer); parents to 2 girls (Imani 11 and Bryanna 2)
1964 Leeman (Marmolejo) Rose rosekleeman@aol.com GRADUATED FROM CATHEDRAL H.S. 1968/ B.A.,M.S. LEHMAN COLLEGE 1974/

1964 Matos Santoli Zenaida Zenta14@aol.com After Holy Name, went to Cathedral HS '68 which also happens to be celebrating their 100th in '05. I guess, I'll be busy with the two upcoming reunions. I'm happily married, w/ children and grandchild, living in Westchester County. Since finding out about this reunion, I have been contacting classmates. One of them keeps in contact w/ Fr. Bradley. My brother, Frankie, also graduated from Holy Name.
1964 Milagros LLanos (Torres) Marta

1964 Monges Nitza

1964 Murphy Richard murphy.rt@pg.com The reunion sounds like a great idea. Please send me additinal details and I will contact alumni that I still have contact with.
HNS in 1964
Cardinal Hayes HS 1968
St. John's University 1976
Married Margaret-Mary Hackett in 1972
National Guard Artillery Kingsbridge Armory 1970 to 1976
Brown & Williamson Tobbacco 6 years
Procter and Gamble 25 years, still working
Three Children:
Thomas 27, married to Kim
Daniel 25, Married to Danniella, Daughter Madison
Ann-Marie 18
Looking forward to hear from old classmates.
1964 O Sullivan (McKenna) Irene ios633@yahoo.com I graduated from Florida Southern College with my BS in Accountin & West Chester University with my MBA. I am a CPA and working for an insurance company. I have 3 wonderful children and I have been married for 30 years to Jim O'Sullivan. I am looking forward to the May 2005 reunion.
1964 Salas Mojica Evelyn s146e@aol.com Graduated with a Degree in Education
Pursuing another Degree in Computer Information Technology.
I presently work for the New York State Thruway Authority as a Contract Compliance Specialist.
1964 Torres Sandra sandet3724@aol.com My brother and I attended Holy Name through December 1963, that was when my family moved to Calfiornia. My brother (William "Bill") graduated from Holy Name in 1962 and the went on to Cardinal Hayes High School before moving to California. I attended Holy Name through the winter semester of 1963, at which time, my parents moved to Los Angeles, California. My memories of Holy Name are of only good ones. I can still recite the examples of prepositions which I memorized in the third grade (in alphabetical order)which my firends in California could not believe! I am looking forward to the 100 Year Celebration and plan to attend.
1964 Velez Jose Antonio joetonyantonio@aol.com I graduated from Holy Name '64 and then I graduated from Haaren H.S. Afterwards I attended CCNY and got married in '72. In 1975,I enlisted in the USAF and we had a son(Anthony). We spent time overseas but we returned to the states where I completed my enlistment.I have been a sales professional for over 25 yrs. I'm very interested in the upcoming alumni events/reunions.So add me to your updated list. Love to catch up on what's been happening with us after all these years.
1965 Barraza Linda
Went on to become a flight attendant with a major carrier, met my husband in the airlines and had a beautiful daughter. Divorced, remarried and had a son! I still work for the airlines, have about eight years left before retirement, (can't believe it), it seems like only yesterday I was attending Holy Name. Sister Marion Anthony was my homeroom teacher. Does anyone know anything about her or where she might be? Would love to hear from Velina DeLeon or anyone from the class of '65! Lots of love to all my friends at Holy Name!
1965 Hernandez Carmen D.
I am married, have two children, and am an attorney in Maryland. I'd love to catch up with some of my classmates from long ago.
1965 O Bradovich Bob PARROTHEAD@SACORIVER.NET Well, finding out about the reunion last night was a nice bit of news. This is Bob O'Bradovich, class of '65. I didn't think I would ever hear or see anyone from that era of my life again. I wii be coming down ( I've been living in Maine since 1972) and attending the reunion on May 6th. I'll be in NYC until May 12th, so if you're not going to the reunion but would like to meet, please call me 207-727-5862, fax 207-727-4200 or email- PARROTHEAD@SACORIVER.NET so we can set something up. I look forward to seeing you again......Bob
1965 Padilla Elvin Lajas@coqui.net
1965 Pagan (Mojica) Nelida nellie0327@yahoo.com I pursued my interest in accounting and have been work as VP Controller for a division of major advertising company in New York City.
1965 Pardo Muriel
Would have been with class of 65 but moved to the Bronx in 64 when my mother passed away. Married in 73. Now have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Would like to know how some of my classmates are doing (Velina De Leon, Eileen Parsons, Jane Fitzpatrick and many others)
1965 Parsons Eileen montgommariparsons@hotmail.com
1966 Gibson Nivia brunern@bellsouth.net Hello Holy Name, presently I am retired from a teaching and nursing career and keeping myself busy in the cruise business. After leaving Holy Names I attended Cathedral High then on to Hostos Community College, Indiana University, Ivy Tech Nursing School and Wichita State University.

After leaving New York in 1975 I married and moved to Indiana, raised a son and daughter. He is a married fireman in Hawaii with a son and daughter, and she is in the Kentucky National Guard and attends College full time, recently married and expecting her first child in July.

Traveled from Indiana in 1995 and have settled in Eastern Kentucky with my husband who has just retired from his work in Psycology. We are hoping to settle somewhere down south in the near future.

My mother still lives in New York along with my 2 older sisters so I try to visit once or twice a year. I always visit Holy Name and Cathedral. Never forget your roots!!! I attend a small country church here in Kentucky,and shared recently with my CCD Class were the beautiful pictures I took during Christmas of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the children could not believe how huge churches in big cities are.

Well I hope to see old faces at the reunion, stay well and may God keep this world a safe and better place to live in.

1966 Hug Kenneth attic88@aol.com
1966 Mckenna Molina Elizabeth molinef@nytimes.com Work at The New York Times. Live in New Jersey.
1966 Santiago Antonio (tony) tsantiagosells@cs.com Life couldn't be better at 53.My health,my spiritual life and career are healthy, if only the married life were better!I'm a realtor in Bergen County New Jersey and have been for the last 6 years.The previous 10 years I worked in the same field in New York City, during that time I was blessed to be a part of the city and countries most succesful homeless shelter,The Bowery Mission Transitional center on the lower East side.As housing director for the Christian Herald (1995-1997)we were asked to change lives and help the homeless achieve higher education,meaningful employment and connect with their God.As the housing specialist I used my God given gifts to assist them in reaching their highest achievement,Independent housing and reconnection to their families.In 1996 I accompanied the Director of this program my friend Bob Polito to Washington D.C.at the prayer breakfast during President Clintons term.We were talked about,written of and acknowledged and to this date nothing has come close to that achievement and satisfaction.I'm grateful to Holy Name Of Jesus for my education(it was the best)for my friends both male and female who enriched my life,their laughs and the competition have made me a better person.To the teachers the nuns and the brothers as well as the lay teachers I owe my life to.I remember a sister Catherine in my 1st and 2nd grades, Miss Brady in the 3rd,The infamous best teacher hands down in the 4th grade with attitude that would scare Saddam and Ossama Miss Friel(hope I spelled it right)in the 5th we had 2 great teachers one for each semester and the spanish folk like myself were better because of Mr.Gonzalez and my favorite lay teacher Mr Frank Mandell(I have his number)Then in the 6th my favorite chritian brother who proppelled me on to sports Bro.Louis in the 7th Bro. Gregory who saw more in me than I could ever imagine and took me in when I was in need( i hope you can find him Bill Simon)and the best sports and history and all around guy Brother Patrick,who ch!
anged names to Brother Sean and then there was Brother Peter,young and daring and able to mix it up with the basketball players in the play grounds at 100th street(I owe him an amends)and 2 principles both were great Brother Joseph and Brother Raymond who I think was spanish too.We also had some dynamite Priests some I hear are still around,This guy has a following and rightly so please get him there Father Bradley,Father Johnson who all the ladies loved and Father Reilly or Ryan who passed away as a mnsgr.Keep me abreast as I am in touch with a few classmates through classmates.com.God bless and count me in to assist in any way.Sincerely Tony Santiago class of 66.
1966 Thied Eileen leenie8888@aol.com Graduated from Holy Name in '66, along with brothers Tommy Kitson '64, Bobby Kitson '62 and Ronnie Kitson '60. My dad, Thomas Kitson graduated in the 30s...I am in the process of locating his diploma and pictures. Walter and James '47 are his younger brothers! My Mom is an Ascension alum. I have been in contact with a few people and have been trying to spread the word about the big celebration next spring. Would advise everyone to check out classmates.com. There are many alumni signed onto that site.
1967 Gonzalez Esther

1967 Gonzalez Esther iesa33@gmail.com
1967 Hug-Hamel Marianne mhughamel@msn.com I am a N.Y.C., 2nd Grade Detective, working in Manhattan for the last eleven years. My first ten years on the job were spent in the Bronx. I will finally be retiring in the begining of March. I often think about my years at Holy Name, and all of my old friends. The last person that I have had any kind of contact with from Holy Name was Janet Jordan. She called me at the funeral home during my mothers' wake. I always wondered what happened to Elizabeth (baby) Vargas. For some reason I've been thinking a lot about her lately - if anyone knows how to get in touch with her I would greatly appreciate you contacting me by e-mail.
I am looking forward to attending Holy Name's 100th Anniv. with my husband, John. I could go on and on ...... but have to go now. All of my wonderful memories of Holy Name and the \"old neighborhood\" will live forever in my heart.
1967 Jordan Janet pandaj624@aol.com
1967 Mathis Lesa
I was at Holy NAME for the full eight years and then went on to
Saint Joseph's in the village.. I moved to Florida in 1973 where
I married and raised two boys who have always made me feel very blessed...I have so many memories of our school incuding all the school plays the carnivals and summer day camp..I was a drummer in
the school band and also played basketball and to this day still enjoy shooting some hoops..my bothers and sisters also attended
Holy Name and their names are Eddie Gonzalez 1962 David GONZALEZ
1963..Carrie Gonzalez 1962 Michael Gonzalez 1970 and Penny Gonzalez 1973..In my graduating class were girls that I had known
since I was 6years old..such as Marianne Hug, Janet Jordan,
Sylvia Pimentel, Elizabeth Vargas and so many more that I would like to know about..I am looking forward to attending the celebration..
I remember as a first grader in 1959 lookng at the year 1905 that was engraved in front of the school , and thinking how very old the school was! I have so many memories of the school carnival, the school plays,half day
of school on thursdays and summer day camp with bus trips to the lake and beach..I am really looking forward to
being part of the celebration.
1967 Michel Kevin

1969 Brooke Janise
Hi, this is Janise Brooke from the class of 1969!
I heard from an old friend that Holy Name school is having an Alumni Year.
I am retired , and I am currently living in Los Angeles, California. I would like to say hi to everyone c/o 1969!
1969 Correa Jeannette JeannetteCorrea@nevhc.org Hi There,
Wow this is great, I've move to California in 1981 (25 years ago)at the age of 51,I have two children Charlotte 22, Grandson Elias 8 months and Austin 18. I work for Northeast Valley Health Corporation as the Executive Asst. to the Board of Directors as well as the Travel Coordinator. I've been in this position for 15 years and probably be here until I retire. If any body remembers me please e-mail me at JeannetteCorrea@nevhc.org., I'm waiting.
1969 Narvaez Abelardo abelardonarvaez@aol.com Hi to All. I graduated in 1969. After that went to Chelsea Voc. High School. Served in the US Air Force and relocated to Puerto Rico. I am Married and have two sons. I currently work for Philips medical Systems has a Field Service Engineer.
1969 Reyes Frank areus@att.net After 8 years at Holy Name, I attended and graduated from Bishop Dubois
H.S., Fordham University and received my Law Degree from Rutgers University School of Law. I have Practiced Law since 1981 as a Bronx Assistant District Attorney, worked in a Civil Firm and was a solo practioner doing Criminal Defense work. Currently, I am a Managing Administrative Law Judge with the N.Y.C. Dep't of Finance. I am married and have 3 adult children; Lillian(29), Francisco(26) and Andres(18). After being out of touch for a few years, I reconnected with Jeannette Correa and we have been in constant touch since. One thing that we always talk about is our good times at Holy Name. Good times and good people.
1969 Turline Joseph tujos53@hotmail.com Hey everyone I have fond and lasting memories at Holy Name I remember Sister Lucy,Mr Byrnes,Ms.Driscoll to name a few. I Have been blessed with 5 wonderful children, live in Florida for the past 28 years I work for a PBS TV station in Miami and looking forward to hear from other alumnies.
1970 Cordero Patricia

1970 Gonzalez Michael mgonzalez@brookings.edu attended Holy name from 1963 to 1970. Five of my siblings also attended Holy Name. (Eddie,Carrie,David,Esther,and Penny)
Some of my teachers included Sr. Rosemary 1st Grade, Mrs. Friel 4th, Mr. Shields 5th, Mrs. Slattery 2nd?, Principal Brother Patrick. I also remember Father Bradley.
I attended Brandeis HS, graduated, then joined the US Navy. I was on tour overseas for a few years then settled in Washington DC. Two children (and the suburbs) later...I'm currently working as a Technology Project Manager with British Aerospace(BAE). I make my home in Maryland and work in Washington DC. I have great memories of Holy Name. Although they were still paddling students when I attended ;)
I remember many of my classmates and hope we meet up at the reunion in May. If you are or know of a 1970 Graduate- send me a note!


