December's Students of the Month


Kindergarten Andrea Alday

Christmas is almost here and here at Holy Name School we know the real reason for the season, Jesus.  Even so, I am sure that many of us can’t wait to receive presents on Christmas morning.  There is one student in kindergarten that feels great joy not from receiving but from giving.  If there is a child who is sad or hurt, she runs over with an encouraging word or a pat on the shoulder.  If she sees a child struggling with work, she will walk over to help them, all the while doing it with a kind and gentle voice.  She not only gives of herself to her classmates, she also is so giving to all of her teachers.  This student is what the season is all about! Congratulations to the December student of the month, Andrea Alday.


1st Grade Chelsea Espinal
Sweet, kind, gentle, polite and giving. These are a few adjectives that describe first grades student of the month. You see first grade’s student of the month is new to Holy Name this year. From the moment she entered our classroom she has light up our class like a big bright star. As the months have passed I have watched this young lady help others who are need, be kind to others and above all be polite to everyone she comes in contact with. I am sure that this Christmas season, Santa will not have to check his list twice for this student. She is truly a pleasure to have in first grade. Congratulations and Merry Christmas to first grades student of the month Chelsea Espinal.


2nd Isabelle Figuroea
December's student of the month is definitely on Santa's nice list. This student is new to the Holy Name community and has made an amazing transition.  December's SOM is everything Santa looks for in a child. She is caring, hardworking, attentive and most of all very polite. She actively participates and is never scared to take a chance. That is why December's student of the month is Isabelle Figuroea.



3rd Grade Isys Morel
During December, we prepare for the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We prepare our minds and our hearts through good deeds, prayers, and kind words. We wait in hope for our faith to be rewarded.  We see the spirit of the season being lived by our SOM, with hope in her eyes, kind words and actions. Congratulations, and May God Bless Isys Morel



4th Gabrielle Forestall
As Fourth Grade is hustling and bustling with Christmas spirit, there is one student who stands out like the shining Northern Star. She has been very helpful to her classmates, especially in the after school program as well as the classroom. In addition to being helpful this young lady is always willing to overcome any obstacle that is put in front of her. She is a great example of the Christmas spirit, caring, kind, and always thinking of others first. Congratulations to Fourth Grade’s Student of the Month, Gabrielle Forestall!!!



5th Zaria Dickerson-Parker
The season of Christmas is a time to rejoice and what better time to celebrate a student that has patience and perseverance to give of herself in order to have friendship. Never neglecting her schoolwork she manages to give excellence to whatever is demanded of her. Keep up the positive outlook! This is why fifth grade is proud to have selected miss Zaria Dickerson-Parker as December’s student of the month.


6th  Elias Garcia
Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved...Helen Keller

Like a quiet storm he came and began to conquer 6th grade with a demeanor that exhibits strength and surprise. I was at first taken aback by his quiet nature because we all know, “boys will be boys”, but I soon learned that he wasn't quiet at all, just reserved. His soft-spoken words are powerful and although he may not seem as though he does not care or wish to react to a situation, this is far from being true. He takes the task of completing challenges to his level, which consists of hard work and dedication. His respectful mannerisms are applauding and as a teacher, I am grateful for his efforts. Congratulations and good job. Elias Garcia.


7th Grade Kanuel Madriaga
Tis The Season To Be Jolly, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.
Our student of the month is kind, polite, and well mannered, responsible and a child of God. He has learned through the years that if you develop good manners and polite ways it will amplify a student who will know how to conduct himself as a person of great character. Congratulation! 7th grade SOM is Kanuel Madriaga.


8th Grade Javier Amador
Can someone sweep the classroom? I’ll do it! Can someone clean the boards? I’ll do it! Can someone turn off the lights, so this Power Point presentation can take place? It’s already done! No matter the task, this student is always ready to help. He is the 8th grade’s eager beaver. His interests in the daily activities in classroom as well as his enthusiasm for his academic career are truly remarkable traits to possess. His name means bright, which is most fitting since he is truly a bright light in the 8th grade class. Even the smart board, which sometimes only works for him, likes him best! This enthusiastic approach towards life will lead him to many great achievements. Congratulations to the 8th Grade December Student of the Month, JAVIER AMADOR!!!!