1970 Laborde George

1970 Moret Diana nai123106@hotmail.com
1970 Ricci Aguirre Anna jaja25@citilink.net I live in Orange County, NY with my husband of 20 years and two sons, ages 15 and 13. After High School, I went on to Pace Univ. and found a wonderful job as a Personnel Administrator. I temporarily retired from the work force to raise my two boys. Currently, I am working for a large Dental/Orthondic group as an Insurance Coordinator.
1970 Vazquez William foxbat1956@bellsouth.net Though I attended school at Holy Name (yes, even Kindergarten, Sister Margaret was the principal there) I did not graduate from there. My family relocated to Long Island in late 1968 during my seventh grade year, which, by the way, happened to be the year that classes went co-ed. The world was a very different, simpler place then.
1971 Cruz Nancy nancyg225@aol.com My full name during my years at Holy Name was Nancy Gough. I have many fond memories from those years and I would love to go to this reunion and see how the old gang has been doing. I have met up with a few of my old classmates, which totally freaked me out:), they are Kevin Powell, Steven Quilico and Hector Lopez. As for myself I have 2 great kids (Desiree age 26 and Geraldo age 17) I also have the most beautiful granddaughter who is 4 years old (The love of my life). I'll bring pictures to the reunion.
1971 Espinal Garcia Maritza marilisa_78@yahoo.com I've been married for 30 years. I have three wonderful kids, two boys (27 and 20) and a 19 year old daughter. I now live in Stroudsburg, PA. I am looking forward to attending the 100th celebration. I really enjoy getting to know what my old classmates are up to. I still have my pictures from Holy Name and will post them soon. Many blessings to all.
1971 Guzman Frances G. 1gracefulgal2@optonline.net I work for the US Postal Service as a Human Resources Analyst for the past 31 years. My best memories are from Holy Name and my favorite teachers were my seventh grade teacher Brother Thomas Noone and my sixth grade teacher Sister Maureen. I lived in the neighborhood for many years before moving. I was looking for my graduation class in the picture section and unfortunately it does not appear. I will search my files at home and hope to find it so I can send it in and have someone upload it on this web site. Thanks for being here... Frances Grace
1971 Lopez Hector
am a NYC police officer and eligible to retire in July 5,2005 and assigned to 1 Police Plaza.What a pleasant surprise to find Holy Name website.Congrat's to Holy Name on your 100 anniversary.I had eight memorable years at Holy Name,the radical 60's,the flower child.We also while attendig church had Father Bradley who would sing from the top of his lungs (no microphone)entering from the front of the church with altar boys in tow walking past the pews straight to the altar,reminded me of Robert Merril singing our national anthem at Yankee Stadium.Please feel free to call or e-mail me.God Bless Holy Name!
1971 Murphy Patricia mizshorty103@yahoo.com
1971 Porfidio Margaret margiepoo2002@msn.com I am the proud mother of a 17 year old senior at Xavier high school. I work at Lincoln Center Theater, and part time at my local elementary catholic school in an afterschool program.
1971 Quilico Steven quilicohearts@nyc.rr.com Well I got married in 1995. I have a nine year old son named Richard.
1971 Sierra James sbongos@aol.com
1972 Bruzon Mary Ann

1972 Del Tejo Jose
Army Sargeant
1972 Fields Grant bygpoppag@yahoo.com My time at Holy Name was great. The three teachers I will always remember are, Sr. Lucy, Mr. Shea and Mr. Macon. I was also in the Scouts, Troop 581. In 1972, I won the scholarship and went to Cardinal Hayes then Rice High school. I now live in Central NJ, but still have family on 100 St Columbus Ave. Love to hear from classmates and scouts. All my siblings went to Holy Names also.
1972 Garcia Raymond alterwork@yahoo.com
1972 Moret Rebecca rebecca.moret@hbo.com I have been working for HBO (Home Box Office) for the past 24 years and I have loved every minute of it. I work with Digital Media and consider myself to be extremely lucky. I work with and have met many wonderful people at HBO. I am currently single and living in South Central New Jersey. I believe in living every day as if it were your last and having as much fun as possible (as long as you don't hurt anyone in the process, something probably ingrained into me from my days at Holy Name).
1972 Nieves Lourdes jardar124@yahoo.com I was a student in the first and second grade in 1972-1973.

I was also in the band.
1972 Rivera Milton mrivera152@aol.com
1973 Esteban Denise denise_esteban@yahoo.com I currently work for UBS, a financial institution, as the regional project manager for an IT department and have a 14 year old son.
1973 Jean-Baptist Frantz jaybee592003@yahoo.com I am a police officer with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority State of New York,married with two kids twins a boy and a girl.
1973 Jean-Baptiste Claude
I am currently employed as a Senior U.S. Probation Officer, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.
1973 Kee Romina romina6906@sbcglobel.net Well I am living in Chicago, IL and have a beautiful 5 (soon to be 6) year old daughter, a wonderful 3 year old son and a great husband. I am an Obstetrician/Gynecologist that does research at Cook County Hospital and likes Chicago but really misses NY! I return at least twice a year to see my parents and friends. My closest friends are still the ones I made during my years at Holy Name. I loved my educational and religious experience there so much that my daughter is in a Catholic School very similar to Holy Name here in Chicago.
1973 Lopez Juan

1973 Maglunog Antonio (Tony tonymaglunog@yahoo.com I moved to San Francisco in 1994 and am still currently living here. I work for a leading medical organization in San Francisco. I work in the Human Resources Department and have worked in the HR field for over 20 years. It would be great to have reunion of the Class of 1973 and see my former classmates, but especially the teachers who taught us such as my homeroom teacher, Ms. Claire Boland.
1973 Maldonado Fernando fern.maldonado@gmail.com I'm married and have three sons, ages 19, 17, and 12. I live in New Jersey and work for the Division of Taxation as an auditor. Look forward to hearing from the Class of 1973.
Erwin Santana. Class of 1973. I am currently employed by MTA New York City Transit as Train Operator. I recognize everyone who is listed for our class and would like to hear from them, Look me up in Facebook. BE WELL AND HAPPY
Haydee yosemiteoct@rcn.com Graduated from Syracuse University where I obtained my B/S degree and pursued a Graduate degree in Social Work from New York University. Work in the NonProfit sector managing a program for a social service organization. Reside in Queens. Have wonderfil memories of Holy Name; would do it all over again.
1974 Caceres Iris icaceres@optonline.net I have 2-woderfull daughters. I live upstate NY and I'm the Office Manager for a computer company, in the Wall Street.
1974 Del Tejo Marie spanishmarie40@hotmail.com Director of Programs at ACT Programs located at Cathedral St. John the Divine
I still live in the neighborhood and would gladly assist in any way I can for upcoming 100th anniversary.
1974 Del Tejo-Williamson Rosie rdeltejo@winthropschools.org Winthrop Grade School's Computer Lab Technician.
1974 Diaz Michaelangelo
WOW ! 100th Anniversary What a wonderful surprise, to hear from my favorite school, and the memories it brings. So many things have happened and so many changes in all of our lives I would image. I would love to know how some of my crazy and yet talented friends are out there. I'm now the manager of the cruise department for an internet company called Skyauction.com / Magical Holidays. I'm still at the same address in Manhattan but love getting away to my place in Long Island on the weekend, and Fire Islankd in the summer. Nevertheless, please keep me posted about the anniversary.
Best wishes and regards,
Michelangelo Diaz
1974 Guillot Miriam mwms413@att.net I'm so thrilled that Holy Name had this alumni site !! Thank you...It was great to click on my class pic and see myself, wow--how I've changed :)! After Holy Name, I graduated from Cathedral HS and went to college in West Palm Beach, Florida and remained living in the area. I got married and had two great kids; daughter in college and son in 10th grade.

Presently, I am the proud Principal of Liberty Park Elementary School and can only hope to make a positive difference in the lives of my students, just like the wonderful experiences I enjoyed at Holy Name with awesome teachers and friends!

I have often wondered about my close friends--Michael Diaz and Jesus Casals. I was shocked to see an entry made by Michael a while back. I would love to hear from you guys and take a stroll down memory lane. Contact me at mwms413@att.net

RIP Mr. Shea...you were a well-respected leader :(
1974 Lopez Angel

1974 Martinez Cesarina CMartinez0659@gmail.com The best moments of my life were when I attended Holy Name of Jesus. I am currently a mother of four, employed for Human Resources Administration for 27 years. My main interest is to get a hold of all my old friends, Vivian, Maribel, Gloria, Jesus, Richard "Juicy", Shirley, Federico, Jaime, Gaylord, Manuel and especially, Ms. Pappenheimer. anyone looking to contact me please send me an email at CMartinez0659@gmail.com thank you
1974 Pardo Elizabeth mrsseverything@aol.com The summer of '74 was the last time I saw NYC. Graduated high school in Montreal, started college in P.R., and ended in Auburn. Blessed in marriage, had 3 girls, one got her angel wings at 17. Live and work in our business in Florida. (Never used my degree) Domestic Engineer was a much harder degree to acheive. I've enjoyed the benefits, they're everlasting, especially when your kids make you proud watching them succeed, and the circle of life continues. I hope my kids had as many memories of their schools as I did in mine.
1974 Prendes-Estrada Mercedes PRENDES@AOL.COM I'm married and have two boys. A fourteen year old attending Cardinal Hayes and a Eight year old attending Holy Name.
1974 St. Pierre Carol stpie614@aol.com My name is Carol St Pierre. I graduated at Holy name in June 1974. I am a Registerd Nurse at St Luke's/ Roosevelt. I am also in the Army Reserve. My most memoriable event was being in the 6 grade with Brother Richard in 1971. He always encouraged me to do well in the class room setting. He motivated me to be the very best and made me feel very special. I will always remember 1971 as the best year of my life. I am who I am because of Brother Richard.
Thank you Brother Richard for always being supportive and inspiring me to be the very best.
1974 Torres Raymond ray_torres78@hotmail.com After a 20 year career in the Air Force, I am now a Business Analyst for a software development company in San Antonio, TX. I still have family living in New York so I try and make it back at least once a year.
1974 Wooley David dwdwgroup@yahoo.com I am currently a professor at the University of Delaware. I also work in the sports and entertainment fields as an advocate of children s arts and education programs. I have two daughters.
1975 Carreras Nilsa

1975 Garcia Belinda BEGARCIA23@AOL.COM
1975 Gordon Barbara babsg0102@yahoo.com My greatest memories are of Brother Raymond (7th grade) who had a wonderful sense of humor, and obviously cared deeply about about his students. Also, Miss Pappenhemer (8th grade), I still think about her intelligence and education to this day. I wish I had gotten to know her better.

When I think of Holy Name, one of thie first pictures that run though my mind is Sister Lucy ringing the bell at lunch time - how intimidating that used to be!
1975 Orellana Eladia ElaRaina@aol.com
1975 Rivera Angel
I`ve been living in Tampa Florida and work for JPMorganChase for the past eight years I am also majoring in Information Technology with the University Of Phoenix and A+ certified with the University of South Florida.
1975 Urgiles Ivan ivanurgiles@optonline.net Married with 2 Beautiful daughters ages 9 & 11. Self employed as a mortgage consultant to the hispanic community.
1975 Urgiles Olga ourgiles@hotmail.com My siblings and I shared many wonderful years at Holy Name and always remember it fondly. It would be great to catch up with some old friends.
1976 Erasme Gerald GERRY.ERASME@NIKE.COM
1976 Gaspard Regan Magdaline (Maggie) ARCHANGEL20034@AOL.COM Hey this is great...I'm presently a Dean at a New York City Public School. I am recently divorced, and have three beautiful angels... Courtney 9, Brendan 8, and Colin 4. I am now trying to finish writing my books. Looking forward to here from you.
1976 Harris Martha CUCAABA@aol.com
1976 Jean-Baptist Marie-Josy mjjb76@yahoo.com I'm now selling Florida real estate (1/4 acre homesites and homes). Anyone interested in investing or living in Florida, please contact me by e-mail: mjjb76@yahoo.com or phone: 718-997-6700, and ask for Marie or George.
1976 Jean-Baptiste Marie-Josy mjjb76@yahoo.com I received a Master's in Public Health (MPH) degree in Community Health Education from Hunter College and have worked in various capacities in the field of health and social services, the last being Director of Health Services (mainly HIV/AIDS-related programs) for a private, non-profit agency providing services to those involved in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. I became totally burned-out and am now in the process of embarking on a complete career change -- looking to enter the hospitality industry, specifically, hotel management. Are there any alumni out there who can help me out? If so, please contact me.
1976 Leconte Dr. Jean JLECONTE@CHARTER.NET
1976 Lee Magali MLee@hahnhessen.com
1976 Martinez Odalys sylado1@verizon.net Am married and the mother of a boy age 5 and a girl age 2 (yes, I know, I started late) - I am currently in Tampa, FL and work for Aetna's Global Benefits area. I've worn many hats throughout the years and like everyone else have had my ups and downs, but looking back, I don't think I would change a thing... Ok, maybe if I wasn't trying to look cute trying to get a boy's attention, I wouldn't have tripped up the stairs and looked stupid, but oh well... I would like for you all to know that my children are just as mentally unstable as I was, so watch out for them (just kidding)
Write me and let me know how you are! I'll pass this site on to Carol Brown - she looked me up recently...

Take care -

1976 Polanco Esther
Casework at Lutheran Social Services
1976 Rodriguez Guillermo gil@newyorknet.net I earned a B.A. in Political Science from Fordham University. I'm an employee of the Human Resource Adminstration.
1977 Aracena-Jimenez Urania vengancia@hotmail.com I currently live in Tenerife,Canary Islands,Spain.
I have been married for the past 22 years and have 5 children.
Their ages are 21,15,12,10 and 8.
I wish Holy Name all the best for the celebration.
1977 Carrington Harcourt
For the past nine years, I've been working for the N. Y. P. D.'s Mobile Task Force for the School Safety Division in Manhattan South.
1977 Haws-Morris Saundra
After graduating from Holy Name I attended St.Jeans Baptiste High School and graduated in 1981. I have been married for 22yrs and have 5 children ages 22,19,16,13,6. I am currently working for a payroll company.
1977 Jean Baptiste Martine teenimjb@aol.com I am a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) in private practice.
1977 Machuca Wilhelmina wjerika007@aol.com Well currently my life is very busy at the moment!!! I am married with 3 children and a 4th one on the way. My husband and I have been married for the past 19 years... we have a 17 yr old and a 16yrold girls. Last years we were plesantly surprised with our baby boy and decided to have a 4th child so that he would not grow up alone, our 2 older daughters will be going away to college in a coulple of months. Can't wait for the reunion!!!! we'll catch up then....Wilhelmina
1977 Smith DONYA

1977 Toress Richard rtdriver@optonline.net Thank you for this site. Since then went to Aviation HS,then into the Marines Corps 4 yrs. Got married retired from Post office. Got divorced and remarried now for 8yrs. 4 great kids. 1 God send of a grandaughter. Starting all with the stepping stones of Holy Name
1977 Vasapoli-Pena Eusebia arencibiaML@aol.com I think it's wonderful that Holy Name has provided us with this site and I would like to thank Brother Grieco for it. I live in Valley Stream Long Island with my husband of 23 years and a 17 year old daughter. I would love for anyone of class "77" to contact me.
1977 Veleazquez Magda velazquez825@hotmail.com
1978 Colon Escolastico escomite8564@aol.com What s up friends. Well I m doing well. I live in Fl. But i miss N.Y.C. I've been married for almost 22 years. We have two daughters. One 18 and the other 11. They love to hear stories about my friends and I and the good funny and sad time living in N.Y. They especially like the stories about Holy Name. I think back about those time. And thank God everyday for the friends I made while going to Holy Name. Most of them I met in the first grade.
1978 Dickson Alex
I was just visiting NYC when I heard about the upcoming 100th anniversity & website. I just had to say CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to the Parish, Faculty & Alumni for the teachings, memories & friendships I've enjoyed ever since. I graduated from Holy Name many years ago, where I learned the fundamentals of life that have shaped my world; but even today, I'm still held spellbound by the awesome beauty of our Church's steeple reaching for the heavens. I grew up, literally, across the street staring at that steeple so high. It was (and still is) a beautiful thing.

My wife Carmen & I, now live in Florida (where it's just a bit warmer..;o), where I provide Real Estate Financial Solutions to people seeking to become a homeowner. I visit periodically to see my family and friends which still call (just as I do) New York City home.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces during the Celebration next year. Please keep me posted; and if anyone is ever in Miami, please just call or email me.
1978 Lisette Tevenot Marie-Danielle munecafrancesa@yahoo.com I have three children; two girls, ages 18 and 16, and one son, age 14. I am going to be a grandmother in January 2005. Due to an extended illness, I was unable to persue my career goals. God has given me the strengh to raise my children and deal with my illness. I am grateful to Holy Name for instilling in me the importance of education and religion which I have tried to pass on to my children. I would love to hear from my former classmates.
1978 McNeill-Jones Wander mcneill-jones_wanda@jpmorgan.com Firstly, I am so happy to hear about Holy Name's Centennial Celebration. I wish you continued success in nurturing the next generation. I am currently married. I have one step-daughter who is attending Virginia State University. I work at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co as a Senior Executive Assistant for the Global Head of Compliance in the Legal Department. I still live in New York. I am very interested in reconnecting with my fomer classmates. Please feel free to email me. Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th Anniversary!!!!
1978 Paul-Bowe Sonja sonjabowe@yahoo.com I am married and the mother of 4 young men. Their ages are 21, 18, 13 and 8 years old. We reside in Georgia. I am a former court reporter. Now, I am in ministry. Would love to hear from my former classmates.
1978 Robergeau Dominique robbergu@aol.com
1978 Scales-Sierera Jean jscales@nyc.rr.com Wow, what a pleasant suprise to hear from my alma mater. I am marreid to another '78 graduate, Jonathan Sirera. We have been together for over 24 years now. We have two boys ages 13 and 11. I have been working for a private school for 18 years. Would love to hear from other classmates
1978 Sierera Jonathan johnsirera@yahoo.com I have been married to another '78 graduate, Jean Scales. We have been married 10 years and together 24 years. We have two sons, ages 13 and 11. I am currently pursung my Bachelors degree in Psychology/social work. Presently, I am a case worker for a non-profit organization which assist AIDS and HIV patients.
1978 Sparagana Maria
Hi class of 1978 Wow its been how many years now 30, where has the time gone? Well right now i am a school bus driver for Governor Mifflin School District, after my run i go to the Middle School and work as a food server from 10 till 2, then go back to the bus lot to take the students home. i really enjoy what im doing, it definately is a interested job, actually a big responsibility bussing 72 students. but my goal is getting the students to and from school safely.Anyway it would be great to get together with everyone, i only went to one class reunion, somehow they must have lost my address,probably do to moving so many times, but this is my current address,please pass it on to my 1978 classmates, i hope to hear from you, thanks for passing this on
1978 Taylor Gustavo
I am Gus's kid sister. He has been living in Miami, Fl for about 25 years. He is divorce with no children. He works for the Women's Cancer Research Dept at the University of Miami as a Data Operator. He is finishing up his Master Degree in Enginering. So, if you are ever down under the Gulf of Mexico drop him a line. He can meet for some 'Margarita's or Express' at Ladio's (Gloria Estefan's resturant). We met her and her family there, a few years ago. By the way my name is Margarita.
1978 Thenor-Louis Herve
HTL1017@aol.com I am a Chartered Financial Consultant and Chartered Life Underwriter. Over the past 14 years, I've assisted individuals and business owners implement financial strategies to build wealth and preserve their estates for the next generation. It is a career that has enabled me to have a positive impact on people's lives and build lasting friendships. I thank Holy Name for helping to provide me with a strong foundation.
1978 THEVENOT LOUIS lthevenot@gmail.com I am a educational paraprofessional at the dept of education
I live in PA with my wife of 18 years. I have an AAS degree from saint john's university.
1979 Aracena Emily dominoem@aol.com Wow! So I had a couple of mins to play at work and I stumbled on to this site! Wonderful!
1979 Cano Maria mscano518@aol.com I have been employed for the last 4 years at HBO in the capacity of Print Buyer. I handle the buying for HBO's outdoor advertising promotions. Prior to HBO, I have worked at several NY advertising agencies in both marketing and print production.

I have been living in Queens for 12 years now and am still in search of Mr. "almost Perfect" ;) When I'm not in Queens u can find me on a Caribbean island enjoying my margaritas.)
1979 Disla (Munoz) Rosaura dislar@bellsouth.net I currently live in Orlando, Florida with my husband and three daughters, ages 13, 10, and 2. I always remember my time at Holy Name with great fondness and I feel incredibly fortunate to have received such a solid educational foundation. I went on to Notre Dame High School and then received a BA from Ithaca College. I presently work for the Orlando Police Department. My two oldest daughters actually attended Holy Name until we moved to Florida. All my family continues to live in NYC, my brother Luis (class of '81)and sisters Jennifer & Jessica (class of '86)are doing great. I hope everyone from the class of '79 is doing well and the best to you all.
1979 Galloway Evette Galloway4860@comcast.net
1979 Georges Fitzgerald fgeorges@fgeorges.com Graduated from Holy Name Elementary School 97th St. and Amsterdam Avenue in 1979. I currently work as school teacher for the Great Neck Public Schools on Long Island. I recently moved back to Harlem with my wife and four kids. I would love to hear from anyone of my peers or teachers who attended or worked at Holy Name. I attended from September 1971 - June 1979!!!! Feel fre to contact me on my website at: http://www.fgeorges.com
1979 Herdoiza Knapik Heide adios_ny@hotmail.com I am married and have two sons, D.J. and Christopher. My husband, Scott, and I live in Glen Allen, Virginia near Richmond. I have lived here almost 9 years and really like it although I do get home sick for New York! Luckily, my mom still lives in the apartment I grew up in so we visit frequently. After 15 years in advertising, I decided to make a career change to teaching. I teach 5th grade English and Reading.
1979 Jones Stephanie jonescreative@hotmail.com I live in Atlanta where I have resided for the past 20+ years. I am still single and have enjoyed a career as a marketing professional for the past 18 years. My father still lives on the corner of 96th and Columbus and I come home every year for a visit. I would love to hear from some of my old classmates.
1979 Rivera Anabel
Currently working with the New York Stock Exchange.
198? Barder Dolores

Lisette lisjam_1@yahoo.com Hello Everyone,

Very excited to know you are all doing fine. I amm living in Florida married with a 17 yr old. I am very happy have a business and enjoing life.
Elsie, is also married with children has a very successful business
Take care and keep in touch!
1980 Acevedo Thomas tacevedo@optionline.net After High School, I graduated the Fashion Institute of Technology with an associates in Fashion Design and another in Patternmaking. I then moved to East Hampton Long Island where For the past 15 years, have been working in the interior design industry. I now have my own company, an Interior Design Workroom. My web site is www.workroom.us
1980 Baez Alexander
Hi to all my friends from the 1980 class,it was fun right?I'm a control engineer working for Rockefeller University.My e-mail is baeza@rockefeller.edu,so anyone from the 1980 class feel free to drop me a line,I would love to hear from you,take very good care.
1980 Bess Leslie Hyacinthe lhyacinthe@yahoo.com After graduating from Holy Name School, I went to Murray Bergtraum HS, and graduated from Wayne Hills HS in NJ. I completed my Bachelors in Pychology from William Paterson University in NJ, and completed my Master's in Social Work at NYU. I live in California. I am married with three boys ages 14, 5 and 3.

I would love to locate Diana Dominguez. I often think of her.

1980 Cano Lucy lcanomta@aol.com I've been working for the MTA Bridges & Tunnels for 7 years now as a Budget Analyst over @ Randall's Island. I'm single, no children, but have a significant other for the past 5 years. All is well.
1980 Dominguez-Lopez Diana
This is really amazing. I have always wondered what my old classmates and teachers were doing over the years. I have always cherished my years at Holy Name. My sister and brother also share the same feelings about our time at Holy Name. We all graduated under Mr. Shea. I often think about what he did after he retired. I have wonderful memories of Holy Name and can name alot of students we went to school with and wonder what they all did with their lives.

I married a wonderful man and lived in New Jersey for a while and then we moved to Florida. I have 3 children, 2 boys and now a new baby girl. My kids are ages 16, 11 and 4 months. I was fortunate to be able to stay home and raise my boys. I am currently in my second year of college. I decided it was time to go back to school now that they are older. My baby girl was a pleasant surprise to us.

I was sorry to hear about Mr. Bain. He was a wonderful math teacher. He is in my prayers. I had some of the most amazing teachers at Holy Name and I know some of them are still teaching there.

I used to love the Christmas plays. I still laugh when I remember how all the students would be in the auditorium and Mr. Shea would walk in and everyone would know he entered the room. The whispers of Mr. Shea, Shea, Shea until there was complete silence. He was man who everyone respected.
1980 Eugenio Mercado Clidia MSCLIDIA@YAHOO.COM Not doing much right now. I work as a secretary in a law firm. I'm married and have a 4-year old baby girl.
1980 Gavilanez Hector hgavilanez@att.net First, I'm glad to see Holy Name is still around and reminisce of those great and challenging times. Ms Walters, Mr Ghigliotti and Mr Bain thanks for caring! After graduation from Brandeis H.S., I joined the Air Force and travelled the world and met interesting people. I've completed my MBA while in the service and retired after 22 years 2007. Now, I'm residing in Northern California, have one little girl and another child on the way. I now work for Bio-Rad Labs in Hercules CA and love my job. I miss NYC and my friends often. I've reconnected with some in Facebook and would encourage others to do the same. I've heard Ms Walters is still inspiring students and sadly Mr Bain is no longer with us. Take care and keep in touch Holy Name students of 1980.
1980 Johnson Jerome

1980 LeBlanc Patrick
1980 Lora Luis llora@optonline.net I frequently visit the neighborhood to visit my parents, they told me about this webiste.

I continued my education and received a Bachelor's degress in business management and human resources and currently an executive of a promotional packaging company in Long Island.
1980 Marzan Angel angelmarzan@yahoo.com I have been very blessed since my days at Holy Name. I have been married for the last 17 years to my lovely wife , Maria, and we have 2 teenage boys: ages 17 and 15 and we all reside in Bridgehampton, NY. I work as a Land Surveyor and I am a Licensed Real estate agent. I wish all of my fellow alumnus the very best, now and always.
God, has it really been this long!!!
1980 Mbirika (aka Brew ) Andayi music_brewery@yahoo.com Hello Fellow Alumni & Holy Name,

Hello Fellow Alumni & Holy Name,

Andayi here and greetings from Dublin, Ireland!!! After Holy Name, I went to high school on the East Side, namely The Loyola School - a Jesuit institution AND it was Co-ed, thank God. After Loyola, it was off to Buffalo, NY, to yet another Jesuit school. Graduated in 1991 with a degree in Communication. Ireland is a happy accident; I was meant to follow my Rock-n-roll dreams in England and after losing my lame job in London a friend of mine here suggested I come to Ireland and 3 days turned into 13 years!! I have a slight Irish accent or maybe it's a Dublin twang; I still feel American.

Anyways, my Irish band, BLUE SUN, which I am the lead singer/rhythm guitarist/songwriter for is coming to Tour America between January and June 2005; we did a Mini-Tour of the East Coast last summer. Maybe I can come rock the Alumni Party??? I still look 19 and oh, my video was recently accepted for American Television through a music cable channel called Your Music Network IE, which I believe is available on the internet as well. Check it out and request us; it should be available there in the next couple of weeks.

So many, many memories of Holy Name; I had the pleasure of visiting awhile back and Mr. Mezzardi, Ms. Ferrigno and Ms. Walters are all still there as is former classmate, Mildred Morency; at least the School is still in good hands. Very saddened to hear about Mr. Bain's passing; my sincerest sympathies to his family.

Loads more to say, but I guess I will leave it til the Party!! So, God bless you all and pray for Peace. One more thing; one of my songs, "Push Yourself", has a verse I remembered from 4th Grade (Sr. Mary's Class) and I leave it with all of You: GOOD BETTER BEST, NEVER LET IT REST, UNTIL THE GOOD IS BETTER AND THE BETTER IS BEST... Thank you again to all my former teachers; I love you all...
1980 Monterrey Julio cubapr96@msn.com I'm a New York City Police Officer(since 2000)
1980 Morency Marie-Claire
Married to Richard, with 2 beautiful boys
1980 Moret Luis mrb12995@aol.com
1980 Nieves Marlene mnieves7777@hotmail.com
1980 Otero Marcos basiccolor@aol.com
1980 Roker Stephan sroker@comcast.net I'm married with two children and living in PA. I work for Bank of America managing the credit card division. I owe much of my success to the education and foundation I received at Holy Name
1980 Sinsheimer Joseph cnjmac77@hotmail.com I taught 7th grade 79 - 80. That was my first year living in NYC. I had taught in the Pine Barrens of NJ for 7 years before that and living in Hell's Kitchen and experiencing City-Life was a great "Culture shock".
After Holy Name, I taught in the Lenox School on East 70th Street, Holy Child School in Old Westbury. I became principal there. Then, I was a middle school director in Brooklyn, a teacher at Friends' Academy in Locust Valley, a teacher at Dwight Englewood in NJ, a teacher in a charter school and finally, I'm a Supervisor back at the NJ shore where I started out. Im getting ready to retire so that I can go back to the classroom part-time.

I remember my first day at Holy Name because there was a hurricane and only half the class came to school. It gave me time to memorize names. So glad I heard about this site!
1980 Taylor Margarite taylororginal@aol.com I am currently working on my 2nd Bachelor's Degree in Photography. My first degree was in International Business from Grand Canyon University located in Phoenix, AZ. I work for Verizon. I have a 10 month old Shiba Inu puppy and planing on adopting a 10 year old girl from Russia.
1980 (alumni & teacher) Morency Mildred m_morency@hotmail.com
1981 Cortijo-Navarro Diana
Since my graduation from Holy Name I attended ST. Michaels Academy and then moved on to Baruch College for 2 years. I have an Associates Degree in Secretarial Studies, which I used as my stepping stone. I worked at MTV Networks for 12 years. Four of those years as an Administrative Assistant, and my last 8 years as Messaging Analyst in their Information Systems Department. I am currently working at Hudson Highland Group, as the Microsoft Exchange Mail Administrator.
1981 Davis Angelique

1981 de la Rosa Rolando machuca1@aol.com
1981 De La Rosa Rolando

1981 Desir Jean Frantz fdesir2004@yahoo.com For the past four, I have been working as a Staff Accountant with H&M US.
1981 Lopez Evangelina ENK820@YAHOO.COM
1981 Moret Michael
My Name is Michael Moret and graduated in 1981. I have been working as a Substance Abuse counselor in the bronx at Promesa Inc since 1995 I am in the process of obtaining a CASAC Degree from Lehman College. (CASAC Certified Alcohol substance abuse counselor). Any one who remembers me or can't remember who I am I also had a sister and brother who attend holy Name by the names of luis moret, And julia Moret who also are doing well. My teacher in the 8th grade was Ms. b. Walters.I am interested in hearing from you.
1981 Sanchez Walter wsanchez1967@yahoo.com
1982 Blanc Carline

1982 Cristoff Marilyn

1982 Garcia Jose jose.e.garcia@morganstanley.com I am a father of two, who enjoys his work of managing in a world wide financial institution. I am also a football official of 7 years with
the potential of being in the NFL within 3-4 years. I enjoy sports of all kinds and the smile of my kids more than anything on this world.
1982 Gonzalez Cancel Claudia JEKLHYDE@YAHOO.COM
1982 Greene Tanya dragont124@aol.com Currently employed as a Social Worker for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York Homecare agency.
Graduated Iona College with a BA in Sociology in 1992. Will begin working on my Masters at Adelphi University in the spring 2005
Married/ mother of 2 boys
Reside on Long Island, NY
Travel 2-3 times a year. Favorite spots are the Carribean Islands.
1982 Oquendo Vivian Lee VOQUENDO@AOL.COM Currently, I work for Morgan Stanley as a research assistant. I have a 17 year old daughter, Racine, who is a high school senior and will be going away to college in August. Can you believe it?!!! Once she's in college, I plan to either go back to school for a law degree or my PhD or perhaps, pursue a career as a criminal investigator with a federal agency. I hold a BA Degree in Criminal Justice and a MA degree in Forensic Psychology.
1982 White Michael
. I am married and have two beautiful daughters. I've recorded a Christian CD called, "You Are Love" on an independent record label called, "7 Days Records, Inc." I am signed to the record label under the name, "Michael Ashton White."
1983 Abad Ingrid ann3494@aol.com Hi everyone. I am Insurance Underwiter for Bertholon-Rowland. I have been working for their Professional Liability Department for 10 years. I am married and have 2 wonderful children.
1983 Aguiar George aguiarg@pol.net I completed my Orthopaedic Surgery residency in 2000 at Georgetown University. For the past 4 years, I have been in private practice at Reston, VA. My area of interest is primarily Sports Medicine and Adult Joint Reconstruction surgery.
In 1999 I got married to Rosina Petruccelli, a beautiful and intelligent woman. We have been blessed with three wonderful children (Sofia 4yo, Lucia 3yo, and Mateo 1 yo) and another on the way. We live in Mclean, VA.
We look forward to future class reunions.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my teachers and friends for their positive influence in my life. Undoubtedly, I would not be where I am today if it were not for your efforts. Thank you Holy Name.
1983 Aguiar Linda linda.aguiar@bmg.com I am doing well.....I work for BMG Entertainment...
I am a coporate travel consultant.
I will be returning to school soon...to finish my Master's Degree in
Forensic Psychology at John Jay College.
I am not married...not yet...soon hopefully...
I get to travel everywhere...its great...
1983 Cartagena Muriel Vidette murielvidette@aol.com Hi everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again. I worked for Greyhound as an accountant for 7 years. Starting this month, I will be a teacher assistant for disabled children. This is my stepping stone to becoming a teacher which is my longtime dream.
1983 Contreras George gwcontreras@hotmail.com Greetings to all...
After graduating from holy name, i went to fordham prep HS, nyu for a degree in psychology and biology, MPH in community health from hunter college and MS in hospital administration from iona college. i am currently in doctoral program in public health at columbia university. i work for nyc department of health in emergency management. you may also see me in the neighborhood as i also work as your friendly neighborhood paramedic.
I saw a few of you a few months ago before i went away to africa on a volunteer medical mission.
1983 Delly M. Hans mhdelly@hotmail.com
1983 Ealy Florence nychaitiandiva1@aol.com
1983 Fonseca Victor M
I went to school there from 2nd grade until 6th grade took classes with Sister Mary, Mr Mezzardi,Miss Patrick, and the principal was Mr Shea, Does any body know how to contact any of the above. mentioned? Looking for students I took class with Richard, Celso, Marcos Otero, Sandra,Beverly, Craig Knight, Esther, West, Felix, does anybody have any contact with these.
1983 Garcia Jacqueline JACQUELINEGARCIA@CHPNET.ORG I'm currently working as a secretary for a neurologist at Beth Israel Medical Center. I have a daughter who is currently attending third grade at Holy Name. I look forward to see everyone.
1983 Perez Mercedes mperez@guttmacher.org I was known as Mercedes Chacon when I attended Holy Name. One of my most memorable teachers is Mrs. Walters. She was tough and I hated her then, but later realized I owe her my great love of writing and literature today. And how can I forget Mr. Bain and his sayings like It ll all come out in the wash, friend . As far as who I am today I am an Administrative Manager in a research organization in the Financial District. It is very fulfilling work helping to advance much needed medical services in underdeveloped countries. I am recently separated because life just happens, but have 2 wonderful daughters, one is 21 and the other is 5, who fill my life with great joy and pride.
1983 Rivera Muniz Belinda oyebeli@aol.com Graduated from John Jay College in September 1995 (BA, Forensic Psychology. Married October 1995. Currently employed at Ernst & Young LLP for the past six years. I have a 5 year old daughter.
1983 Santa Maria Hazliz69@aol.com Currently, I am a legal secretary in a large law firm here in NYC. I graduated from Hunter College in 1998 with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. I have two kids, a daughter who is eleven years old and is attending Holy Name, and a son who will be three soon. I have yet to realize my goal but will not disclose until I have nearly completed it.
1983 Soto Denise
I am currenty a teacher. I worked at St. Gregory for 3 years and I am currenty working at P.S.163 as a 5th grade dual language teacher.
1983 Velazquez Norma VELAZQUEZ825@HOTMAIL.COM Served in the Marine Corps from '89 - '93. I have two wonderful children. Just moved back to New York from Georgia in '02. Have had the chance to get back together with many of my classmates from Holy Name. Would love to see more of the class of '83. Come find us...
1984 Alban (Herdoiza) Shirley ssalban@hotmail.com Hello, I work for Mount Sinai Medical Center and I am the Office Manager for the Dept of Marketing and Public Affairs. Prior to that I worked in the Hospital's HR Dept for 11 years as a Benefits Analyst. I have been employed at Mount Sinai since October 1992. I have a Bachelor of Science in International Businees from MaryMount College, Tarrytown, NY. I have a Masters of Science in Industrial Labor Relations with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Baruch College (completed in 2001). I was married on April 24, 2004 to Andres Alban and was firtunate to be married by the one and only "Father O'Connor" at Blessed Sacrament Church on West 71st. We have no children yet, but hope to one day.I am the proud aunt of 5 gorgeous nephews and 1 beautiful niece. I reside in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I often still attend
mass services at Holy Name or pass by and remember my younger years with a smile. For fun and leisure, I travel a lot and even had the opportunity to
study abroad in Salamanca, Spain back in 1991 for 6 mths.
Overall, I am great and happy and doing well. : - )
1984 Carradero Eligia eligia.carradero@verizon.net
1984 Delly McJupite mld521@aol.com i am currently living in dallas ga. i work as an operations manager at a collections law firm.
1984 Guyton-Cyril Angela Angelacyril1858@aol.com am in the US Army and I am also currently attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice, here in NY. I am now married with 3 children and living in the bronx. I have been doing a few acting jobs and I am currently in play called Macbeth.
1984 Guyton-Cyril Angela angelamaria1858@yahoo.com
1984 Morales Tara erniesgirl96@msn.com I am currently married with three little girls ages 10, 7, and 4. I work for a Broadway Theater backstage and in the dressing rooms.
1984 Osorio Maria Teresa mosorio@dep.nyc.gov Its going to be 20 years since I've graduated from Holy Name but it feels like yesterday. I am a research scientist for the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection. I earned my Bachelors degree from Wesleyan University and my Masters degree from Long Island U.
1985 Alvarado Karina kperez212@aol.com Hi. I am pleased to hear about this Alumni Directory. I attended Holy Name from sixth grade until i graduaded in 1985. My daughter now attends.
1985 Caceres Deborah sailordkc@hotmail.com I am planning to attend the 100th Anniversary of Holy Name. See you then!
1985 De La Cruz Ileana ilerey@gmail.com For the past 4 years, I am the Dir. of Sales and Marketing for the National Family Partnership, the national entity that spearheads the National REd Ribbon Campaing started back in the 80's to teach "drug awareness". Many of you know it as the "Just Say No To Drugs Campaign." We teach parents about setting boundaries and monitorig behavior. When I am not in the Office or out in Washington lobbying to redirect dollars to prevention, I am the proud mommy of a son of 14, a daughter of 8, and a beautiful autistic boy of the age of 4. Needlesstosay, they keep me pretty busy.
1985 Del Piano Jean Lucus superlucus@aol.com I am currently living in New Jersey. I am married for nineteen years to Tony Del Piano and we have four children. Anthony 14, Lucus 12, Lauren 10, and Shannon 8.
I am the president of the grammer school PTO, I teach CCD, coach soccer, softball and basketball.
(Hi! Brother Richard. Hope all is well with you. Sounds like this will be a busy year for you and the school!)
1985 Figueroa Crist CFIG2001@GMAIL.COM I work for the Hudson River Park Trust as an educator. I took a detour with my studies and am close to wrapping up my bachelors at Hunter College. After that my goal is to get my masters in either education or marine science. Glad to read up on how people are doing.
1985 Goitia (Chavez) Sophia sophiagoitia95@hotmail.com I am still here at Holy Name ! I work for the church and community center.
I graduated from Baruch College where I met my husband, Rodney.
I have been married for 5 years and have a 3 year old son name Seth and is expecting another boy on February 3.
1985 McLaughlin Sharon mrsberrios@hotmail.com
1985 Mejias Francis
I have two kids I'm currently a paralegal , and I would love to get in contact with any other almuni, who graduated in 1985.
1985 Pierre-Louis Anthony pastoranthony@live.com Upon graduating from Holy Name, I attended Martin Luther High School (1985-1990). I received an athletic scholarship to Mt. Ida College in Newton Mass, and received a BA in Liberal Arts (1995). I then atended Mass Bay Community College and received an Early Childhood Education Teachers Certificate (1997-1999). I worked for a number of years at the Perkins School For The Blind (1993-2000). I then relocated to the state of Rhode Island. During that time, I found myself attempting to fill in a void that could never be filled. I attempted many things that left my life in complete darkness, In August of 2000, I was introduced to my bestfriend JESUS, and my life has never been the same ever since. I attended Zion Bible College in Barrington, Rhode Island (2002-2004) I became a student of the Holy Bible and studied under the Pastoral Counceling Program. I am now a Licensed Minister and I am a Men's Pastor on staff at a great church North Providence Assembly (n!
pagchurch.org). I met my lovely wife in Bible college and we are the proud parents of 4 kids. I am now enrolled at Liberty University in their Secondary Education Masters Degree Program, I should be all done by the summer of 2010. I have travled the world (literally) on the Mission Field. I also Minister with Teen Challenge which is a Christian "Christ" focused rehab program. They are based out of NYC, Time Square Church. We have set up drug/alcohol and any life controlling substance programs in El Salvador, Amsterdam, Mexico and here in the United States. I have travled to Campur, Guatemala to help set up Casa Heidi, which is a children's orphanage. I plan to return to my home country Haiti to do the same type of work. I wish I could tell you guys more, but I don't want to get anyone to excited about the great work that God is doing throughout the world, you just might want to leave your jobs to be a part of it. I wouldlove to see or talk to anyone who graduated in 85, boy!
do we have a lot of laughs to share. A big thank you to all w!
ho inves
ted in my life while I was at Holy Name. Your hard work did not go to waist. Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone (401) 639-2014. God Bless you all.
Reverend Anthony Pierre-Louis
1985 Roche Edwin

1985 Rodriguez Nestor nrod3041@yahoo.com Grad Student at Purdue University. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care.
1985 Simplicio Vincent CV2021@aol.com
1985 Valinotti John Anthony jonsolid@yahoo.com I am currently a Campus Police Officer at Hunter College, I recently completed my certification with the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance and Education) Program. I am a single father, my 13 year old daughter, Krystina, is now a student at Holy Name School. Also, I am currently working on my second degree at Hunter College.
1986 Anthony-Banks Tony
Hey everyone from Ms. Walters' & Mr. Bain's class!!!
This is Tonya - Yes, the class clown and I still am. I moved to Houston back in 1997 and the weather here is great. It is October and it is 94 degrees today! My sister, Ayanna Sablo moved to Maryland back in 1999, she is married, has 2 children and is an RN. I have been married to the same person that I have been with since I was in Holy Name. We have 2 sons; 16 and 12 (now he is the class clown). I now own my own business and it is doing really well. My website is www.simpleofficesolutions.biz. I was just wondering when we were going to have a reunion. I hope all is well with everyone and you guys show up. I would like to give a shout out to Shaheeda, Shirley, Marlene & Farrah(my running buddies back in school);also, Medard & Paul. I would also like to thank Ms. Walters for pushing me and making me mad enough to want to get out out her class (hahaha)but on a serious note, I really do appreciate her.
1986 Caceres Tania tania_j_caceres@yahoo.com I am currently a graduate student at the New School obtaining my Master of Arts degree in Media Studies with a concentration in Media Management. I am set to graduate this May 2005.

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies.

I attended The Chapin School, Ltd. for high school through A Better Chance, Inc. I graduated from there in 1990.
1986 Chavez Silvia chivy99@aol.com I obtained my BSN degree from Downstate University and am a registered nurse since 1996. I continued my education and obtained my Master's degree as an Adult Nurse Practitioner in 2002. I am currently working for Cabrini Medical Center in Community Medicine. I make home visits to the geriatric and homebound population down in the Lower East Side. I'm not married and have no kids. I am always in close contact with Charity, Danette, and Darlene.
1986 Gonzalez Zulma Denise

1986 Gordon Shaheda eanyc@yahoo.com
1986 Guerrero Maty maty.guerrero@us.cibc.com I am currently working as an Executive Assistant for an investment banking firm in Midtown Manhattan (CIBC World Markets Corp). Going on close to nine years and am still very happy there.

I have two daughters (Katelyn age 9) and (Hannah age 3). I am really looking forward to getting together in May 2005. Iíd like to send an extra special hello to my classmates of graduating class of ë86 ñ Sonia, Zulma, Sandra, Linda, and Michelle. Zulma, it was wonderful running into you the other day.
1986 Kalina Michael mkalina@hotmail.com In 1990, I graduated Cathedral Preparatory Seminary high school and went to Hofstra University for college. By 1996, I had a Bachelor's in Biology and was near to completing my Master's in Biology. I was accepted into medical shool at this time. As of the year 2000, I obtained my Doctorate of Medicine. I am currently a 4th year Resident in General Surgery at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx. In one year, I hope to have both graduated my program and have started a subspeciality fellowship in either Surgical Critical Care/Trauma, Laparoscopy, or Oncology. I have not decided as of yet. Who knows what the future holds, but as for the past, I consider myself fortunate.
1986 Medina Darlene darlenebernard@yahoo.com In 1994, I graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Psychology. After gaining a couple of years of experience in the Social Work field, I enrolled in NYU's Masters Program in Social Work and graduated in 2000. In that same year, I married our fellow classmate, David Bernard. David entered the United States Marine Corps in 2000 and is now a Captain, specializing in Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence. We are currently stationed at Camp Pendleton (San Diego), CA. I am currently working at a mental health treatment center, providing child and family therapy. In October 2004, David returned from a 7-month deployment in Fallujah, Iraq. We are both very excited about the upcoming Reunion!!"
1986 Mondesir Suza Daniel sdmonde@msn.com I am married and also a very proud mother of 3 handsome sons and a beautiful girl. My eldest boy graduated Holy Name School in 2006 and now attending St. Agnes High School. My second boy will be in 3rd grade at Holy Name.I've been an LPN for 5 years and then went on to be an RN now for 10 years. I feel very blessed. Hope to hear from the girls I used to hang around with . Nice to see the proud mothers of my graduation year--Shaheda and Sonia.
1986 Thomas Medard medi554@aol.com Upon graduating from Holy Name in 1986, I attended Cardinal Hayes High School. After graduating in 1990, I went to Fordham University where I graduated with a BS in Psychology in 1994. Soon after, I went to graduate school, and received my Master's degree in Elementary Education in 1996. Recently, I completed my coursework for a second Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Manhattanville College. I taught in the city for one year, then found a teaching job in Greenwich, CT. In my eight years there, I have taught 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades. Last year, I was the youngest recipient of the Greenwich CT Distinguished Teacher's Award. Last week, I was appointed the Assistant Principal at the International School at Dundee in Greenwich. I shall begin in September, 2004.
1986 Villafane Marlene marlenev71@hotmail.com
1987 Cano Paul pcano906@aol.com Well I am happy to announce I am filthy rich! Nah, just kidding I am still poor but striving for happiness everyday of my life.

After all these years who would've thought, I, Pablo Cano, would become an actor but it is true. I fell in love with the art of acting and there's no looking back. It is truly the most awesome feeling to be on stage in front of a live audience performing for the masses.

I have just finished an Off-Broadway play called "Crossing Currents" this summer and I have just shot an Industrial Film for Major League Baseball. I am up for a part in play called Muneca that will be playing at the Park Theater in Union City, NJ this coming September. I also had minor roles in the feature film "Dead Presidents" and in the TV show NY Undercover many years ago or maybe not so many.

I finally found my reason for living and I am loving everyday that comes my way, the good and the bad. After all, we'll never know what is truly good unless we face the bad times in our life.

I am a published poet and I am in the process of writing my first screenplay dealing with the important choices that young Latinos and African Americans face while growing up in the "Barrio." It should be great once I finish it. Wish me luck.

And to all my former classmates from the Class of 87, I hope you are doing well and hope you are truly happy in your lives. I wish all the love and joy to you all. It would be great to see you all again one day. I'll brign the liquour and my humor and maybe we can catch up on old times and have a big laugh the way we used to. Let's see how we can get punished this time.
1987 Castellanos Monica
I listed the year I would have graduated were it not for my family's move out of New York. I attended Holy Name from 1984 to 1986 and remeber you all fondly. Currently, I live near Fort Lauderdale, FL and I try to go back to my beloved NYC every chance I get. Hope to see you all soon ~
1987 Cushicagua Janett GYPSY121@YAHOO.COM
1987 Johnson Jennifer jennie562001@yahoo.com my sister elizabeth had a baby on march 13 2006 her name is kathleen solaar carrasco she is 9 lbs 5 oz and 23 1/2 inches and the parents are elizabeth & john carrasco
1987 Marcelin Beatriz beamarcee@aol.com Hey ya!! God has been blessing me in such a mighty way! I'm still living in the exact same place I was and have no plans on leaving NYC! After high school, I went to SIX different colleges before FINALLY graduating and discovering what I wanted to do (that was an expensive adventure)! I'm currently working for the Billy Graham Crusade and hopefully one day I'll start my own graphic design company. I would love to hear from all of you guys, email me!

P.S. Serge Lambert and I are still the best of friends - 23 years and counting...
1987 Pache (Briceno) Maria PACHEFAMILY@OPTONLINE.NET
1987 Paez Eddie
Cable technician for Time Warner Cable
1987 Prophette Colette prophc73@aol.com Research technician at NYU
1987 Sallis Lily lsasallis@knology.net As I attended Holy Name, my maiden name was Lily H. Baly. I lived across the street from the school at 765 Amsterdam Ave. I am now residing in Montgomery, Alabama supporting my loving husband Anthony. He is a member of the United States Air Force stationed at Maxwell AIR FORCE BASE, AL. We have 4 wonderful children ranging in age from 24 to 2; their names are
Antonius, Jasmine, Devlin, and Acacia. I am a certified child care provider. I have been providing full-time care to children for the past year. I am also attending Troy State University pursuing a bachelors degree in nursing. My future aspirations are to pursue a certification as a Doula who aides and coaches the expectant mother in giving birth.
1988 Budreau Kathleen k_budreau@excite.com How is everyone? Hi, Ms. Walters!!! Well, those were the best years. Since I went to school for Nursing and in the process of finishing. I'm a Medical Assistant and love what I do. I have a beautiful daughter. I am enjoy life.

Looking forward to see everyone!! Hope everyone is well.

Love always,
R.I.P Mr. Bain (the greatest teacher... He will be miss.)
1988 Fernandez Harry HarryFernandez@AOL.COM
1988 Germain Sarah ssarahnedje25@aol.com I currently work in Public Relations at Deloitte and Touche and a Junior Achievement volunteer at Holy Name.

I am also in the midst of preparing to take the law school admissions exam for the Fall of 2005.

My niece also attends Holy Name and will be in the 6th grade in the Fall.
1988 Harris Jamila jharris@emisphere.com I graduated from Holy Name in 1988 as valedictorian of my class thanks to great educators such as Mr.Bain and Ms. Walters. I went on to St Vincent Ferrer H.S. and graduated in 1992 with honors and a scholarship to Trinity College in Hartford, Ct. I graduated from Trinity College in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. After college I have been working at Emisphere Technologies, Inc in Tarrytown N.Y. doing pharmaceutical research. While working at Emisphere I have attended Columbia University and City College of New York as a postbac student taking several science courses. I am currently a candidate for a Masters in Science Education for Secondary Education at City College. I also got married in May 2001 to my husband, Harry Harris, in New York City and we convalidated our wedding vows at Holy Name Church by Father Jerome on July 12, 2003. We currently live in Flushing, N.Y. and I have a lovely stepson named Avery Harris who is almost 5 years old.
1988 Vasquez Wilfredo prpride103@yahoo.com Wow where do I begin. Well I like to say Hey to all my classmates. It's been a long time. Hey Ms. Walters, I still have nightmares about those diagrams. Just kidding, but I really don't miss them. (-: My years at Holy name were the best. Nothin but good times. Well since Holy Name I graduated from High School. I was DJing at various night clubs in NY. I've been to London and Japan thanks to the music. Now I'm settled down with my Beautiful wife going on nine years. We have two beautiful boys Christian and Will jr. I'm living in North Carolina where I'm a manager at EB games. I still DJ on special occasions. My brother graduated from Holy Name and now my youngest brother is a student there. That's keeping it in the family. Well it's been real. Hope to see everyone at the reunion. My email is on here get at me. ~~~~One Love~~~~ Will Vasquez --RIP MR Bain---
1989 Alexis Kathy lexus7524@yahoo.com Hi everyone,

How can I ever forget Holy Name. The place where I met my best friend, Mayra Andujar. The place I had life-changing experiences (not always so good). During my eighth year, I was consistently told by Ms. Walters that I would be pregnant and be a high school drop-out. Well ... I am happy to report that after graduating HN in 1989, I went to St. Jean's Baptiste High School where I can say that I had the best experiences of my life. In 1993, I began my college career at the College of Mt St Vincent in Riverdale, Bx. After graduating from CMSV in 1997, I started working for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Seven years and a Masters in Public Health in Community Health Education later, I am an Assistant Director of Public Health Education with the Bureau of Chronic Diseases. My primary duties include disseminating health education materials and conducting workshops for the community. I am single with no children and happy with all of my accomplishments.
1989 Erazo Jorge JorgeErazojr@Yahoo.com Wow, What can I say, but this is something that is way over due! Right now, I'm a media coordinator for Skymedia, and as always I have kept up with my artwork on a personal level. I have kept in touch and seen many of the local former students around the city. I'm really looking foward to seeing everyone! As for Mayra Z. Meythaler, We will always keep in touch. Life is a circle, Group 1 & Group 2, will all diagram a sentence one more time!!
1989 Gonzalez Maximo Gonzalez Maximo@aol.com I am presently an employee at Time Warner Cable.
1989 Jean-Baptist Gina egbarthelemy@optonline.net The year that I spent at HNS is an integral part of the person that I am today! I've met so many accomplished HNS alumni over the years. I am married to a HNS alumnus (Evens Barthelemy '82). We currently reside in NJ and are expecting our first child on December 19, 2004.
I'm happy to see so many HNS alumni doing well. This is the testament to the high standards in education that HNS sets for its students.
1989 Moise Alain
graduated from De La Salle
1989 Molina Cardenas Shirley
Hi everyone,
How can i start. HN were the best years of my life. I learned so much from every single one of my teachers, and all of them marked me in an unforgettable way. I will never forget any of them and i cherish everything i learned, because it helped me be the person i am today. I married 7 years ago and have a 2 year old girl who is my pride and joy. To all my friends from Holy Name, i wish u the best of the best and to the ones that never really got alone i wish you the best as well. I am sure we are now all mature and all the bad times are all put behind us as well. Beautiful memories is all that is left from Holy Name and I can not wait to see everyone at our reunion. May God bless u all. I wanted to especially thank Ms. Walters, Mr. Bain (may he rest in peace), and Ms. Gaspard for teaching me and pushing me to become who i am today. Ms. Walters diagrams and grammar classes made me be the best student in Grammar class in High School and College. I am always correcting people in grammar. Take care a
ll and see u soon. Lots of Love especially to the ones that i still keep in touch with. Joe Bustamante,Arimalis NuÒez, Cynthia Sanchez, and Glenda Funes. Nice seeing u Joe!!!!!!!!!!! U were my bestfriend from the guys.
1989 Morales Marisol realprincess28@yahoo.com
1989 Moreau Rhodine RhodineM@yahoo.com
1989 Moreno Juan Carlos
FINALLY!! H.N. gives us a class reunion [kind of].Congratulations to 100 years of education!!Keep up the good work.
Ahhh...the memories and after all these years I've never seen or known anyone that knows how to diagram a sentence. Thanks Ms. Walters.
Class of 1989, thank you for the memories...thanks for my first kiss, thanks for my first best friend (yo Rudy!!!),and thanks for the crushes.
Presently both my nieces are attending Holy Name and maybe my son will too.
As for me, I'm still living down the street from HN.
I married a beautiful strong latin woman who gave me an incredible, gorgeous boy who's 2 now,they are my world.
I got married in Holy Name Church last May.
I fell into the great career of computers which has been good to me and curently working for Morgan Stanley.

It will be great to see all of you's again!!God bless.

1989 Nunez Arimalis arimal3@aol.com I graduated from Holy Name 15 years ago. Leaving H.N. was like leaving home and family. My daughters both attended H.N. till Nov.'03 when we moved to California. There is nothing I would like more than to reunite with the classmates I considered family for the first 8 formative years of my life. Holy Name holds my memories and my joys. Among my best Holy Name memories are Ms. Walters (most influential teacher I ever had), Mr. Mezzardi, Ms. Ferrigno, Ms. Valla and last but not least Mr. BAin - May he rest in peace. Thank you all for being a major part of my life. With LOve Always, Arimalis Nunez
1989 Ruiz Erica

1990 Orisio Locaitan

1990 Souffront Solis Maria belleza701@aol.com I am married with twin daughters who just turned 1 on 7/2007. I am currently a surgical coordinator for an Ophthalmology practice that I've been with for 6 years
1991 Benoit Marie Lucie Martine anacjt@hotmail.com Well I am presently working at Summerfield Suites Hoterl in Westchester. I am a guest Rep. I have a five year old son. I have an assocites degree in business. I am now enrolled in a culinary school to become a chef.
1991 Bernard Blanca blbernard@yahoo.com I graduated from Fordham University in 1999 with a BA in Social Sciences (Psychology and Sociology). I currently work as a Research Manager at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and am enrolled in a graduate program at New York Medical College. I completed my Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology and I am two semesters away from completing my Masters in Science in Biostatistics. (Today's Date: 5/6/06)
1991 Desamouirs-Gabriel Shaedele shanai12@aol.com What's up Class of 1991! Hope all is well. Well since Holy Name, I graduated from Cathedral High School. I attended Long Island University where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. I am currently working at Beth Israel Medical Center as a Registered Nurse. I am married with a 5 year old daughter.
1991 Gordon Dana hotp1@yahoo.com
1991 Joseph Jean harlem212@aol.com Since Holy Name, I have graduated from Xavier High School and Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY. I am currently a physical therapy coordinator for HEALTHSOUTH.
1991 Masso Henry h.masso@yahoo.com At this time I am working at a school in Harlem as a Parent Coordinator.

1991 McCray Wade Ashanna deangelowade@aol.com Oh my.. I so miss everyone. I actually reside in Nashville, TN, now. I graduated from Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Computer Programming and a minor in S.Pathology. I am now a Senior Programmer for a Retail Company (D.G., whom I worked for the past 8 years). I am married to a wonderful husband and have 2 boys and recently had a girl. My mother still lives near H.N. We visit atleast five times a year and my boys spend summer in N.Y.C. I always think of the talented and educated girls I grew up with at H.N. (Tina, Blanca, Shekia, and of course Janet G.)Teachers who truly inspired me Mr. Bain, Mrs. Walters and definately Ms. Gaspard.

Nashville is great. This New Yorker is living the country life. 09-16-08
1991 Moreau Nadine joujou817@aol.com
1991 Poppotte Ronald ronrp123@aol.com
1991 Severe Joanne

1991 Vera Rene Rene.Vera@hbo.com
1992 Dominguez Emily memi_78@yahoo.com
1992 Donoso Suzy Suzy.Donoso@nbcuni.com
1992 Jordan Bates Jennifer jfernandez777@msn.com Wow, I truly cannot believe it has been nearly 15yrs since graduating from HN! I attended St. Vincent Ferrer HS after graduating, then went onto Iona College and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. While at Iona, I founded and choreographed for their current dance team, The Gael Dancers. I also pledged the sorority of Zeta Phi Beta, Inc. The following year, I graduated with a Master's of Clinical Social Work and Psychoanalysis from NYU. I have since been working as a Program Director for the NYSOMH (New York State Office of Mental Health). I am not yet married or with children, but am engaged to my highschool sweetheart and hope to get married this coming year. In my bridal party is also a HNS Alumni, Rebecca Martinez. It's funny...she lived most of her life down the block from me, and now lives downstairs from me!! It's truly a joy to find life-long friends, another of whom is Suzy Donoso. Well, I hope to hear from some of you and greatly anticipate a possible reunion. Take care and God Bless.
1992 Luciano Nina ninaluciano@hotmail.com
1992 Martinez Rebecca babyr099@aol.com Wow....its been a long time...I hope all of my former classmates are in good health and enjoying their adulthood...as for me I am happily married for 7 yrs now, we have been blessed with 2 beautiful children, 6yr old girl and 1 yr old boy... if any of my former classmates are reading this please email me...I am extremely interested in getting a reunion together for our graduating class of 92...
1992 Pacheco Christine cristina96@hotmail.com I am currently working for a large supply company in SOHO as an admnistrative bookkeeper. I am married and have a 5 year old son who is currently in the first grade of Holy Name School.
1992 Zelenia Meythaler Mayra meythaler89@yahoo.com Well, Well, Well....Im so happy to be writing in here. It's been so long since I've heard of many of you or seen you. When i graduated HNS, I attended St. Vincent Ferrer High School. I graduated and then went off to SUNY OSWEGO. I attended there for 2 years but decided it was not the place for me. I did pledge an organization called Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated in Fall 1997. For those who are greek out there...Im a deuce deuce baby!!! I then worked on Wall St. for Citibank for a couple of years and am back in school upsate. I attend St. John Fisher College for my nursing degree. I've traveled a lot! I don't have any kids.
I have to say this..but Daniella Alonzo.....U R Getting too famous. I've seen you in many commercials, magazines, and that new show that everyone is hooked on ( dont know name though).
Jessica Quintana...if you only knew how much I've missed you and have been trying to get in contact with you.

Ms. Walters...even though you were strict with your work...it's because of you that I compare my English to many and am proud that you were tough. Learning with you has taken me very far.......THANK YOU!!!

George Erazo....it's been a long way! Remember the auditorium? Remember hanging out and always discussing things. Even though we don't talk here and there, we always seem to find each other once more. It has been fun knowing you my Ecuadorian buddy!!!!! Here's your shoutout. lol
I will update you guys with more things in the near future. If anyone wants to contact me, please feel free to.

And, I really want to attend the reunion. Who else is going?
1993 Roman Iris tita0630@optonline.net I am sadden to see that no one that I graduated with has wrote anything. I must say that I miss everyone that I graduated with. I hope that some of my alumni try to reach out to meet so that we can keep in touch. I miss you all espcially Elaine Martinez & Jocelyn Jimenez. Wish you all the best. I am currently married with a 15 month old daughter. I graduated from John Jay College with a 3.5 GPA. Currently work at Harry Winston, The Luxury Jewelry House as a Human Resources Manager. I would love to hear from anytone I graduated with so please do not hesitate to email me.
1994 Davis Michael John
Since graduating from Holy Name in '94, I attended Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, MA. While at Bridgewater, I studied Sociology with a concentration in Criminology. I graduated from Bridgewater in 1999 with a B.S. in Sociology. Shortly after graduation I began working for a youth center in Brockton, MA. Thereafter I joined the Massachusetts National Guard with the intent to pay back college loans and obtain military experience. Both goals were accomplished with a deployment to Afganistan during this past year. Since returning home, I now live in North Carolina and I am attending the Raleigh PD Academy. Graduation is set for May 14, 2004.
1994 Germain Max germain.max@gmail.com Gainfully employed as a Media Planner and Buyer for a boutique digital ad agency here in NYC.
1994 Gonzalez Sergio Exodus32@verizon.net I am a former graduate from 1994, and I am currently a 7th grade teacher going for my third year at Holy Name. (Can you believe that ? LOL. ) I hope to hear from all of the alumni, especially those from 1994. I only see one name. Best of luck to all.
1994 Meadows Pia nasirr@verizon.net Currently I work for Harlem Children Zone as a teacher's assistant. In a year and a half I will be graduating from the college of New Rochelle with a BA in Psychology. I have an eight year old son who currently attends Holy Name School. Hope to hear from some of my former classmates from the 1994 graduating class.
1994 Roman Robert RobertRoman521@hotmail.com I went to school for music composition, and earned a Bachelor's Degree of Music. I then taught music theory as an adjunct professor for a year. I am currently married, and living in St. Louis. I am back in school training to become a Neonatal/Pediatric ICU nurse.
1994 Rosario Michelle stellamaris128@hotmail.com Hello!
It's nice to know that we have this site and can keep in touch with old friends. Since I graduated from Holy Name, I went to St. Vincent Ferrer HS and then attended City College of New York where I got into the dual degree program and obtained my Masters in Economics. I currently work in Operations in the city and also married and have a little boy, residing in Brooklyn. We still go to Holy Name Church from time to time since my family is still active in the parish.
1994 Vincent Zanelia
I am attending college at Long Island University.
1995 Hernandez Emily emilyh726@yahoo.com Hi my name is Emily Hernandez
I graduated in 1995
1995 Holly Jefferson harlemklown@yahoo.com
1995 Mondesir Nancy nmondes@yahoo.com My last year in college for my Bachelor s degree
1995 Ochoa Roselia cutenes22@yahoo.com I am a Preschool teacher now (who would of thought). I have two wonderful children, ages six and seven months old, a boy and a girl. They are my life! I live in Connecticut, I've been here for about 8 years now. God knows I miss the city but I like it here.
1996 Abrego Elena labiosdeangel@hotmail.com
1996 Bernal Rosedy rosedyb@aol.com now a registered nurse at a teaneck nj hospital
1996 Daniel Kim
In December 2003, I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University where I majored in Biotechnology and minored in Microbiology. I received my degree in 3 1/2 years. Currently, I am working at a healthcare communications company where I work in medical education. I have been accepted into the Medical Technology Program at St. Vincent's Hospital of Manhattan where I will train to be a Medical Technologist. Upon finishing the program, which is one year, I will begin applying to Medical School.
1996 Duroseau Marie Helene
As I was reviewing what everyone wrote.... I feel like a duh duh and not writing what I have been really up to...On May 2004, I graduated with Bacholor Degree in Communication at the University at Buffalo. It was a rocky road(weather wise)... but hey! I made it! I am planning next year to go to Graduate School to get my Masters in Communication. But in the meanwhile I am working Full-Time with M&T Bank in Buffalo, NY. I am looking forward into seeing people that I had graduated with at Holy Name and people that I knew in the years ahead of me and before me. So until then..... Take Care and see you in May!
1996 Rivera Celeste criver4@pride.hofstra.edu I graduated from Barnard College/Columbia University this past May (2004), and I am currently a law student at Hofstra University in Long Island.
1997 Baez Dion dionmbaez@gmail.com I would like to thank all of the wonderful faculty and staff at Holy Name School. I credit any and all success in my life on the decision my wonderful parents made to send me to Holy Name School. The years of quality education, discipline, and camaraderie I was surrounded by, helped mold me to become a fine and decent person
1997 Byrd Cherie byrd_c05@hotmail.com
1997 Byrd Cherie byrd_c05@hotmail.com Hello Class of 1997! We have come along way! Its already 7 years since graduation. I guess we are getting old!! Im so saddened to hear that Mr. Bain has passed away. He has always held q special place in my heart! I know you all remember him saying, "KEEP ON PLAYING, KEEP ON"!! I hope he returned to his birth place,GRENADA, before he passed! We all know how muched he talked about it. I am glad to have had Mr. Bain as my teacher! He is now an angel in a better place, but his presence here will never be forgotten!
Well what has yet to change is my humorous and kind personality along with my friendship to LINDA SANON,NEVA JARVIS, and JESSICA JOSHUA! Yes we are still the best of friends!! We are inseparable!! I could fill you in on their lives but I'll let them tell their stories! I am a Business Management major with a minor in French at Hampton University. I am currently studying international business at L'Ëcole de superieure de commerce in Dijon, France. Upon my return to the states I will be a second semester senior. After graduation I plan to get my Masters in International Business and International Business Law!!
I hope to see everyone again!!
1997 Georgeff Jonathan phoenix@phoenixrizin.com Working freelance as an animator, web designer and music producer. Starting a film company and hoping to release first feature film in late 07/early 08.
1997 Holly Kessler harlemsfinest027@yahoo.com What's Going On My Holy Name People! Yeah, It's Your Boy Kessler Holly, Reppin The Class Of 97. I First Want to Start Off By Saying That I Was So Saddened By The Passing Of One of our Most Beloved Teachers In Holy Name School, Mr. Hugh Bain. He Was Most Remembered for His Unique Passion For Teaching. And We ALL Know That Mr. Bain Had To Be The Most Humorous Man Known In The Holy Name School Community, And He Will Be Greatly Missed. May His Soul Guide Its Way To Heaven.
As For Me, I'm All And Well, Still Breathin', Still Alive. After Surviving The Wrath Of Ms. Walters, I Graduated Off To Saint Agnes High School. Four Years Went By Fast, And I Got My Diploma From There. I Am Currently Attending John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, Majoring In Legal Studies. After Graduating, I Might Pursue My Masters In Law ( that's right, Kessler, out of ALL PEOPLE, might go to law school).
Anyway, I Think It's A Good Idea To Get The Past Alumnae Together. There's People On Here I Haven't Seen Or Heard From Since Ms. Hurd Was Assistant Principal. Yes, Ms. Hurd, So YOU KNOW That Was WAAAAy Back. I Hope All Of My Favorite Faculty Members Are Doing Well ( Bro. Richard, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Parker, Mr. Mezzardi, Ms. Ferrigno, Ms. Morency). And ahhh, Ms. Walters, How Are YOU Doing? Til This Day, I Have Nightmares About Diagrams. Best Wishes To You And Everyone, And To All The Peeps I Graduated With, Hope You All Are Doing Well. And To The People I Used To Tease, No Hard Feelings, Right? LOL.
1997 Maria Carolina jellybeans05@gmail.com
1998 Billote Daneille Anne superdgirl@hotmail.com I just transferred to Texas right after my Sophomore year at Pacific Union College. I am currently finishing school in acquiring my AS Nursing Degree. I live at home in San Antonio, but I wish to return to my hometown of New York eventually.
1998 Boulin Joane
I am 20 years old. I attend the College of Mount Saint Vincent. I am a junior and my major is Allied Health. I changed my major like six times but i think i finally found what i want to do with my life.
1998 Gomes Jeffrey GOMESJ10027@YAHOO.COM
1998 Henderson Krista Maria
Hey all,
Well here's hoping more from my graduating class will post up their info so we can all do the family reunion thang!! Let's see...I'm way too lazy to give you all the full post holy name update so I'll stick to current events. I have three kids, Kayla, Keira, and Kristian. I just got off drugs...Amen and my eldest baby just got out of juvenile hall. LOL let me stop, I am a junior at the University of Connecticut, in the physical therapy program going for my doctorate hopefully :O) and I can pretty much not complain about the rest of life, because I am alive. Please let me know how you are all doing, those that I know anyway. And most importantly everyone remember Mr. Bain in their prayers, I don't know 'bout y'all but he kept me fearful of the \"Big B\"....Brandeis lol and it was direction like that keept me grounded then and continue to do so. Oh for those that remember my mommy and granna, they are both gravy so thanks for wondering.... Love to all and God Bless.
1998 Lopez Mayreni luvmay1@AOL.com I am currantly working at Sunflower Early Childhood Center as an Assistant Teacher, going to school and also raisinjg my son Justin who is now two years old.
1998 Popotte Thamar tr1plesix@aol.com
1998 Price Letoyia toyia27@hotmail.com I recently graduated from CUNY Hunter College with a BA in Sociology. I am planning on attending Fordham University for a masters in law.
1998 Vazquez ELisa
Well I m working and taking care of my 6 kids. Life is great!!!
1999 Castillon Jessica ladycasti18@yahoo.com
1999 Darlestin Karen nerak7385@hotmail.com
1999 Edme Tamara tedme07@holycross.edu I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful and, by the looks of it an, extensive alumni network. After graduating from Holy Name I went on to receive a highschool dipolma from Cathedral Highschool. Now I am attending the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. I am a sociology major with a premed concentration. I am really eager to get in contact with people from my year (Class of '99), and I hope everyone is safe and happy. Good luck to everyone and enjoy life!
1999 Holly Tatiana cheeks2585@hotmail.com Well..what can I say...just wanna say wassup to my fellow graduates of 1999!!! The best of the best!!I'm currently a freshmen at The College of Mount St. Vincent in Riverdale,NY and look forward to graduate within four years with a BS in Nursing, and five years with my masters in Nursing. However, I definately will be looking forward to seeing some old faces from way back when and hope they are doin well...
1999 Jean-Baptiste Urline ujeanb.student@manhattan.edu
1999 Montrose Daniel montrosd@bc.edu I am a freshman at Boston College.
1999 Vasquez Juan
Well since my graduation in 99 i have been going down hill as far as school is concerned, but i have gotton back in college and i am working towards an AA degree. after i finish college i plan on going in the police force. i feel alot better about what i have accoplished in the past five years. i have lerned responsibilty love compassion and respect. i miss all of you guys at home and look forward to seeing you all.
1999 Vazquez Juan Santos datruclassylady@aol.com In the past four years I have been in a world of trouble. I am one who managed to get out of it only with the spiritual guidance of a few people that I know. Today I am in college, and continue to work with the Educational Alliance as an outreach worker. I am very happy with the way that things in my life have turned out and look forward to stopping by and talking to the young men and women of the future.
2000 Acobes Amanda Kristina
I just graduated from the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula and am now going on to college at SUNY Oswego as a theatre major. I am currently a student at John Robert Powers Acting and Modeling school and will appear as an extra in a Columbia University student film this summer. I will also compete in the International Model and Talent Agency (IMTA)competition in New York next summer and meet top managers, producers etc. to help boost or jumpstart my career.
2000 Bautista Suhaly suhaly.bautista@gmail.com Currently pursuing a MPA (Masters in Public Administration) at the Wagner School of Public Service at NYU with a specialization in international development and issues of environmental sustainability. Graduated from the College of Arts and Science at NYU in 2008 with a B.A. in English and American Litertaure and Psychology. During my undergraduate studies, I also studied abroad in Florence, Italy and Accra, Ghana. I served as a volunteer with AMIGOS de las Americas in 2007 and returned as a Project Supervisor for the internation development service organization in 2009 in Costa Rica. I am currently an RA at a first year residence hall at NYU. I am the RA advisor to the Green Stream, the vice President of the Wagner Environmental Policy and Action student group, a member of the NYU Sustainability Taskforce, a Clinton Global Initiative University scholar, a Civic Leaders of Tomorrow Public Policy Fellow for Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer and the Events Chair for the Alliance of Latino and Latin American Students. Upon graduation, I am looking to work with development organization such as UNICEF or USAID. I am also interested in serving in the Peace Corps in the near future. Contact me for information: suhaly.bautista@gmail.com

2000 Boulin Jessica
Right now in my life I am finishing up my senior year at Mother Cabrini. I hopefully plan to attend NYU as a Fil student. My specific career is film directing. I am still continuing with my modeling and acting career. Things in that area are going pretty well. I have made numerous appearance on well-known shows and I have also been in a magazine. These last four years have been fun.
2000 Cobty Basil bazlink2000@yahoo.com Hi everyone, I hope all is well and I hope my friends are in the same condition also. I graduted Landmark High School and I'm currently attending John Jay College pursuing a B.D degree and hopefully become a NYPD Detective and then S.W.A.T Officer. As of now I work as a construction worker part time but now am attending courses to become a Bail Enforcement Agent aka Bounty Hunter. This is the most exciting and frightening all at once event taking part of my life but I am up for the challenge. Through my years of troublemaking in Holy Name School, haha well not all the time I hope, I've learned and applied many valuable principles and morality to guide myself throughout everyday life. My thanks goes out to all the staff of teachers and principles for helping me to become the great man that I am today, I respect and love you all and I thank you once again for pouring your knowledge and wisdom into my head, for the times that I had to be disciplined, and most of all for your love.... Thank you all and God bless you all. Goodbye.

2000 Lulgjuraj Tom
I've just finished High School and now starting College at The College Of Aeronautics where I will pursue the career of Aeronautical Engineering. I am also working at a private air port in Teterbouro.
2000 Quinones Christina Daheightzmamii@aol.com
2000 Riley Vernon vjayriley@yahoo.com Currently, I am in my last year of secondary education at Rice High School in Harlem. Over the past three and a half years, I have continued to develop my interest in theatre arts that began at Holy Name, and have made several appearances on music recordings, film, and live television. I am currently ranked number one in my senior class of 80, am functioning as the president of my student government association, and am extremely excited about attending Yale University in the fall of 2004.
2000 Valentin Evania
Hi! My name is Evania. I graduated from Holy Name of Jesus School in the year 2000. Since then I have been kept real busy. In my first year of high school at St. John's Prep., I joined the Environmental Club, Creative Writing Club, and SADD. I received a High Academic Honor award at the end of that first year. I had transferred to Unity High School the next year due to financial problems. I did not let that effect me though. The minute I got there I joined the Student Council, where I am now the President, and the Art Club. Ever since I have continued to receive high academic honor rolls, an Art Achievement award and a Cultural Learning award from the superintendent office, and many awards for creative writing. I will be graduating in June '04 ranking fourth in the class. I hope to attend Bloomfeild University. I would like to major in Creative Writing and minor in Fine Arts.
2000 Vasquez Saril

2001 Cherry Caron TWEETYBABY212@AOL.COM
2001 Medrano Renell medranotiffany@hotmail.com I want to say to my favorite poeople I loved holy name but now i m in Indiana.
2001 Piere-Noel Naomie Haitianmami4u17@hotmail.com I am currently attending Cathedral High School and i am about to graduate this June 2005 and and hopefully attend Old Westbury.
2001 Pierre-Noel Naome Haitianmami4u17@hotmail.com i attend Cathedral HighSchool and i am about to Graduate in June 2005 and i am planning on attending Hunter or Boston University.
2001 Torres Christian torres@aol.com
2002 Cabrera Stephanie sm84baby@aol.com I'm in highschool right now.i go to st.jean baptiste and my son is going to be 2 march 24.. i work and i'm just waiting to go to college next year.
2002 Marcano Crystal
I m a senior at Poinciana high School in Florida. Im on the varsity Tennis team. I have been on varsity since my junior year. I amexcited to be a senior and graduate. I have been accepted to Florida Atlantic University, but i am still wating for all of my other acceptance letter to come in. I applied to St.Johns, Fordham, Universtiy of Florida, and University of Central Florida. I hope to go back to New York for college and reunite with my friends!
2003 Acobes Bianca Leticia bstitch626@yahoo.com While looking at these names, I thought man, i have to see these people sometime. Anyways, I am now a sophmore at Academy of Mount Saint Ursula (I was destined to go since my sister,also an alumni from Holy Name,graduated here..But, in other words, i chose to go there.) I am hoping to attend an exceptional college in the field of the arts in the near future.When I was a freshman, I joined the Asian Club,Tennis,Art Academy,and the Anime Club(under the art club). I am still in the Asian club! ^_^ From freshman year to now, I'm still a 2nd honors student. I also had one of my artworks in an auction, which selled very well. I am as of now, attending a college prep program at Columbia University (I have joined since i graduated from 8th grade). To the students @ HN (especially who are graduating), study hard, and you will go places (not lying 2 y'all). To my fellow alumni hope to see u there!
P.S. When it is baseball season, LETS GO YANKEES! *.* SHOUT OUT 2 03!
2003 Figueroa Nicholas James FigueroN@Fordhamprep.org Whattup my name is Nick (a.k.a Figgy) and I graduated Valedictorian of Schools in the year 2003 from Holy Name School. I currently attend Fordham Preparatory School, in the school choir, in the Sci-Fi Club, and currenty studying Latin with my teacher Mr. Mari. I am becoming an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts and a honor studeny at Fordham Preparatory. I have been in the Holy Name Church choir for about ten years and have been wanting to go to MIT college. ( If my scores are good).
A word for future graduates:
Good luck with your work, believe in yourself, and in the words of Ms. Barbara Walters, "Never let anyone put you down. Fight for what you believr in and you can do anything."
Good luck to all.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
(For the Greater Glory of God)
2003 Guzman Jennifer bxchickjayjigger@aol.com
2003 Hailu Metkel
Not much to say. High School is easy, getting good grades, and thats basically it. I know very short, but what else should I say?
2003 Hernandez Philip Bigphil96@msn.com Hi, My name is Philip A. Hernandez and I graduated from Holy Name in 2003. Holy Name has been good for me. I was born to go to my school because 5 members of my family went there. Now, in St. Agnes Boys High School, I am doing good. The first week of school, i was sort of nervous but i had 6 friends from Holy Name coming with me. I felt ok and calm. Then as the weeks passed by, i met new people and wasnt scared anymore. The trick is to let new people in and not be afraid. My average in St. Agnes is good. I had a 85 average on the first report card and a 91 on the second. Im waitin' for the third report card and the final. In the school, I have joined the Film Club and the Arts Club. Out of St. Agnes, I am going to Confirmation Classes with 5 or 6 other graduates from my class and others that I dont know but are cool. St. Agnes is ok but it can be boring sometimes. It cna also be fun if u.......make it fun. Some teachers are funny and some are not. Some!
are cool and some are boring. When seeing fellow graduates from HN, they say that i have changed. I think that i have changed physically and emotionally. I changed my bad doings and learned something from my 8th grade teacher, Ms. Barbara Walters. To future graduates of holy name, please just follow what Ms. Walter's says. Follow her suggestion and demands because they can help out someday. In other words: Just do what she says and please dont make silly remarks or signs. She doesnt like that and I'm telling you for your own good. She says those things for your own good. Im gonna leave you all with this saying that you can use when feeling down or just not in the mood: "Tis too shall pass". Good luck to future graduates and good luck to all!
2003 Lopez Julio


2003 McPherson Lisa Iisamc2007@aol.com WOW... So many memories already. I'm reading these names and it feels so hard to believe that I, too, am a part of this Holy Name Parish community, along with all these famous and rich people. =)
Well, I graduated salutatorian of my class.. grr @ Nick F. for that one point (yes I'm still bitter about that). I'm currently attending St. John's Preparatory School in Astoria. I'm not doing as well as I would like to, but I'm still doing "okay" with a 93 average. I'm in many activities, such as rock band, red-storm singers, gospel choir, spanish club, drama club, tennis, handball.. ooo so many to name. I continue to go to Holy Name and bother the secretaries and Ms. Walters every time I have a day off, and I'm so happy to see that we'll allllllll be meeting up again soon.
2003 Panitpong Lida peridot128902@aol.com Hey, everyone! How are ya'll doing? It's amazing to see how many years Holy Name has been up and running. Anyway, I just want to say hi and to see all the old faces again. Currently as a sophmore, I am attending Cathedral High School with some former classmates. I'm having a great time and i just receved a medal for English with a 90% average. Can't wait to graduate and get out in the real world. With a lot of studying, I hope to end up in NYU or hopefully, Columbia University majoring in journalism (I know that's a long shot). I want to wish everyone with the best of luck and hope to see you soon.
2003 Rivera Oscar Clipsmoke@hotmail.com
2003 Ruiz Ana Maria Hispanicqueen456@aol.com I am in my second year of high school in St.Vincent Ferrer.
2003 Shah Rooshabh RichyRoo181@aol.com
2003 Tieles Stacey
It's me,Stacey! I have been doing well for the first couple of months in Cabrini. The teachers and students have been really nice to me. I have been getting high 80s in all of my of my subjects except spanish in which

I have a high 90 average. I have seen some of my old classmates there and over by the school. They all tell me the same thing; "Geez, Stacey. You're not the same girl from 8th grade anymore. You look like you have matured over the summer," and I sure have.

Look forward to seeing you soon!
2004 Abdelghafar Sally egyprincess@gmail.com Hi everyone its me Sally I have attended Holy Name for 7yrs. In those seven years I have learned alot. I am attending beacon high school which I am very excited to attend. I hope everyone is doing fine hopefully i ll hear from the rest of you guys!
2004 Akuesson Whitney
What Up this is Whitney. I went to Holy Name for 3 years 5th grade through 7th grade. I moved a few months ago to Newark,NJ and left all my friends, which was very sad for me but life goes on. I currently go to a Chad Science Academy High School and it aiite but it can never compare to Holy Name tearssssss I miss u all
2004 BROWN MIKELL killakellz50@aol.com
2004 Camchong Suelyn Lifestyle6790@msn.com Hey whats up it Suelyn i graduated June 2004. My 5 years at Holy Name School were the best i learned so much. I'll be starting High School in september i will be attending St. Jean Baptiste H.S. I wish the best of luck to those who will graduate in the years that follow.
2004 Carpenter Dreanda DrEaNdAMc@aim.com : Wow its been so long since i have been back to HN, I was suppose to graduate with the class of 2005 but left the year before and moved to England and went to school there for 8th grade and continued t get good grades then moved to Guam (don't ask where that is or look on a map you will not find it) and attended my freshman and sophomore year there and now live in California and i have been here since my junior and now SENIOR year heading to college this summer in back in New York after traveling the world. To attend NYU CW post with my cousin Tianna who graduated in 2004 from HN or Mercy College to persue medicine. I thank Ms Parker for alwsy pushing me and MR Mazarti for all the trouble just to help me succeed. Love yall
2004 Evans Monique MBEEvans@aol.com I am attending Cardinal Spellman High School, which has always been my dream school. I am doing very well in all of my classes. It is so different from Holy Name.I hope to hear from my other classmates that I have lost contact with over the summer. Good luck everyone!
2004 Hernandez Ada
Wow! It seems like just yesterday we all started, but it most diffinetly wasn't. Its been half a year since i sarted HS in Saint Vincent, but the memories of 9 years that i attended in Holy Name will never fade. As I start to discover whats around me and what i want to become, i look back at all the things i learned, both educational and bout life. I had many good times with the people i basically grew up with and the teachers tht helped me along the way. I LUV ya all.
2004 Kasperczyk Michael
Accepted to the Graduate program in Counselor Education at the University of Toledo,starting January 2010.
2004 Lee Danny
I have been in a few problems. I am in at Saint Agnes, its wierd there ,but it s ok. I am currentley dating Tianna Bethaia who also graduated at Holy Name. Thanks Bi
2004 Martinez Nicole drgirlna929@aol.com
2004 Perez Lisamarie JuSLiLHoNeY@aol.com Hey, wassup!! I've been at Holy Name for 9 years!! wow! my years there i have to say were the best. i developed a very loving family with the teaschers and students. I am currently attending Notre Dame High School. :) I am proud to say that there i will be studying greatly in biology, and later forensics. I'm involved in the drama club and the c'est la vie club, where we help the homeless. I would greatly like to thank Ms. Walters and Ms. Pena for helping me with everything. ;) I will surely miss Holy Name, my home away from home, but i will never forget all the wonderful times i had.
2004 Pierre-Noel Natalie GhettoFabolous1144@hotmail.com I am attending Saint Jean Baptiste High School and I am a Freshman. I hope to meet all of my old friends from this school. There were a lot of good memories there. I attended HNS for 9 long years. Through the good times and the bad, the diagrams with no analyze, i still miss ya\'ll. Tear,tear. I love you Class OF 2004!!!!The CHAmpS Were ThEre!!
2004 Quinones Stephanie blazinbadazchula@aol.com
2004 Rivera Chemha judith.lee-sing@nbc.com Nothing much happend i got a Tarabley BBBBBBBBBaaad Tannnnn i looke like night. Anyway I dont no what i want to do for life mayebe stocks, nYpd,NYCtaxidriving I am REally pursuing my carriar in my own deli super market
2004 Thomas-Payne Dexter BlackPRican804@aol.com I am going to a public High school called Talent Unlimited. there i hope to achieve my goal of becoming a professional actor of stage and screen.
2004 Twedle Sumon
I've been in school, joining extra curicular classes and getting good grades.
2005 Prudent Sasha

2007 Gonzalez Andrew gonzaleza11@webmail.nycxavierhs.org Holy Name has a very high standard of excellence. As a result, I always strove to do better than the day before. With every knew challenge, I knew that every teacher was there to help me. They are serious about their subjects, but have also found a way to balance their seriousness with fun. I used to love going to school.
Holy Name also helped me mature as a person. I learned to live a fuller life of faith, show compassion for others, and tried to be a better person. Holy Name's high standards are not only set on academics, but are equally set on human enrichment, and service for others. Holy Name taught me that through service I can be closer to God.
Andrew Gonzalez
Xavier High School
Class of 2011'
Assistant Principal Brennan Thomas & Eileen

Assistant Principal Hurd Deborah m073@adnyschools.org
Former Parish Priest Bradley Msgr. William

Former Parish Priest Darbouze Rev. Joseph

Former Pastor Hynes Rev. James

Former Pastor O Connor Rev. Robert

Former Pastor Smith Rev. Kenneth


Friend Esteban Myriam

Friend Johnson Kathryn

Friend Murphy Timothy & JoAnn

Not Known
Sr. Thomasina

Not Known Ahern John

Not Known Aiello F.

Not Known Baker Casey Margaret

Not Known Barberi K.

Not Known Barry J.

Not Known Bond Eugene

Not Known Boyle Richard & Millie

Not Known Bradley J.

Not Known Burrall G.

Not Known Celentano Joseph

Not Known Celentano Stephen

Not Known Conner Sr. Bernadette

Not Known Conry Cathrine

Not Known Cullimore Thomas

Not Known Cvrlje Michael

Not Known Dipaola John

Not Known Dorman Henry

Not Known Dormeus Farrah

Not Known Duffy Eileen

Not Known Dwyer Dolores

Not Known Dwyer Sr. Florence

Not Known Falvey Patrick

Not Known Fitzgerald Stan

Not Known Flannigan Manny

Not Known Ford Thomas

Not Known Fox Eileen

Not Known Frank Lawrence

Not Known Furbush Stuart

Not Known Gill Margaret

Not Known Giovanni Kathy KATHYG233@HOTMAIL.COM
Not Known Griffin Eileen

Not Known Hanley Donald

Not Known Hanley James

Not Known Hertel Howard

Not Known Holmes Paul

Not Known Indrisek Agnes

Not Known Johnson Lorenzo

Not Known Jones Catherine

Not Known Kelly Frank

Not Known Lavandero Manny

Not Known Lavelle Sr. Anita

Not Known Leonard John

Not Known Magnone Tony & Scotty

Not Known Malvasio Susan

Not Known Marcelin Sarah

Not Known Marshall William

Not Known McCarthy Thomas

Not Known McCormick Michael

Not Known McDermott Alice

Not Known McDermott John J.
My family and I moved to NJ in 1954. I retired from Verizon after 32 years with the company two years ago. Please let me know if I can help out the parish in any way.
Not Known McHugh Ray

Not Known McNulty Lillian

Not Known McNulty Thomas

Not Known McTigue Thomas

Not Known Michel Dr. Brian

Not Known Murphy John

Not Known Murphy Ted

Not Known Murray Bernard

Not Known Murray Linda

Not Known Naranjo Nelly

Not Known O Connell Catherine

Not Known O Hara Coffey Dorothy

Not Known Perez-Papageorge Maria

Not Known Price John

Not Known Quinn Sheila

Not Known Ramos Moore Alice Mbethmarry
Not Known Reid Patricia

Not Known Remy Rosia

Not Known Reynolds Joseph

Not Known Rios Sherry sherryrios1@verizon.net
Not Known Sanchez Atilano

Not Known Slane Nancy & Terry

Not Known Smith Edward

Not Known Thevenot Laura

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Not Known Travers James

Not Known Varnum Raymond romeo-victor1@saber.net
Not Known Villa Nancy

Not Known WALSH

Not Known Wanner John

Not Known Wanner Robert

Not Known Welby Thomas

Not Known Welnicki John

Not Known Ziskind Rosemary Rzmay66@AOL.COM
Parish Priest Johnston Rev. Donald

Secretary & Graduate Simplicio Mercedes

Teacher Browne Tom tom41534@yahoo.com Iam interested in attending the 100th Anniversary Celebration. I taught at Holy Name for three years and thoroughly enjoyed the parish, the
children, and the parents. My name at that time was Brother Bernardine
Teacher Gomez Magdalena Atabex49@yahoo.com I'm guessing you're the techno-genius at Holy Name. I do hope you remember me as fondly as I remember you and Holy Name. You can get a glimpse of what I up to at: www.amaxonica.com. I often wonder about our beautiful kids like Emily Marie Alvarez, John Cardenas, Charity Guerra, Edwin Roche, and so many others...How are you? Do any of the old staff remain? I'd guess that Mark, Linda and Barbara are still there. Maybe Bro. Les. Look up my website: www.amaxonica.com Please write. Love always, Magdalena
Teacher Mertens Peter PETERMERT@AOL.COM

Teacher O Keefe Sean MsgrOK@aol.com
Teacher Rolon Irilia MS_IROLON@HOTMAIL.COM
Teacher Rooney Sandra SANDS243@HOTMAIL.COM
Teacher (1992) Leveskas Jim casimir_309@hotmail.com The twelve years I spent as a teacher at Holy Name School were, without a doubt, my most gratifying and memorable as an educator. The supportive administration, teachers, and staff made coming to work most enjoyable. But, more importantly, I found the students at Holy Name the kindest and most giving students of all! I think of you often, and I say that with much sincerity. I miss you all very much.

Presently, I am living in upstate New York in a house on ten acres of land. But I never got New York City out of my system, so I recently acquired an apartment in midtown Manhattan. It's good to be able to come back to the city, if only part-time.

I am a principal in a Catholic elementary school in Albany, New York. St. Casimir's School is very much like Holy Name, except we only have 140 students.

I hope I am able to be present at the reunion. It would make me very happy to see you all again.
Teacher (Br. Anthony Denis) Mc Grath John MIXMASTER@AOL.COM 1961-1963
Teacher (Br. Columban Paul) McGrath Mike

Teacher 1983 Fairlie Maureen maurfairlie@aol.com I taught at Holy Name School from 1978 to 1983. I had a wonderful time teaching the exuberant and loving kids at Holy Name School. My first two years I spent working with Mark Mazzardi and Linda Ferrigno. They were incedibly kind to me as a new teacher and we loved putting the 6th grade show together. I then went on to teach the 8th grade when Beth Sullivan moved on to Marymount. For three yeras Mr. Bains and Miss Walters and I had a great time teaching the 8th graders. I may have been one of the teachers but I learned so much from the students of Holy Name.
Recently I contacted Naal Desravines, one of my former students. We had a lovely reunion as we rememebered the fun times at HN.
I have been working for 20 years at Canon. I am a sales director and I run the Northern New Jersey/Rockland County Sales Operations. I am on the board of directors of two school to work organizations, The Foundation For Free Enterprise and Junior Achievement of New Jersey. Even though I left the teaching profession I continue to promote the value of educating our future work force.
I am still good friends with two former teachers Mr Peter Mertens and Miss Nancy Parks. Over the years I have also seen Beth Sullivan and Jean Lukas. I'm looking forward to seeing more old friends and former students at the Mass and dinner in May.
God Bless You All and thank you for the wonderful memories.